Kibenimatika: test drive Lada Xray 1.8 AMT

You do not like Petrosyan? In vain! This man should have respect only for the term “kibenimatika” invented them. You do not understand, what does Lada Xray? We, too, at first did not understand …

A etit time! For more than half a year has passed since our first meeting with Lada Xray. But what is surprising – no matter how much this car is tested, many will feel that we could say about it is something else. It seems to be on most of the “consumer” questions answered sufficiently test drive Lada Xray in Sochi, where we had the car VAZ new 1.8-liter engine and the engine Nissan (incidentally, the second is now put to the Xray), drove them mountains, dirt race track on the Formula-1, except that did not remove the upholstery, to measure the thickness of the sound insulation. Realizing that something could still remain behind the scenes, we have reduced the Lada Xray in the opposition c Renault Sandero Stepway, the most likely and most dangerous enemy …

But here in the comments someone said that the thrill of riding a Xray described “like a dole”, and a month later the authorities asked Xray test with the engine 1.8, because “individual” this machine test, we did not. Excuse me, but that’s the same here about the acceleration, braking, turns and bumps. Then – about the nature of the new 1.8-liter engine. And then – about the plastic seats and the trunk …

Correctly! For convenience, we will try to collect all the “workshop” of the X-Ray in the same material, the more so in this time on the test we once again top of the range Top + Prestige with a 1.8-liter engine and robotised gearbox AMT, to a greater extent reflects all side character of the car – the modern “urban hatchback with elements of SUV», how it is seen today at AVTOVAZ. The next step in this subject will be made at the Moscow Motor Show in August of this year, and the best time to bring a subtotal, not think.


To sum this result, I went to Samara – taking the car out of the press fleet Lada Togliatti, I headed for the regional center: as long as the photographer Vladimir Miro was looking for locations for filming all the beauty that you see in this material, I decided to make the X-Ray Test ulcerated road “disease” the capital of the province. City hatchback? With elements of the SUV? So write!

Articles / autotopies
Yes, for the money … Compare prices and complete sets Lada Xray Competitors

Admittedly, these publications – for example, an article dedicated to the package bundles of Lada Vesta – always carry a high risk of occurrence of inaccuracies. And it’s not just in large volumes is difficult …

Samara – one of the Russian cities that will host the FIFA World Cup a couple of years, but to be honest, looking at Samara now, this little hard to believe. The roads were terrible there from ancient times (in some years, the only exception is the central Moscow highway), but now the situation has been aggravated by numerous road repairs.

They go to the very short distances, until that bear little resemblance to the global restructuring of the road system (which, in theory, one would expect), but the life of motorists complicate considerably. I came up with a route that crosses the entire road hell Samara several times – with the calculation that “vpiratsya” guaranteed, hard, varied and manifold. I waited for tens of kilometers of potholes, bitumen, tramways and hatred.

Summer 2016. Six months have passed since the start of sales of Lada Xray. But children still shout after him: “Look, and X-Ray went!”. And it is in the Samara region, and even in Togliatti, where such machines are already a dime a dozen. He is still eye-catching. Partly – because of the design, which turned out successful with whatever side you look. Yes, someone wheels seem small, but probably in the near future AVTOVAZ will offer the option of arranging and fussy. As for the side podshtampovok, then those same conservatives who talked about “too pretentious” and “expensive repairs” are now able to precisely this vyshtampovki accurately distinguish the X-Ray from any other hatch in traffic, with just a quick glance.

Besides the design, the X-Ray draws attention colors – in his scheme there are several successful colors of the body, including this one, seems to be inconspicuous, but a stylish and suitable car … What to say about the company “Fresh” and the anniversary red, in which color series “50 Anniversary», just in these days going through the pipeline in Togliatti.

Inside Lada Xray cozy, but without a trace of pathos. Yes, the rear seat passengers knees almost back to back, plastic upholstery is the easiest, and the block “climate” in the solid center console looks a little lonely. But this is the “climate” in auto mode perfectly cool interior in the heat “30” devices good read, despite the radial digitizing display “multimedia” pleases clear graphics, cover over the driver’s head, contrary to expectations, accommodates even large enough glasses, and seats (front and rear) optimally support your back and her, sorry, continue.

No driver’s seat lumbar adjustment? This is hardly a problem – the backrest and cushion chairs profiles assembled on the frame seat Renault Logan, original, and, apparently, are carefully selected. In addition to standard length and backrest regulated height – poёrzav two or three minutes, you will almost certainly settle down as accustomed. The seat is so, what is called normal, that soon you even stop to regret the absence of the adjustment wheel on the flight.

But sitting in the comfortable driver’s seat, you begin to ask questions. Why, even in the most expensive equipment in the machine still does not have cruise control and steering wheel spokes on the left instead of Control buttons – just plug? Why the front panel, full of stylish faces, each face a desperate glare in the windshield when the sun is approaching its zenith?

Why, after spending a few hours behind the wheel, you managed nevertheless once not to fall into a narrow aperture between two pedals and press the right foot, shod in tight summer shoes on the brake instead of gas? And why three accidentally included a headlight, not noticing that pushed by a left lever stalk?

Foot X-Ray unit to “robot” is too small – the driver of a 45th the size of the shoe has to push through his leg under the brake to put it on the gas. There are problems and with a size of 42-43 drivers. And what will happen in the winter shoes?

Time for answering my bulk: we are in a gigantic traffic jam a smoky Samara. Of course, you can always assume that the driver’s limbs do not grow very straight and not one of those places, the eyes do not look at that angle, and the brain somehow incorrectly processes the incoming signals. But it is precisely at such, not on professional (and ideal) drivers, and is designed Xray – according to what was said at the official presentation, this machine, which appeared in the age of gadgets, status and automatic updates, as your best to take maximum drayverskih worries over …

If so, then vazovtsam is, if not to solve all congenital ergonomic “shoals”, then at least to fix the issue with cruise control, the more that “little sister” of Vesta, such an option is, from birth. It seems not the most necessary in the car thing, but fifteen years ago we said so about the air conditioning and ABS, and today the mass of people daily commute to work on the road to the next town – just like I am today … However, at this point I have arrived – in the full sense of the word.

Ahead of KAMAZ released into the air the next cloud coarse soot, left the man in Grant with the windows open wearily pulls collar T-shirt, and on the right the girl on a blue BMW yawns for the thirteenth time. Finally, the “plug” budge, I manage to slip through the traffic light and turn on the adjacent, much less congested streets. The span of the tramways, somehow embedded in the pavement early medieval times, and I did find myself in the realm of primitive off-road – the last who did not stole money to repair the street, was the king of Peas. And no, his great-grandfather.

But here Xray feels like a fish in water. I think that somewhere in the depths of the suspension is then pushed elastically and partly even transmitted to the body, but most of these shocks do not cause concern in principle. At first, I habitually obrulivayu any small troubles, (I think it is something like a pit of sacrificial poles, which in ancient times executed those who did not die on the street on their own), but after fifteen minutes I stop doing it – Xray copes with off-road without my participation.

Volume of luggage compartment:

Adds confidence in the narrow streets and a good sense of the dimensions of the car – window-sill line is rather high, the base wide racks, but then save the high seating position, good visibility through the mirrors, a rearview camera and a compact size of the car. That this should be the ideal machine for cities like Samara! It is easy to X-Ray in the crush of every day, cheerfully climb the pits and borders … Now, if the box is not yet included in this ascent fourth transmission at exactly the moment when the need was the second to overtake the bus …

That awkward moment when the test car with manual AMT turns to test most of AMT. But it is inevitable, no matter on what model Lada, this box is not standing. If not for her, we would have long been discussed in the X-Ray has some very fine nuance – the car as a whole as “flat” on the consumer qualities, he is modern and in a good “standard” that without the AMT would have to plunge in fine workmanship regular navigator in ESC operation faces in the level of naturalness feedback on the steering wheel …

Kibenimatika, a fictional science, “invented” character Eugene Vaganovicha – which is exactly what is necessary to deal with the driver, the newly peresevshemu on the machine with the “robot”. “At the junction of mathematics and cybernetics” – or rather not say. The driver, he was not moved with whatever car with the “mechanics” or with the automatic transmission, forced all the time like a little bit to figure on, could cybernetic womb transmission properly work in the next moment – to include the right gear or lose the one that is no longer needed. And perhaps start to feel that you are in all figured out, how do you instantly zoom – you’re expected to fit into the vacated for a second series, but in time, moving coasting, to push forward only the face, and when it took a further pick-up, a box of “thought.”

Lada Xray 1.8 AMT
Brief specifications
Gasoline, 1.8 L
122 liters. from.
Acceleration to 100 km / h:
10,9 s
Ground clearance:
195 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH)
4 165/1 764/1 570

It is worth noting that the beautiful engine VAZ-21179 volume of 1.8 liters, which was by the VAZ “dvigatelisty”, “cooperating” with the AMT almost perfectly. The difference with the 1.6-liter VAZ-21129 in 17 horses and 22 Nm does its job – the stock has more traction, and breaks the flow of power is much less noticeable. Kick-down, physically felt right foot, effectively causes the motor to snap before switching to a lower. Acceleration is not bad. Motor sound pleasant. But we do not become faster switching. But if they can in principle be faster?

After all, the point is not that the box may include some “wrong” gear – imperfect ability to guess all the aspirations of the driver’s sin and the classic “machines” – the Achilles’ heel and AMT, and many other “robots” – just as the switching speed. What a pity that we, the journalists, so rarely listen to the presentations of technical experts! But they are presenting a box of AMT, said many times that to find a compromise between smoothness and clutch engagement speed by matching your assembly with dozens of Japanese and French counterparts …

Cost Lada Xray 1.8 AMT
in picking Top + Prestige

And because of the Russian-German box (in the design and testing involved ZF and Porsche) has really turned into a pleasant enjoyment of many other “robots”. And I want to believe that the stock still there, and AMT box can do little more than high-velocity. But it certainly will turn uncomfortable sensations in the cabin and the rapid deterioration of the clutch that will work virtually in the shock mode. A possible way out of this situation – modifying the clutch assembly on the strength and vibration characteristics.

There would be whether it is at AVTOVAZ? The big question. A new clutch will need to develop, and then put into production, which means waste that will have to beat the price of the final product. But one of the two primary assets of AMT to classical automatic transmission – the price difference between the two variants of Kalina, a Russian “robot” and AMT with the Japanese, the purchased fully “automatic” Jatco, is a few tens of thousands of rubles.

But even if a large part of the difference between the “robot” and “automatic” Components will go to cover the costs of powertrain refinement, from the AMT will always remain second advantage – fuel consumption. Lada Cars with AMT and a half times less voracious than cars with Jatco. So, maybe it’s worth it?

Lada Xray 1.8 AMT
Consumption per 100 km / h

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l8.6 5.8 6.8

Blowin farther from the buzzing metropolis, Xray reminds successfully started up in curling stone – on a smooth track surface and it flies inexorably exactly a well kept straight. Excellent chassis, beautiful design, good quality equipment, well-balanced price … Overall Xray – shutout of AvtoVAZ, but small inconsistencies is missing.

The car, especially in the first presentations, always seems to attention to detail. But the left wiper test X-Ray leaves along the pillar dirty vertical strip width good five centimeters. The steering wheel of a new car park from the press, with zero mileage, already a little “squint” to the right side, and in the same direction and gently leads the car itself. In the town at the start of the hill HSA «sees no” aid system small slopes, but for you (and for the laws of physics), they are highly visible, and rolling with them can be a challenge.

Or, say, the trunk. It is very roomy hatchback to the B-Class, balonnik and jack conveniently hidden under the plastic cover on the right, and the floor panel can be placed on one of two levels. And even locked in a tilted position, it was convenient to get “spare tire.” But think of how to do this, we must also try (yes, we remember that the hands of our testers imperfectly straight), and what’s the use, if dostavaniya “chute” you still need to keep on the weight of a piece of carpet that covers wheeled niche?

In short, this car is not ideal. There is no perfect car.

As this text is not perfect, and – to collect all the valuable practical data in one material, alas, it did not happen. And if again under this publication will prove critical comments, the editors will be very grateful to you. It means that we will have occasion to return to this car again. Especially considering that the work will continue over it, and over time it becomes a little less kibenimatiki.

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