Injustice: ownership experience Cadillac DeVille Concours

90 years can not be called the heyday of big-very big Cadillacs – their golden age was already gone forever, along with rock and roll, the smoking fashion and free flow of LSD. Traditional American fullsayzy slowly but surely losing customers. And for that only the Yankees traded them for Japanese premium? It is not called this machine archaic: the body of her bearing and the drive front … Still, history has treated unfairly Cadillacs.


M ozhno could say “close the emblem and even so you will understand that before you Cadillac», but it is not so easy. No, with the recognizable-it’s all right: there are chromium, and specific vertical lights, and closed rear arches … The difficulties are so close to the logo: there is not one on the exterior and interior is scattered more than 20 pieces. Looks like someone at GM too literally understood advertisers, who said that for brand recognition it is necessary to show the customer many times. On the rear rack of a body and wings – Cadillac. On the door handles – Cadillac. Even the fuel tank flap, hell, too Cadillac. In general, if you have doubts, do not hesitate: this is a real “caddies”.

Chief Deville Elvis Presley fan, having lived it to the mid-90s, this machine would not like for sure. After the pink color of the body was not available to customers of the seventh-generation model even for a fee! That’s a shame. But as for me, even better than dark green.


oil filter
800 rubles

Open with a soft smack the door seal provides passengers with real room. Two meters in length and a half in width – so many smaller kitchen! Finishing – defiantly elegant, with varnished wood veneer and dazzling white skin, which is covered with even the ceiling. Well, massive sofas – three seats on the first and on the second row, the driver can go slowly, hugged her beauty-girlfriend.

From the abundance of the Cadillac drives, it seems to be able to turn into one of the robots from the movie “Transformers.” Motor front seats can not only move the seat as a whole, but also to move the pillow separately, adjusting the chair for the most capricious owner.

By the way, one of the first in the world practice Cadillac acquired memory seat settings, the head of which the individual keys on the door – the electronic brain learns to two positions.

If the girlfriend hugging tired, you can lower the armrest – he, of course, also leather. Under the hinged lid box is hidden with lots of cup holders, holders and compartments for useful things.

Dashboard – of course, e. Yes, in Europe in the 90 years it looked greetings from the 80s, but in the US conservative buyer always prone to easy nostalgia, so that the “calculator” came just right. Curiously, with the zoom lever on the console, you can switch modes: from US miles per hour to our usual kilometers.

Hi-tech 25-year-old – auto-dimming mirror salon. And yet – the indispensable climate control, cruise control, central locking … Things that are now put even at Logan, then were valued quite highly.

By the way, our Deville – not a top in the list of options were also rain sensors and a modern multi-function key, with which the individual buttons turn on the lights in the cabin, open the door or trunk. But this machine in the standard equipment list was player-cassette, now give way to a modern audio system (fortunately implanted rather delicately).

Finally look at the trunk – the dream of every racketeer. After all, here, on the eye, it can be “compacted” two, or even three intractable merchants! Volume – an impressive 566 liters, and the completely flat floor can accommodate luggage as comfortably as possible.

On the run

So let the word “push off” for US fullsayzov sounds jaded, but otherwise not pick up – as majestic and glides start from a place, you only Move the stalk “poker” in position Drive. Insulation cozy cocoon from the outside hustle and bustle – the first point of the internal constitution of this machine.

And this is achieved not only thick seals and kilos “Shumkov” (though they, too). In particular, the aerodynamics noise reduction and running flush mounted windscreen and side windows.

4.9 l / 200 hp

As a result, the driver has to constantly glancing at the speedometer: apparent at a glance the city of 60 km / h may well turn out en-route “hundreds.” Set speed is transparent, which facilitates cross (!) located under the hood of a V-shaped “eight” volume of 4.9 liters capacity of 200 liters. sec., transferring all of its 375 Nm across a four-automatic gearbox to the front (if you do not forget) wheels. Motor not violent, but he knows his own worth. Yes, actually, and the rush will not pull until you drowning in a sea of ​​leather and easy to rotate the wheel.

I expected as most full-size “American”, the DeVille treat “philosophically” management. But Sadillac pleasantly surprised: his turning radius slightly privyshaet its length – only 6.2 meters.

In the merit of the front MacPherson-type suspension, which allows “put” wheels on the b? Lshy angle. Still, despite the correction of some errors, characteristic of the American school of design, inexperienced person to handle difficult DeVille.

This is especially true size, they still have to get used to: maneuvering is important to know where it ends massive jaw front bumper.

The most difficult to take back: to be reckoned with massive rear pillars, which can hide an entire Capitol, but glances in tiny for such a car rear-view mirror. Fortunately the latest equipped with electrically adjustable, which somehow help reduce blind zones on the sides.

There comes a sense of rhythm and patience, because hooligans on the road (late braking, to make sharp maneuvers to trim) Cadillac will not allow – will be offended and will break the front axle, show all their weight. But if you do everything right – get great pleasure. Keep it should be gradually: carefully zarulivat in turn, allowing the soft suspension heel body, and then squeeze the throttle.

Our car is equipped with rear air suspension, which automatically adjusts the machine clearance depending on the load, as well as “squat” when it reaches a speed exceeding 100 km / h. With the equanimity with which the sedan chassis fulfills the pits and potholes, is matched only gidropnevmatika Citroen DS – unnoticed time sleeping policeman Cadillac “swallowed” up to 60 km / h without any discomfort to passengers. However, the soft suspension is expected and the reverse side of the coin – on the “waves” the DeVille starts to sway, thereby provoking a possible “sea” the disease from their riders.

purchase history

Aram, the second owner of this Cadillac in Russia, bought his car in 2009, the previous owner had brought the Deville from America back in 1998. Purchase cost the happy owner of 140 000 rubles. As you can guess, the car was quite “rolled”.

Especially during the years of being in Russia has got a body: the new owner of the car repainted in the original color again and added all the necessary shildikami and moldings. In addition, with his own hands Aram went through the automatic transmission and front suspension.

Note that the more capricious back “pneumatics” and the mighty V8 with a romantic name Northstar has not demanded any serious action for the restoration of the owner.

All work Aram only makes himself, trusting no one your pet and maintains his car almost every day, because the total mileage of cars in the years of life passed the mark of 360 000 km, of which 150 000 – the last owner.

Several times Aram with his family went to the Cadillac to the south, and the car never failed. All the items the owner orders from the United States, the prices of consumables, traditional for Americans, small, even taking into account the high value of the dollar, for example, the air filter is 800 p, oil – 350, Disc – 3 300, and pad kit – 2500..

model history

Production of full-size sedan DeVille Cadillas seventh generation began in December 1993 and lasted, with upgrades until 1999. In the line of the brand, he initially took place on a step below the flagship brands – Cadillac Fleetwood, but later replaced it. The cars were built on the front-wheel drive platform K-body, which had at the base carrying the body, and had a lot in common with the model of the same brand Seville.

Machines offered in two trim levels – “normal» DeVille and “top-end» DeVille Concours, who visited on our test drive. Under the hood, both located sedans Cadillac L29 reliable engine capacity of 4.9 liters. “Eight,” with a cast iron block was equipped with electronic fuel injection and meet the stringent requirements of environmental regulations.

The choice of car
Weapon second comeback: rapid test Cadillac CT6

I wanna be Americano We have somehow managed to forget partially, not only in the US, but in post-war Europe until the seventies of the XX century, it was Cadillac cars were a symbol of luxury and success in life. Remember …

In 1997, the car was subjected to a planned upgrade. He received a new hood, with a pronounced rise in the middle, a different grille, upgraded front and rear bumpers. New rear fenders have lost shields, covering the wheel. Body serious efforts to further reduce noise and vibration, and improve rigidity. L29 place under the hood takes a new V8 engine from Northstar line.

Structurally, it was very modern: all-aluminum, with multiple injection and cylinder shutdown system half, it was the pride of the American School engine. But in fact, the engine proved sadly famous for its unreliability. The engine was picky about the quality of gasoline (92 th here is no longer zalesh), aluminum cylinder block is constantly overheated, and then had an increased oil consumption, as well as the required high-tech anti-freeze with special additives. In the worst case, filled the wrong antifreeze led to corrosion (!) Of the block.

The pair worked with him a modern automatic transmission 4T80-E transmission. In 2000, at the Detroit Motor Show held premier sedan Cadillac DeVille eighth generation, has become the latest in a history.

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