Korean to Korean: test drive KIA Rio Premium 500

Before the release of the fourth generation of KIA Rio is almost here. But in parallel with preparations for its launch, at a factory in St. Petersburg were collected and 500 exclusive copies of the current generation of the sedan, on the occasion of demonstrations, half a million sales. What are their chip?

P about the logic for a label «Premium 500″ on the trunk should be covered much vkusnyashek. Any additional, okantovochki chrome, wheels with a special configuration or coloring, but can – and a few extra LEDs.

Not having seen waiting outside, I am ready to agree that the maximum, 123-strong, with a 6-speed automatic transmission version of the Premium, way, in fact, is presented the car, it will please me or a special cloth seats or the front panel trim.

But his hand on the right seat in the dark autumn evening, a familiar feel for a bulge of lateral support, creaking under neubivaemoy synthetic upholstery … Yes, this is not silky girl’s knee in a warm July night.

But put aside the snobbery, because Rio does not claim any special credit for the exception of successful sales, and in its top configuration has almost everything. Because in the KIA did not split hairs, but have gone on well-trodden path of auto companies.

KIA Rio Premium 500
Fuel consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l9.1 5.2 6.6

What anniversary without music? For 500 cars have added a very solid, 7-inch, touchscreen multimedia system with navigation and publicized the possibility of mutual understanding with the driver’s smartphone. It is this gizmo in the frame frame grand piano lacquer embodies the very jubilee “extra” for which the buyer is asked to add 27 thousand rubles to the price tag with the number 894 900 for the usual “premium”. However, at KIA NaviPilot traditional for Russian-made, it is not like. Well, try to master?

Miracast and Car Link

Throughout the many years of experience with gadgets to resort to the instructions I had only a couple of times. It seems now, at first glance, everything is simple. The buttons on the sides of the traditional icons: if you want – turn on the radio, you want – see the video from a USB drive, you want to – use navigation from Navitel. Judging by the chart interface – no Android does not cost, but some truncated. Loads all pretty fast, audio – without any blockages in frequency, video and JPEG – in a decent resolution. Besides, there is a preset display format from a standard 4: 3 to widescreen. Navitel for a couple of seconds defined by the satellites and the exact location.

Nothing new and surprising, all is as it should be in a modern car. Disappointed is that trehpaltsevy swipe across the screen did not change the scale. But Deactivate icon with the pointer jams can be revived by connecting the entire system to a Wi-Fi hotspot. I find hope in the list, I press Connect and …

Drive unit
On the front wheels

Shareware Internet City C2Free it categorically does not like. No problem, get the Chinese Xiaomi smart with passwords and yavkami. Ur, a few seconds later it became a full-fledged navigation, decorate with red and green traffic lines. True, Bluetooth for hands-free and traditional konnekta had to turn off. Two protocols are not supported simultaneously. All hope for Miracast technology – a kind of wireless HDMI-cable and Car Link – a cunning program, which must in all respects to connect my smart with the system, turning it into a fully functional display, managing a double desktop.

Ballet with a tambourine …

It is not difficult to guess that did not have to wait for no response from the Play Market APPshki miracle. Indeed, Car Link where available, with yuzersky reviews is 3.1 points out of a possible five. Among the claims – unstable, fall off the connection by Wi-Fi. Swinging, putting, but the installer needs two more modules that, like as, and are found in the library of programs, but do not wish to be installed.

Fuel tank capacity, l

Here the light of day is taken manual, in which black and white says that the car Car Link only works with phones brands Samsung and LG. Just “Androidfon” – not satisfied, on the Apple devices, and there is no question (is this an allusion to the fact that no “Yabloko” does not sit behind the wheel Rio?). Want a Korean car? Buy Korean phone. Well, the food for the Samsung owner, ready to pay for testing telephone and own time.

… And his Marlezonskogo part

Having passed all the plugs (no one doubts the benefits of navigation with built-in Wi-Fi and connected services), I was at the time of becoming the owner of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Sm value of 1/10 of the base Rio. I do this a gadget can not connect!

At first everything is fine. Like the last time I translate it in Wi-Fi mode of distribution, who immediately picked up by the system. First test passed. Waiting for Car Link. Again shake eponymous software – please got two additional software modules – too. Well, finally, now everything is run …

Certainly not. Clicking on “karlinkovskuyu” icon display car came to nothing lead. The same action on a smartphone simply extinguish it … Another attempt, then another two …. Reloads the media, then the smartphone. Unsuccessfully. Say, “Yes, it all burn with fire …” in the presence of devices from Samsung not dare – obey all of a sudden? A good car, sorry.

Maybe terminal to remove the battery and reset the whole complex of the anniversary? Much easier. My hunch is that you just need to be patient, wait ten minutes and repeat the procedure. But on one condition. In no case do not connect through a Wi-Fi hotspot. Only Car Link. It seems that one of the wireless channels tightly hangs another.

Voila, earned! Work table display the smartphone safely on the road touchscreen. He smartly flip through, the program included, read e-mail and SMS, and even surfing much more convenient with the scoreboard.

But the joy lasted only a couple of minutes. No icon has not been warning about the bad signal, and because the distance does not exceed 30 cm between devices …. Hmm, yes, but is it worth all this strange game worth the candle?

* * *


Of course, if the above-mentioned Korean phones offered as a gift to the anniversary the Rio, to buy a version of the car can be and think. Or accept the partial uselessness devaysa, consoling himself with the thought that he – not the whole machine. Comfortable, spacious in the class is not quite dynamic – with the already mentioned motor and gearbox.

KIA Rio Premium 500
Brief specifications:
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
4 377/1 700/1 470
235 mm
Engine power, hp .:
Maximum speed km / h:
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h:
6-speed, automatic

Yes, 11.2 liters per hundred in the city, of course, a bit much, even for the automatic transmission. But there in the top air-conditioner, heating upholstered with the finest leather multifunction steering wheel, ESP, and a bunch of airbags. Suspension breaks only for those drivers who deny the “speed bumps” as a class, not in front of them dropping speed and bumper hook unless nevkopanny curb.

All, or almost all, in Rio’s great, but they do not think engineers that in addition to the Korean brands of smartphones there are many others … Not a bit worse, by the way … Or 500 buyers of KIA will be looking on a “can your telefonchik first look” ?

You will enjoy a KIA Rio Premium 500 if:

  • Are you the owner of Korean androidfonov;
  • You test automotive, multimedia systems;
  • You need a high-quality, fixed navigation.

You do not like it KIA Rio Premium 500 if:

  • You are alien to any restrictions;
  • Do you have a tattoo with the bitten apple;
  • For you are not compatible, and the concept of Premium cloth interior.

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