Invasion of privacy. What has become the updated Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

Conductor into parallel reality. A faithful and very clever assistant. Uninterrupted source of vivid emotions. And yes, it’s still a car.

Although the latter is quickly forgotten. Maximally stretching the space for the rear passenger with one button, I stretch myself. I turn on the console with the most relaxing mode of the new Energizing Comfort system and just “fly away”. A lounge-melody poured from the headphones, the illumination changed, the soft massage of the chair was automatically activated in addition to ventilation … In a placid atmosphere, plunging (no wonder!) Into an easy drowsiness, I have time to think – the day is not far off when the Mercedes-Benz S-Class begins to read my thoughts. And respond to the mood without any buttons on the remote. I am only for such an intrusion into my personal life.

But while electronics is not so smart, and after 10 minutes my relaxation session ends. Perhaps, I’ll try another regime – there are six of them here. I open my eyes, and there! It turns out that our representative sedan all this time was swept by the intricate Swiss intricacies of roads so that the picture outside the window changed with an enchanting frequency. And I’m neither sleep nor spirit.

This is the great happiness of “antikrenena” – now the Magic Body Control suspension with the help of a hydro-support can “crouch” in the direction of a turn of 2.65 degrees. You just need to enable the special Curve ride mode. And everything else – the steering wheel, gearbox and engine – at this time remain in “comfort”, and only the chassis allows for more bends, without affecting the passenger’s senses. On the one hand, I just do not feel how the system works. But that’s the whole “magician”! It is not felt – it means everything works as intended. In addition, the “magic” chassis monitors the road surface, leveling shocks and impacts when driving bumps and pits.

Metaphorical “cushions”

Since I woke up from bliss, I’ll look back at the salon. Here everything was arranged as close to the ideal as it was. Mercedes seats you want to carry with you always and everywhere. In many respects thanks to them the S-class – the most comfortable representative sedan. When you drown in soft, gently enveloping seats, you will understand what I mean. And how ventilation works delicately! Nowhere, I repeat, nowhere does the chair cool the body as imperceptibly and simultaneously efficiently as in the S-class. I’m sorry, I just could not help but notice it again, although restyling has nothing to do with it.

The presenter of the presentation of the updated sedan, far from the automotive world, almost pointed out with a squeal its favorite detail in the car: “Pillows!” And the truth – from such trifles like pillows in the headrests and there is an outstanding comfort. And every owner or guest just collapsed in the back seat has his own metaphorical “pillow”, which delivers a special buzz in the cabin of the S-Class. Here at me its role is carried out by ventilation.

And there are no punctures so that you can gloat “Aha!” On all three screens in the cabin and then you can configure different languages. While the main person sets the address in the navigation in English, his Chinese partner is played backlit, following the hieroglyphs of the menu. A driver – bezbashenny Russian – is traveling on a new route, reading the familiar Cyrillic alphabet. And, by the way, I’m wondering if I’m worried after lunch. Yes what there!

It’s just incredible how the Mercedes can do it, but the S-class can be sharp, fast, fervent and at the same time keep the smoothness of all movements. And if in S63 with its lunch control and frightening roar with peregazovkah skew in the direction of a unique AMG-drive, whatever one may say, it is felt (you do not want to sit behind!), Then the S560 does not exist anymore. Acceleration and braking occur on the barely perceptible edge of comfort and still emotionally. I felt this many times when I moved to the driver’s seat.

Motor Mathematics

A few Mercedes-Benz mathematical puzzles – the former 500th with the V8 now received the index of 560. The four-liter “eight” bitturbo, familiar in AMG models, produces 469 forces. Thanks to the system of turning off half of the cylinders the engine became noticeably more economical – in 15 liters I fit even with dynamic freaks. The same motor, forced to 612 “horses”, was registered in S63.

In turn, the S500 is arranged in a completely different way. This is a gasoline inline “six” for 435 forces with a starter generator and an electric compressor. The design made it possible to shorten the already small delays at acceleration. And, honestly on the heart, the 500th rides is not even more boring than the 560th with the V8, although we will not have such a car.

Both in Russia and in the world, the base for the updated S-Class was the in-line diesel “six” with the indices S350d and S400d, which we wrote about last year’s technical seminar . On such sedans did not manage to travel, but I’m sure they will find the client with their impressive data. 286 and 340 “horses”, 600 and 700 Nm of torque – well, really!

Again, the most-most

Emotions and relaxation – this was always the S-class did not take away. But a pleasant “intrusion” into personal life does not end with one sensation. With restyling, the representative sedan finally took away the “smart” title of the most intelligent “Mercedes”.

The S-class has learned to drive independently, as if on the steering wheel an invisible imp. Although the video record at the wheel, at least the neck curled toward the model girl, the sedan itself will slow in the arc, dive into a turn on the ideal trajectory and adjust the speed of the road signs. True, sometimes misses, so while the car is better to treat simply as an assistant in case of a long, very long yawn.

But the assistant is very clever! “You’re Russian, are not you?” And you like to drive fast, I know! ” – Mercedes testers accelerate at the range S-class for 100 km / h and directs straight to the model of another car. Sedan, recognizing the driver’s complete indifference, first tightens all the belts, then earnestly warns and at the last moment brakes himself sharply. Until the complete stop, and exactly 20 cm from the obstacle! So the system is programmed. However, all this works only in case you have nowhere to restructure: neither to the left, nor to the right. It is believed that otherwise the driver will leave the impact on his own, especially after loud warnings. Well, it’s understandable, although, for example, Volkswagen Arteon was taught to leave to the neighboring strip itself at a high risk of collision.

That’s beyond the danger of the S-class, too, rebuilt, if it is necessary for the driver. It is enough to turn on the turn signal on the multi-lane road and the vehicle will perform the maneuver. First convinced of the absence of interference. With the “meeting”, however, the focus will not work. To be honest, the useless function, which is only meant to demonstrate – hey, the future is near!

And all this is also part of a complex and close relationship with the car that has reached a new level. And both the driver and the passenger.

Alexey Dmitriev, photo Mercedes-Benz

Characteristics of Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Dimensions (length / width / height), cm512.5 / 189.9 / 149.6528.7 / 191.5 / 149.9
Wheelbase, cm303.5316.5
The equipped weight, kg200521002070
Engine6-cylinder, gasoline in-line, with electric compressor, 2999 cm³V8, gasoline, biturbo, 3982 cm³V8, gasoline, biturbo, 3982 cm³
Power, l. from. / rev / min.435 / 5900-6100469612 / 5500-6000
Torque, Nm / rev / min.520 / 1800-5500700900 / 2750-4500
Transmission9-st., Automatic.9-st., Robot.
Drive unitRearFull
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from4.84.63.5
Maximum speed, km / h250
Combined fuel consumption, l / 100 km6.68.58.9