Kabriovolga: test drive Chrysler Sebring Convertible

White cabriolet – a classic wedding procession and the dream of every bride. Make and model is secondary, the main thing that the sun caresses your skin and the wind romantic fluttering hair. At the groom's own joy – self-passenger convertible disproportionately higher than that of the inhabitants trudging aimlessly with the snail's pace of the limousine. Our Volga has not appeared a full version of the open, but in Chysler Sebring, a former contributor to the Volga Siber, such a variation there.


Sebring – one of the last heirs of design ideas cab forward, first tested by the Americans in 1975 on AMC Pacer. The Italians, the Americans managed, then enough worries with the launch of Diablo in production, so successful design concept gave birth to the whole galaxy of wedge-Chrysler, and Plymouth Rains.

Like most Americans, Sebring little touch European conventions. This sedan Chrysler – only American competitor to the then Passat and Mondeo, having against them quite a few chances. Convertible – is another matter. Do not settle with anyone, he brazenly climbed in the segment where the full four places in the open air offered a premium Germans. In view of the traditional American discount offer came very tempting. Convertible enjoyed steady demand among fans of thrifty fun walking along the beach.

Laconic, devoid of pretentiousness silhouette, low roofline, sloping hood, spectacular food. But with the dimensions have to be reconciled. Nearly five-meter white big fish laughs at all the jaws gaping grille, looking at the fry from the German trio, inferior to her at least half a meter in length.


Interior Sebring – a good chance to remember the traditions of the American auto industry beginning of the two thousandth. Vertical front panel is molded from plastic resounding. Large buttons and switches, the indispensable cup holders on the center console, turquoise illumination devices. lacks stalk poker "machine" for total immersion in atomosferu true fullsayza and extensive finishing "plastic wood". And if the first in Europe-oriented model has been abolished "krayslerovtsami" as a class, the lack of the second – no more than a sign of the initial configuration.

Air conditioning, power windows, mirrors and the roof – the "base" in the American will give odds to other Europeans. Front seats impose lower landing with outstretched legs. Their form refutes the popular belief that American producers not know the concept of lateral Support. Pity about the lack of status of leather finishing is not necessary. Velour padding is not so hot in the sun and also is more wear-resistant. Status Interior particular instance, dashed off more than one hundred newlyweds, another proof.

Practical and vinyl canopy. How arrogant would not look at him holders of convertibles with fabric top, black tarpaulin, unlike fabric does not require any additional processing. In addition, here the full rear window heating.

The owner of Chrysler, who does not want to use the full capabilities of Sebring quadruple – selfish and greedy. Lack of space on the back seat will not feel even tall passengers. The raised roof on the situation almost no effect. Belongings all honest company will fit in the boot without any problems, whose volume at the retracted awning is about 300 liters.

In move

second-generation Sebring – one of the first joint projects implemented after Daimler and Chrysler merger. The car was conceived as a real competitor thoroughbred 'Europeans', but our car meets this criterion is only partly. Convertible is equipped with a good old four-stage "automatic" and nizkoforsirovanym aspirated four-cylinder 2.4 power 152 horsepower. This couple is well known for the past generation model is not available in Europe. They honor the American flag and defended four 2.0 V6 2.7.

Chrysler Sebring Convertible
Gasoline A-92

Despite the modest power, thrust 214 Nm Sebring enough for confident movement in the stream. Gears are shifted gently and smoothly, even when the gas pedal is recessed into the floor – soft box is set to prolong her life. The owner suggests that adaptive automatic transmission, eventually adapts to driving style. And if there is no time to wait and need right now to overtake here this summer resident, then your service manual gearshift Autostick – driven by the driver, phlegmatic "American" obediently and quickly can throw one or two gears. Only the algorithm itself is unusual gear shift lever need to shake from side to side, not back and forth.

Let Sebring and sold in Europe, but the suspension is done explicitly with an eye on the home market – in her soft, soothing setting, I know from the first meters to the nearest relative Chrysler Classic dreadnoughts. Progress in comfort and road irregularities respond in the cabin only slaps tires.

Sebring good helm – fortunately, waiting with bated breath until he performs the maneuver, as it comes with its old-school family, it is not necessary. But do not even try to compare with European sedans and Hatch! Chrysler does not have high-speed piloting, but it comes in handy when measured, relaxed driving. Banks in the corners is not critical, but not hard on the body a little birthday "plays", and it is felt.

You dare to drive Daredevil quickly besiege rear passengers – to withstand mini-tornadoes, rising in the rear at speeds over 80 km / h, can ekstremal rare. At Chrysler's pluses. Wait until the cork subside and make the lady of his heart an evening promenade along the central streets of the city. In the morning on the weekend to capture the carotid friends and jerk in the country, getting on the road portion of sunbathing – this is like the Sebring, it he can.

purchase history

Ilya – biker with experience. A few years ago, due to certain circumstances, a two-wheeled friend had to leave. But the soul demanded freedom, and in the spring of 2015, Ilya decided to buy a convertible. A prerequisite was a full-fledged four-seater saloon. The car was supposed to be an egoist is not a toy, and a family friend. Among the candidates first and, to be honest, was the only Chrysler Sebring Convertible second generation.

Test drives / Single
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Outside Test American car on the territory of the Orthodox Cathedral – pure sacrilege. This red, deliberately indiscreet and deafeningly loud embodiment of vice is not a place in the holy land. But…

4698 0 7

Search range covers the whole of Russia. Ilya managed to see a few options in Moscow and was preparing to travel to Cheboksary, when suddenly surfaced interesting specimen in St. Petersburg. White Convertible 2005 release spent the first owner in the United States only a year. All the rest of the Chrysler regularly worked in the wedding office. A car with mileage of 64 000 miles sold for 400 000 rubles. Of all the options previously viewed this has been the best in terms of price and condition, and Ilya formalize a deal.


It is no secret that the attitude towards cars to rental companies is far from gentle. Sebring was no exception. The only thing that is regularly done with cabriolet – a washing and dry cleaning. Neither of which the proper maintenance in compliance with the service interval there was no question. Vehicle condition was not a surprise for Elijah, and he began to lead the "American" in a sense.

Most of time and effort spent on the repair of chassis. Complete replacement of parts cost more than 100 000 rubles. Against this background, never really has not served the engine proved a stiff upper lip. Substitutions demanded only pump with belts and rollers, valve cover, all liquids and candles.

Salon was generally in good condition, except for the floor. brides Heels did not spare the carpet gig, leaving a lot of holes in it, that owners clumsily covered with homemade patches. Now the interior floor carpet veiled from related Volga Siber, bought on the occasion of the Internet.

Native paint Chrysler is not in the best condition. Bringing in the order of appearance is limited to replacement of the rear bumper, and repair a cracked skylight. The inevitable complete repainting – in the nearest future.


Being a wedding car, apparently it is written in a sort at this Chrysler. Less than two months after the purchase as Elijah called the former owner and offered a job at a wedding a cab. The newlyweds, who have made once an order for rent of Sebring, just like him. Ilya agreed. The impression of an unexpected part-time work were positive, so now such a trip is not uncommon for him. Behind the wheel, of course, Ilya.

Chrysler Sebring Convertible
71,000 miles

Spare parts are readily available for Chrysler, much is available – on the whole, the service is not more expensive than most of the cost of foreign cars. Much of the owner is trying to do on their own. Unfortunately, some accessories inadequate roads. For example, native tow hook, which is optional, is nearly 2 000 rubles. Naturally, it is easier to buy a similar item from the Volga, which stands much cheaper. A similar situation with the door stop. Unit price for the Sebring Convertible – 3000 rubles, and for the Siber – 1700 rubles.

Now run Chrysler – 71 000 miles. At this point the vehicle is operated only in the summer, but Ilya seriously thinking conduct a thorough anti-corrosion treatment of the body and periodically walk the Sebring winter, not to stagnate.

Chrysler Sebring Convertible
Brief specifications
four-cylinder naturally aspirated
2.4 l
152 l. from.
four-step automatic transmission
Standard that with the replacement of oil and filters
7000 RUB


At the moment, the car is technically in order. It remains to bring to mind the appearance – the traces of years of tough use there almost every element. Apart from the already mentioned repainting, in plans – to repair vinyl awning. No matter how tough the material in the bends it inevitably wiped. The interior will be finalized by setting the regular on-board computer, taken from more advanced equipment. No tuning is not expected, except that occasionally visit the idea of ​​replacing the rear drum brakes to disc.

model history

The second generation Chrysler Sebring was introduced in 2000. At the same time, by the way, appeared Sebring sedan – the first generation in the range of bodies were only coupe and convertible. Traditionally, cars were inherently different platforms. Coupe built on Mitsubishi Eclipse based, while the sedan and convertible, along with twin Dodge Avenger – to "obschekrayslerovskoy" platform JR.

In the photo: Chrysler Sebring Convertible (JR) '2000-03

The range of engines Sebring Convertible consisted of the "quartet" of 2.4 liters capacity of 152. from. and V6 2,7, developing 203 liters. from. Especially for the European market there was a version with a two-liter engine capacity of 141 liters. from. Summary Box – a four "automatic" and the five-step mechanic was available only for motors 2.0 and 2.4.

In the photo: Chrysler Sebring Convertible (JR) '2003-06

In 2003, the whole family survived the Sebring scheduled update. Three years later, the release of sedans and convertibles was discontinued, and the compartment was removed from the production of the previous year. In the third generation in the line were only a sedan and convertible, received as an option rigid retractable roof. In 2011, the Sebring name went down in history – with the restyling of third generation received 200 Index, and in 2014 published a completely new generation of Chrysler 200. This car with the "twin» Dodge Dart we have been able to test in the past year in the United States.

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