Infinity sign: rapid test Geely Emgrand GT

Recently, we are lucky to have machines that have more historical significance than the consumer interest. We recently saw off less popular, but very decent business sedan Hyundai Genesis, which the Koreans are very proud of, and for good reason. Now – like a car from the arsenal of the Chinese brand Geely. The machine of the “new Chinese” category that displays the entire industry to a new level and is preparing to compete with the legislators of the genre from Europe and Asia … Yes, let buyers rasprobuet it immediately. But avtoistoriki future probably mentioned it in books and articles, as one of the “turning” of models in the evolution of the Chinese automotive industry.

In our hands – one of the first in Russia Geely Emgrand GT, which is preparing to enter into the formal sale closer to the New Year.

Over the years, the presence of the Chinese car industry in the Russian public consciousness had formed some generalized notion of machines available to them. We tend to think that the Chinese car – it is something copied from Western models, not the most comfortable, with a mass of flaws in ergonomics, desperately stinking cheap plastic, with a lot of elements, hinting at the luxury, but in fact was not. But – very unpretentious and, most importantly, inexpensive. The relatively low price allows you to put up with all faults.


In general, you can write down all these ideas on a piece of paper, carefully crumple it and throw it in the garbage disposal, because even the first meeting with the Geely GT breaks all established notions.

The main thing – a sense of proportion

The car made me a very good impression even on the bench MIAS, but also in the light of a gloomy autumn day, on an asphalt site shopping center, it looks worse. Nearly five-meter box with “kupeobraznym” currently fashionable silhouette, without escaping the boot volume, the new corporate grille with a different logo. Elegant roofline, rising up window-sill line, small windows at the rear of the rack … It may be noted and modern lighting with individual xenon “spotlight” under the hood and LED daytime running lights. Damn, it looks like … rich.

Chrome exterior details are present, but their number and size of fully conform with European sense of proportion. grille, lower bodyside moldings, edging windows, inserts in the body-colored door handles and strap on the trunk with Geely inscription – that is, in fact, everything. Oh, and the pad on the front bumper – but it matte.

Design a new corporate solution “faces” can not but arouse approval – too graceful outlines repeat the updated logos, outer border of the grille and concentric lamellae. However, with some corners still begin to understand that the solidity of sportiness prevails over: for the image “Road predator ‘hood would have to be a little authenticity, and food – a little bit easier.

The rate does not affect

I very carefully and meticulously studied the body and found no defects in the assembly: all the gaps between the body panels exemplary uniform. The only omission was noticed – joints bumpers with metal wings, there are some inaccuracies in the installation.

A detailed examination at close range striking the important details: Lens-sky cameras in housings of the side mirrors, and under the front emblem on the trunk lid, and closed with a plastic lid radar antenna an active cruise control system. “Stuffing” very good. And, most interestingly, Emgrand GT is not shy about his nationality.


Under the sign of infinity

For example, a lower front air intake grille is in the form of Chinese ornamentation, which can be seen on porcelain, and the frieze of the Imperial Palace in the “Forbidden City” in Beijing. Incidentally, this is one of the oldest of its species, which appeared in “thunderous ornament” for the period of bronze vessels of the Shang Dynasty Yin. Externally, the pattern in which the short rectangular elements are connected in the form of spirals, reminiscent of character “coming back”. Since this pattern goes on and on, and it came to symbolize infinity or rebirth in the Buddhist sense.

The Chinese are generally kind to the characters … But in this case, I immediately remembered the words of design Peter Horbury director of the company, a great interview that we published recently:

“Assert his identity as a brand, we can try to make the unique features of the Chinese artistic tradition.”

By the way, Horbury hand is felt in many ways. Tell me it’s not just me appetizing “hips” rear fenders evoke associations with large sedans Volvo?

You can find a cunning hook?

Well, once we went to the poop, let’s look at the trunk … I did not immediately was able to open it: no key under the slide bar on the lid there. The key was found in a niche of the driver’s door, with the lid raised itself after unlocking the lock. Wow, there is a servo drive? But no, just a fairly strong spring.

Cargo capacity
506 l

Such equipment have Emgrand GT (which in China is called GC9) really is, but in Russia it will not be delivered, so that the trunk will have to close by its own muscle. Under the hood is found 506 liters of usable volume, and quite intricate shapes. However, jutting into the housings of the wheel arches are given to some form of parallelepipeds, so that even after putting in the central part of several solid luggage, you will have a lot of space for a variety of raspihivaniya details.

Under the raised floor hides a set of tools and a full-size spare tire. By the way, raised floor handle is both a kind of hook that can catch the seal opening, fixing the panel in the upper position. Another indication that Chinese manufacturers have begun to attach importance to detail. After all, the devil, as we know, is in the details …

This sense of merit is when you occupy the driver’s seat and start to explore the cabin equipment. Doors pleasantly heavy and massive. Closers on them not, yet Emgrand GT does not claim to premium status, but they are closed gently, without unpleasant tinny sound than ever sinned many Chinese cars. Further more.

Where are you, where?

Where soap hard plastic with a phenolic odor? Where cheap Woodgrain in quantities exceeding the imagination? The decoration prevails quality soft polymer from which the made and sill units, and interior doors, and front panel. Soft onions used only in relatively small elements. While the side panels of the central console, I would just make a soft, because there are the knees of the driver and front passenger.

All seats are upholstered in perforated leather and fitted with a heating and ventilation. The only thing – I do not guarantee that the skin that once ran on four legs with hooves. Manufacturer attention to this issue as something not sharpens, and the word “natural” is not used. But even if used in the interior Artificial materials, big trouble in this, I do not see. “Faux” is not averse to some premium brands, will not point the finger.

Dear, you are comfortable?

Naturally, the driver’s seat and front passenger are equipped with actuators, the passenger seat has duplicate keys: Based on the pillows and on the left side of the back. Why is this done? But imagine that you are behind the wheel, on the back seat you – very important passengers, and the right – none. And you want to move the right front seat forward to the passenger to get comfortable.

In Emgrand GT it can be done without leaving the driver’s seat, and even on the go. Moreover, the chair of this very important passengers and have their own actuators, which control buttons are located on the right rear door. Prior to this, with servo-drives the rear row of seats I have encountered only in the luxury car class …

With regard to the seat profile, for its evaluation need to travel by car a little longer. I remember that at one time in a long trip to the Great Wall Hover, whose seat at first seemed to me quite comfortable, lower back began to express their weighty “fi” is only three hours later. But the length of Emgrand GT driver’s seat cushion seemed still insufficient. Well, I do not like when a hip hang in the air, and I had to move the seat to the rearmost position. And what about those who have more of my height 182 cm?

But on the back sofa “itself for an” I put all without any problems, and between my knees and the front seat backrest width minimum space left palm.

Designers generally good taken care of comfort of rear passengers. At their disposal and own remote climate control, and their points of light on the ceiling, and two USB sockets for charging mobile devices, and the shutter rear window with electric drive, and a general feeling of expensive interior creates a trim front seats inserts under a tree with metal edging, repeating design of the front panel.

Pince-nez, I know you!

Now, let’s deal with the government. Let’s start with the steering wheel. It is covered with leather and has a great cross-section, although I personally did nodules would still be a little less. The peculiar shape with cut-off, like steering wheels of cars of Formula 1, the lower segment attached to “donut” very sporty look. However, in this configuration, there is a purely practical sense: the wheel is quite large, and due to this is not a cut-off segment shorkatsya and does not touch the knees. However, when you turn on a large contact angle with your feet is inevitable, and you have a few column lift or lower the seat down. Alas, with the ride up hands up a little higher than we would like.

Fuel consumption

Leather, of course, multi-function (although this is now no surprise): Left bank of keys is responsible for managing the active cruise control, allowing you to set both the speed and the distance to the front walking machine, and the right – for the media system management.

Before my eyes – a rigorous combination of instruments with black dials of the speedometer and tachometer in matte satin edging. These two kruglyasha as bow eyeglasses, connects the same brushed metal strap, and as the nose appears very high quality and well-read color information display. It looks strict, and as Europeans, but I immediately had the feeling that somewhere I have something like that already seen. Similarly, devices similar to the ones that are on my the Freelander, but the “nez configuration” is used in the instrument cluster Subaru XV!

And no “Chinese blue color music”: in the dark lights pale orange lights. The same lights used in the sidewalls of the door, and when you open them on the threshold lights orange inscription of Geely, and the ground under the door is projected company emblem.

Starting point ? driver

Tank capacity
70 l

Another key element of the “car driver” interface is a projection display. He turned on a separate button on the left of the steering wheel and the windshield displays your current speed and navigation prompts. As far as these tips are informative, I was able to evaluate not: I became acquainted with the very car that graced the exhibition hall of “Crocus Expo”, and the navigation system, as well as the system of access to the Internet were disabled.

But what really counts is the fact that next to the power button on the projection found a key that allows you to change the position of the image on the windshield, fitting it to your height and seat height settings. I have two cars (and much higher class) had to do the reverse process, ie to adapt to the HUD, knocking ergonomics. Maybe there is the position of the image can be changed, but this possibility has been put away somewhere in the depths of the settings.

According to aerospace standards

Finally, the media system G-NetLink c 8 “screen, navigation and wireless mobile connection interface. It is clear that the contents of the screen can be arranged in any style and color, but in this case the design is clearly customized for European tastes. Eastern Flowery it does not even smell.

Drive unit

And I have a feeling that develops system engineers used to work in any major aviation corporations, say, AVIC International. It is in the aerospace industry as a standard adopted repeated duplication and G-NetLink management can be implemented in at least three ways: touching your fingers to the screen (and the screen, as in decent plates, understands multitouch) by pressing the front panel buttons and using washer controller on the transmission tunnel (with their own buttons and keys, which do not need to stretch).

Pleased that among them is the “Back” button and the “Home”. There are also some buttons to activate these or other electronic helpers driver: active cruise control, blind spot monitoring, motion control on the strip and automatic parking. Well and high quality sound speaker system ensures well-known brand with a 11-speaker Infinity. By the way, facing speakers also have a pattern in the form of ornament “Infinity”. Symbolically and very Chinese, does not it?

By the controller washer adjacent two-folding armrest box. Honestly, I do not really like that kind of access scheme, at least in the case of BMW, although the Mercedes, though Geely. It turns out that the use of boxing equally uncomfortable both driver and passenger. A use is necessary, because inside the box located USB jack, AUX and 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. However, cigarette lighter and ashtray as such in the vehicle no. Under the curtain on the hidden tunnel only two cupholders.

Finishing the story about the cabin, not to mention the panoramic roof with the hatch. The top buttons and key unit in charge of managing the hatch completes the large container for light-shielding glasses.

Attention to the light

As already mentioned, the sales will start only by the end of the year, so the trade of cars at the Russian office of Geely yet. The one instance that we test on public roads can not be output, so we’ll just have to ride aggressively Parking.

Strongly not be dispersed, but even a very sharp high-speed maneuvers Emgrand GT performs predictably, adequately responding to the actions of the steering wheel and the gas pedal and well adhering to the intended trajectory you. The whole suspension (front of the car – double A-arm, rear – multi-link circuit) gives the impression of a very dense and tightly knit. Short “speed bumps” to overcome the car pretty hard shaking the contents of the cabin, but the power consumption of the suspension was sufficient to breakdown and is not reached.

I did not notice I was excessively delay when you press the gas pedal. Apparently, the main merit of this issue should be given a high torque (250 Nm all the same – not your Chinese soup “Wonton” eat!), That 163-hp turbo engine is capable of producing a wide range from 1500 to 4500 rpm. Favorable impression left and soundproofing.

Some doubt inspires a ground clearance of 130 mm. In our conditions, it would be nice to have a supply of space under the belly of at least a couple of centimeters longer.


Well, you can sum up the results … The new flagship Geely uniquely successful, and no less clear was the evidence of the brand transition to a new, higher level. I am sure that when the New Year will be a car in the hands of journalists, many write sacramental words: “forget everything you know about the Chinese cars.”

Geely Emgrand GT
Brief specifications:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
4956? 1861? 1 513
JLE-4G18TD, L4 Gasoline Turbocharged
163 l. from.
automatic, six-speed
Maximum speed:
210 km / h
130 mm

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