Kaymanov acuity: test drive Porsche 718 Cayman

Porsche 718 Cayman – it's a restyled and the new model? The correct answer is "both." Even despite the fact that at the heart of the newborn "Seven Eutin" is still quite fresh compartment of the sample of 2012, the number of changes to be critical – and it became clear that this is not a simple facelift.

Mania digits

D avay do it in a hurry – this motto is more suited to a Porsche. My acquaintance with the new Cayman started in the plane on the way to the Swedish city of Malmo, where we were given to colleagues on iPads, a multimedia presentation was loaded in each of them – it is the same as it was found out later, and a press conference. And you are no lengthy speeches with pretentious speech designers, marketers and the like talkers. No question and answer session? No problem! All the exciting details of the 718 Cayman can be clarified with the Porsche, who were waiting for us at the Sturup Raceway track, not far from Malmö Airport – Active track was scheduled for the following morning.

One way or another, but before that moment, I saw a new car, I clearly knew that she was faster. Primarily due to the hitherto unprecedented four-cylinder turbo engine, which replaced the former atmospheric "Six". Powertrain preserved boxer engine layout, but seriously were narrowed in the working volume: base Cayman is equipped with two-liter engine and the more powerful Cayman S has at its disposal to half a liter more.

But on the main indicators of the turbo looks much more advantageous: in both cases the power is increased by 25 horsepower and torque increase amounted to 90 Nm and peak thrust fat layer spread over the range of 1 900-4 500 rev / min. And the crackdown became faster: 718 Cayman with PDK and a robot package Sport Crono «shoots" from zero to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds – a 0.7 with faster than ever before. A "esque" more ferocious "hundred" from a place she goes in 4.2 seconds.

On paper this looks convincing progress. And on the road?
Even more beautiful! In this I was able to see, barely getting off the plane.

Postcard from the past

By the way, why the family Boxster / Cayman suddenly became 718? The Germans decided to move the story from which floated on the surface of the lightest (570 pounds!) Racing Porsche 718 Spider, manufactured from 1957 to 1962. This machine was equipped with a 1.5-liter engine mounted just within the wheelbase. That it should be regarded as an ideological precursor of the modern Boxster, which debuted a little earlier.

Cost Porsche 718 Cayman
from 3.62 million rubles

However, in the Tale of Bygone Years "Porsche" is not difficult to find and direct ancestor Cayman, Kojima said the official chronology 718 GTR Coupe sample in 1962. By the way, the history of the German brand is rich in another interesting car that is worthy of a place in the pantheon of democratic sports car from Stuttgart – we are talking about the model 914 with a body targa, which was produced from 1969 to 1976. Needless to say that this car engine is also located in the middle?

The founder of this family of mid-engined sports car (factory code 986) was the Roadster Boxster – it happened in 1996. Cayman also appeared only nine years later, behind the second-generation Boxster series 987, which announced a year earlier. Finally, four years ago, both machines have given way to a completely new sports car, which was given the code 981. Now, in conjunction with a modified body, edited interior and created from scratch turbo engine and both cars received a new designation – 982.

But the most important thing that happened to the young Porsche – a triumph of logic in the pricing question. After all, before it was – the Boxster has always been at the lowest level, opening range; while Cayman has traditionally cost more. And it was a kind of pattern gap: how so – open car is cheaper than the coupe? It is clear that in such a case, it would be interesting to take a roadster: it was to acquire a car if not every day, then let it be a car with an open top – it is so even cheaper!

Now the situation has changed exactly the opposite: Cayman has become cheaper! Or is it the Boxster rose? Not the point. The main thing is this: now the most affordable Porsche – Coupe and Roadster are not. And although the price difference is small – only 68 thousand rubles – the fact remains.

Well, so be it. Especially since the reason for the positive there is an indoor car body considerably stiffer than an open – more than twice. This means that he has an obvious advantage in terms of handling, especially on the racetrack. Oh, I have to try it!

emotional outburst

If the car has an uncommon appearance, no color it will not spoil. So Cayman – it is good even when painted in silver metallic banal. What can we then talk about a coupe bright blue Miami Blue – bright, defiant, calling? And then there is Lava Orange – Orange earnestly. Shine!

Porsche 718 Cayman
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
2 (2.5) l 300 (350) l. from.
six-speed or seven-speed robotized INC
Maximum speed km / h:
275 (285)
Acceleration to 100 km / h, with:
4.7 (4.2)
Drive unit:

* In brackets are the specifications Porsche 718 Cayman S PDK

However, if you break out of the spherical vacuum, it is easy to find that even after a significant upgrade current Cayman fairly smacks of previous – regardless of the generation. This is bad? I do not think. Stuttgart valued evolutionary practice, when each successive model largely reproduces the preceding car. However, there will always be some very notable bar by which to define the new thing. In the latest Cayman is the rear optics to bridge the gap from the inscription «Porsche». And yet – do not have to talk about how a new design. Yes and no reason – Porsche has to be perceived as a Porsche. And if that happens – then, all right.

But Cayman was created not only to admire it. All its beauty comes from within! It is a powerful source of emotional power, which is 80% recharged in the first minute of the trip. The rest of the interest already traveled on the road, and on the charge level of the track immediately surpasses 100%.

Observe mode!

Shop – typically "porshevidny", and it pleases: those who had the good fortune to travel on the German sports car, here everything is familiar. Dashboard – a parade of planets of the three stars, which mainly appointed tachometer. Located to the left of the speedometer him, as I could see, you need only for the sake of digitizing he is so small that it is absolutely impossible to use. However, the speed of reading the numbers are duplicated at the bottom of the tachometer, partly rescues the situation. But the inscribed circle to the right display is replete with features: it can display anything you want – on the evidence of the onboard computer to the maps of the navigation system.

To scroll the screen, you can either shift paddles or a wheel on the steering wheel – it all depends on which set of options got a particular instance. On machines in a simple trim on the steering wheel is not at all the buttons, and it's not too convenient. Self steering wheel, by the way, made in the image and likeness thereof supercar 918 Spyder – exactly the same "donut" and used on the new family of the legendary 911.

In the same "nine hundred and eleventh» Cayman (after Boxter) and took over the round switch mounted under the right needle – it can be used to change the motion modes that affect the setup work powertrain and chassis. There are four preset provides: Normal, Sport, Sport + and individual – in the latter case, you can configure each component separately (eg "sharpen" the motor and box, but do not tighten the suspension).

Cargo Volume, L
150 (front) / 275 (rear)

Incidentally, even the mode dial is different from machine to machine. In the Caymans with preselektivnoy robot the PDK, Feature Pack Sport Chrono, provided button in the center, which employs Sport Response function: when pressed box resets one transmission and goes to a special algorithm for switching, pushing the tachometer arrow in the high speed zone, and the reaction on the pedal gas exacerbated to the limit. This "Fast and the Furious" is valid for 20 seconds, which is more than enough for that to make rapid overtaking. And if you can handle a ride ahead quickly, it can be "derated" the car by pressing the same button.

Tricks on the track

On the race track this thing is not particularly need – is important to keep the right path and keep up with the instructor, which is the heart "knocks" on the 911-m. Here Cayman feels at ease: circular track it does not scare me. Quite the contrary – only provoke!

For asphalt Sturup Raceway coupe clings wide 20-dyyumovymi wheels so strong that it seems as if the bus wanted to spit on the laws of physics. Of course, if you enter into a rage, then bring to 718 the labor slides will not be – especially in the mode of Sport +. However, the loss of control over the situation the case is unlikely to reach: Stability PSM sensitively stands out, though, and in the background. So mark skid Cayman can easily but completely surrender to him – no, no!

The difference between the 300-horsepower base coupe and 350-hp Cayman S is not too noticeable on public roads – a slight advantage in the thrust has virtually no effect on the emotional background. How so? Yes, that's right! In fact, even with the "small" engine Porsche ranting and raving: dynamics stunning acceleration. And the sound – what the doctor ordered Ferdinand Porsche: a disturbed button "start-stop" turbooppozit cheerful grunts under heavy acceleration when changing gear fun snorts and effusively fires back through the muffler when resetting gas. Great!

Porsche 718 Cayman (718 Cayman S) with a robot PDK
Consumption per 100 km / h
Urban cycle l Extra Urban, l Combined cycle, l

9.0 (9.5) 5.7 (6.0) 6.9 (7.3)

But on a race track advantage "eski" become apparent. More torque allows you to confidently accelerate out of corners – it feels more than clearly. And the brakes work effectively: unlike the basic version of the front axle Cayman S installed four-piston calipers from the 911 Carrera with thicker discs. However it is necessary to go on the track a few quick laps – and the brakes start to get tired even to "Eske": pedal stroke increases, and indeed the pedal becomes stiff mene. Whether it optional carbon-ceramic PCCB – this all at all: supply efficiency of the brakes several times higher than the standard. That's just the price … Nearly half a million rubles – what?

However, if the special desire to walk Cayman on the track you do not, then the dream composite ceramic brakes is not necessary. Moreover, even the most democratic, 718 minutes is capable of filling a life to the brim with thrill. The main thing – they do not spill.


Dmitry Yurasov

autoND browser

At the heart of the new "718-th", also known as "982-th" – modernized platform of its predecessor with the factory designation 981, which, in turn, "rose" of 911. Both – the front suspension McPherson, actually the general steering the electric power, and a floor body structure of the front part of the force, but at the rear module "Bokster" and "Cayman" a as layout power unit – in the base, rather than in the rear overhang, as in "911". Instead noble mnogoryichazhka here the same democratic McPherson, though ennobled in the course of modernization: the anti-roll bar became 20 per cent tougher, and aluminum subframe reinforced with cross member, which first established only on a charged version of GT4. Also, increased stiffness of suspension springs and shock absorbers, which, moreover, have become a little thicker, and in the front there are now additional special springs preventing "galling nose" during hard acceleration. This is the case of the basic version, the version with the active PASM suspension of this is in the electronics, and the ground clearance is reduced by 10 mm. There are PASM Sport, but there is suspension, "clamped" so that this car makes sense to buy only the one who is planning to spend at least a weekend on the racetrack.

Turning to the body, let us note that it is significantly changed in shape, and that was one of the reasons for the award of its own index (remains only the windshield, roof and trunk lid), but not in content. The integrity of the whole power structure is preserved, almost half of which consists of aluminum, the rest – high-strength and ultra-high steel and magnesium alloy. Although one innovation is still there: if the previous atmospheric "Six" were attached to the three Hydro, the new turbo "four" have been four, despite a smaller displacement. However, it is quite logical at the increased impact and almost the worst balance of such engines, let Opposite arrangement in this regard, and preferably conventional row.

a new line of engines belong to the same family of modular 9A2 as the six-cylinder units of the current 911, in fact – in fact, it is they are the same, but with "amputated" a pair of cylinders. All motors – with the same timing chain drive, a pair of camshafts in each of the two heads, phase shifters, and cylinders with plasma sprayed iron on the wall, with direct injection and a central location nozzles. All – High speed and short-stroke, especially the 2.5-liter, which is a "bore" the two-liter version has exactly the same cylinders and pistons, as in the three-liter "six". But in the details, of course, it is not so simple: for example, features the work of four cylinders required the use of the course change of the system, not only the intake, but also to the exhaust valves. For the same reason, instead of personal turbochargers for every three cylinder as the "sixes", one common set here, the 2.5-liter version S – with a larger diameter and a variable turbine geometry. And to enter the turbo where previously there were aspirated, the designers had to develop original charge air cooling system with compact intercooler and two radiators on the sides of the engine.

As for the powertrain, there is less creativity in all: in dvuhpedalnoy version – the same preselektivnoy seven-step "robot" the PDK with two "wet" clutches supplied by ZF (7DT-45 at its specifications). Similar boxes (adjusted for a different arrangement of the power unit) are mounted on the Porsche 911, but the original seven-step "mechanics", established and not received on the basis of the PDK, "718 minutes", he was still satisfied with the normal six-speed gearbox.

You will enjoy a Porsche 718, Cayman, if:

  • Are you bored to live in this world;
  • Do you distinguish "ride" from "ride";
  • Do you have money for another car.

You do not like the Porsche 718, Cayman, if:

  • Are you sure that all the options should be based;
  • Do you think that four million two liters – a bust;
  • You do not doubt that a large trunk is better than two smaller ones.

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