King, a king, a test drive Peterbilt 359 EXHD

I sometimes think that every second boy the ocean is born with the innate ability to build trucks. American truck knows each: the most beautiful – just from the United States. Yet even amid this splendor has chrome tractors, which are slightly apart. This Peterbilt trucks.

“I came out of the woods …”

F-yl was employed in the United States, Theodore Peterman. His daily bread, he earned the sale of forest, and so he always needed trucks: without them, many forests are not vyvezesh. What was done then in the United States, is not too pleased Petermann. He had to rebuild the car ready for your needs, and it seems to him one day very tired. And then businessman bought Fageol company was founded by Bill Fagioli. And immediately in the year of acquisition (this was 1939) Peterman began production of trucks, which then bore the name Bill-Bilt. Later the name was changed to Peterbilt.

Theodore Peterman knew what the car needs in the industry. He did not try to make a military truck or all-terrain vehicle, his task was to build cars for the same business, as was he. Having experience in the restructuring of finished machines, he almost immediately found the right direction for your business.

All first Peterbilt had what in the future will be for these trucks proprietary “chip”: a wide range of engines (and gasoline, and diesel), aluminum cab, spars and wheels. Using the “Jets” metal helps to significantly reduce the weight of its own trucks.

“Firstborns’ firms were the bonnet – that this arrangement is particularly loved by Americans. First cabover Peterbilt appeared only in 1950, but that’s another story that we will tell in the future.

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If you do not recognize yourself in the psychological profile drawn up by me, at once, of course, I decided that the author started raving … and that is enough to climb to the motorist a high rank in the driver’s seat and start …

It would seem that we are talking about a working machine, so it should not be too old. Well, it is precisely in this year reached the age of Christ, and the car is already a lot. But much more interesting that our truck in the family is not the “first-born”, Model “359” appeared in 1967. However, sleeping bags made for them a year later, and this feature is visible today: in a truck, by and large, two cabins. One – the usual, and the other – sleeper.

The other feature of the arrangement was at Peterbilt since the “birth”: fold-up wings with hood. Let we just now Throw and take a look at the technical component of the Road King.

Two of the turbine engine

American “dalnoboev” too, sometimes want to stand out. Therefore, they not only did not spare money on expensive Peterbilt (towing costs in top trim levels reached up to 300 thousand dollars), but were willing to spend money on additional beauty of “un-American.” In view of this, and there were trucks, which appeared in the title EXHD letters. Mean they Extended Hood, which translates as “long hood.” Indeed, it is longer than the standard 20 cm, and this, according to US residents, beautiful. I will not argue with them: long cabin looks great, without these 20 centimeters would be little, but boring.

14 L 475 hp

So, we have a long hood, heavy, even with the wings. You can, of course, to strain and fold it by hand, it is quite possible together. But we are dealing with Peterbilt, and not with some pop nonsense, so we do not have to strain, for us, it will make cylinder rods. So, we have the engine.

The power of the tractor unit – Cummins N14. This six-cylinder diesel engine, the volume of which is 14 liters. Power immodestly available directly on the hood – 475 l. from. It has two turbines, they are consistent, and the second comes into operation only under load. A distinctive feature is quite obvious, then there is no unnecessary electronics. However, there is also required: more then makes the air.

It operates the “stone” in the most honest principle pedal pressed, diesel fuel with air in the combustion chamber run, drove a truck. And yet, no tricky stuff.

What else can be said about this engine? Just good, nothing bad. Over 33 years of service there is thorough owners do not pick, the need for it was not. Of course, this is not only the merit of design a diesel engine, but also two other important factors. First, the motor is always on time service, and secondly, it is not that big run, as one would expect. He worked just 724 Moto / miles and mileage of 284,000 miles, which in terms of our kilometers – a little less than 460 thousand. I think both points require little explanation.

It may seem strange, but in matters of the construction tractors Americans are a little conservative. Not what consumables, spare parts, even on older machines they produce for decades. And now, to find most of the details does not cause much difficulty, especially in big cities, and they cost much cheaper than the LHC. About filters and other things to do SOMETHING speech does not go, they do not even have to look.

But the city has turned the story in general is almost fantastic, and this – a little later.

Small happy story

The truck was released in 1983, evidenced not only documents, but also a strong American hand scrawled sign on the fuel tank, “11-83.” By testing this winter Kenworth T800, we have been told that the Americans never fetal twin tractors for idle in warehouses, all the cars are built to order.

By Peterbilt This applies to an even greater extent: these machines are expensive and are considered to be almost the elite in the world of American trucks. A cult of trucks in the United States developed nice car out there a little more than a working tool, so follow the state where trucks are usually very carefully. In a large transport company, of course, more importantly, how the driver operates the machine, but the private owners of cars usually protect.

Lucky and our Peterbilt – in the first years of operation it killed and successfully sold at auction in Michigan father and son entrepreneurs engaged not only freight but also truck repair. It happened at about year 1995/1996. And Peterbilt lucky again: from his machine-made pattern, a kind show car for the company’s new owners. Of course, “vpahivat” sweat of the brow (or radiator?) He did not have, but his condition should be abolished. Then, for six years, the fate of the car is not quite clear where he stayed from 1997 (after the sale) to 2003, we can only guess. It is suspected that these six years Peterbilt held in Germany, but it is impossible to confirm this conjecture.

In 2003, a truck brought for sale in St. Petersburg, where he bought a Russian company. And again our lucky escape slow and painful death at the track: it established on sound equipment, and tractors became a mobile stage. He worked in this way for a long time, even went on Kazantip. Approximately in 2008 Peterbilt moved to Moscow, and just got up. In 2013, he fell into the hands of their current owners.

His condition at that time was just a wonderful, about 80% of the parts were original. Bring the truck into operation was easy: replace all fluids, batteries set – and that’s it, Peterbilt again became a working tractor.

Of course, some of the metamorphosis of a truck yet occurred. He was on the red birth, but even in America became yellow. Why – it is not clear, but repainted its quality, there is still no corrosion and other defects of body elements. Maybe something before 1997 still changed, but this information can not be confirmed.

Having started up a tear of joy for the good fortune of the tractor, back to technology.

The most delicate part of any transmission the car – grip. You may not believe me, but it, too, is “native.” And it is not surprising that the gearbox also did not have to change, or even to repair.

Brand CAT popular enough – is Eaton Roadranger. She has 13 assists, but no synchro – Americans for some reason they despise today. Say, unsynchronized box reliably. Maybe they are right: in fact goes so far, he is not asking for spare parts.

On the way could not be avoided after the purchase of a decent job, a major overhaul. Changed shock absorbers, tie-rods, conducted a full MOT and bogie and front axle. But in general, a simple suspension: front – chetyrёhlistovye springs, rear – springs and air bags. Of course, the cushions also had to change, no rubber product is not able to maintain their properties for more than thirty years. But Eaton 402 bridges operate silently and without complaint (their ratio – 3.55, if you must know).

Well, let’s say a few words about the brake system. It is a classic, like “a glass of vodka on the table …” in a karaoke bar: pneumatic, with vacuum booster and drum brakes.

Perhaps this will stop and dispense tractor around.

Then – a flash of there – shiny

No self-respecting Yankee will not go on the road in a car without chrome. Now it is possible (the fashion for “Soap”, can not escape it), but then, in 1970-80 this was most likely just incredible. Tractor – large car, chromium should be plenty. But here it is almost there, all that glitters – stainless steel. And that she sparkled, it is necessary to periodically polish. Work is not the easiest, but the result is works: Peterbilt looks great. Envious sigh, we begin a detailed examination.

First of all, we see a large number of lighting. Do not think that this “collective”? la yellow Sparco mud flaps or kresla- “buckets” in the VAZ-2103. Lights, faroiskateli, reflectors, sidelights – all this could vary when ordering the machine at the plant in any way. It could, of course, be installed additionally. The luxury of glowing stuff’s hard not to notice the two large shiny air filter housing (because we remember that two of the turbine as well). Exhaust pipe sticking up into the sky behind the cab, too shiny, but the lower part of it, passing under the car, has been replaced by – “native” is an example of the welding art and is still unable to cope with their work. Stairs in the cockpit – a battery boxes (there are two in each box).

Looking at the rear mudguard, one can not enjoy its vitality: it is still not otgnil with fastening and lost on the road, and now it can even read the address and phone seller in Michigan (hmm, it’s tempting to call this number).

Actually, just because of small parts and there is an image of the “American”, even small signs “Harley-Davidson” and other off-road accessories look harmonious.

We were lucky to see the truck without a trailer, but on the suspension and transmission I have almost everything said. It remains to see the photos and climb behind me in the cockpit.

At the helm of the tractor

It is no coincidence, I say “at the helm” – there is clearly wanted to make the plane and turned the truck. But stop! After all, we still have yet to climb into the cockpit.

It is a pity that modern tractors manufacturers simply can not make the same easy entry into the cab. It is understandable: in the cabover Kamaz Mercedes or normal staircase is not done, which is a pity. Available climb up and … take off shoes.

Different drivers have different “shoe” tradition. Someone (not the most accurate) stomping around the cabin in muddy boots, someone to change one’s shoes slippers or some other comfortable shoes, as there are fans to go barefoot.

In our Peterbilt pereobuvatsya accepted, but I smenku with him to Moscow did not take, and Alexander, the owner of the truck, was not it with you. But respect to the car and the owner is not allowed to spank me on the floor in shoes, so leave shoes at the entrance. On the floor – mats, but sometimes these cars can meet a real hardwood floor. To get a seat.

There are no five or six adjustments, and the steering column is not otkinesh. Moreover, these cabins sometimes called narrow – cab later “Americans” still wider. In addition, they have air suspension, then it does not exist – old school, so to speak. But in the cabin is very comfortable, although at first I still felt some shock to the abundance of chrome rings on the instrument panel. It makes no sense to list them all, as well as to look at them at all when driving, but that is impossible. But I will say that the number of devices is highly dependent on the configuration of the machine. The cheaper versions could not be, for example, oil temperature gauge bridges or something else. We are more interested in the controls.

In American cars do not have the usual Russian driver retarder. Instead, use the engine brake, which, if necessary, simply turn limit valves. Well, not without a strange, then, they are Americans.

The Peterbilt very little electrical drives. Wipers and even the windows on the pneumatics. By the way, I misspoke, windows there really is one, on the passenger side. Why so offended by the driver – I do not know. What else? On the right we see a number of fuses. They are heat, not meltable.

But what about the ride on this car? Not so easy.

Let’s start with the fact that to start the engine using ether, which must be injected by pressing the button on the panel. The roar of the engine there is also almost Jets. The reason – the same tube, which changes under the cab. Jammer is not there, and this is a real co-current. The clutch pedal is your view of the horror. Incomprehensible poker sticking out of the floor directly behind the steering column. But here it is necessary to press only once, in order to pull away.

So, the truck started. Then even more difficult: the clutch is not touched at all, even though it is contrary to common sense, which we strongly suggests that the clutch is necessary not only to press, but to do it twice during gear changes – synchro-in box no. And here we must somehow come to terms with the fact that it is not necessary to touch the pedal, you just podgadat speed and the lever is moved to a higher gear. To be honest, I can not be so simply sit down and go too many specifics. More review and not the best. In general, the corners (edges of the wings) can be seen, but Peterbilt so huge that it is easier from this becomes.

In short, my respect to the driver of the Peterbilt. However, I think if you get used to, it will be a pleasure to ride.

“And now it’s time to sleep …”

At the very least, but we sat in the cockpit. Tired, even hornier. It’s time to check your sleeping bag.

I was used my will, and have lived here a couple of days. It does not always have the opportunity to lie at full length on the leather couch, with music, his heater … However, on the street – plus thirty, and the heater is now generally not needed. But he is. By the way, the Americans usually did not put an independent heater, bypassing normal stove, giving the heat from the engine.

In our car heater available. And here, too, a lot of places – Alexander said that the three of us even slept here. Readily believe, to stay in a sleeping bag three peasants can even with the convenience.

By and large, we Peterbilt four full doors. Is there a sense of some kind of “apartment”, even comfort. Again – this is a typical feature of the “American”.

Sleep, you can work again. Now this truck often transports sea containers. And even though the stunning exterior and equally splendid interior, it works like a normal tractor: hauling trailers, travels to Moscow, on country roads.

And it pleases not only the owner, but also most of the other drivers who see the Peterbilt from the windows of their cars. Because leave indifferent to his truck that simply can not.

For assistance in preparing the material we are grateful to Russian Trucking Club and personally Alexander Kadochnikova.

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