Test Drive DS4 Crossback 2,0 HDi

DS4 Crossback – the last thing that prompted DS sub-brand luxury for the Russian market. All have already reconciled that with the loss of maternal emblem restyled DS4 formally distanced himself from Citroen. It is a pity that it is much stronger than he distanced himself from the buyer. Despite the fact that since 2010, “DeEsov” around the world have implemented more than half a million pieces, one of Moscow’s dealerships over the last month we have not sold a single Krossbeka. What’s the matter?

H e took a week to as long as I slammed the door Citroen C4 sedan, and here already and conditional off-road version of the DS4 – Crossback «hoof beats” … At first glance, the mere mention of the ordinary model about “premium” story, to whom considered the DS, looks incorrect, but there is another explanation. However, in the distant 60th French for some reason did not hesitate identical chevrons on both the trunk lid “goddess» DS, and the grille unpretentious 2CV.

Whatever it was, but “premium” – is not only a stunning design and modern technology. It is a concept with its philosophy and its followers, who nurtured for years, if not decades. It is, finally, breed, polished by time and several generations.

Unaware of all this, and not being familiar with the Citroen lineup, I would, of course, took DS4 Crossback a revelation. But the experience that the camel humps – is not reset.

Oddly silsya prove yourself otherwise, but the efforts of the former Renault designer Thierry Metroz maximum move away from the base image Cirtoen C4 special failed. While it is recognized that in the case of C5 and the DS5, made on the same platform PF II, and that the DS4, the metamorphosis was a success.

But all this is not a reason to take a nail and scribble on board Crossback name Thierry with some offensive postscript. The car, whose design details autoND already considered – catchy and provocative, but still looked like a hatch dvuhshevronny C4, as it is not perelitsovyvat. However, it would be very few people confused, if not for the price … But, as is seen, and not only.

Miracles perception

If I found myself in the cabin after the C4 sedan “Krossbeka” I would have been happy. “It is necessary, and in fact the front panel in this middling – like a” premium “, and it costs almost half as much …” – something like that I would write.

But it turned out the opposite. The familiar “dashboard” and the steering wheel in the DS4 Crossback, to put it mildly, surprised. Of course, in view of an authentic interior with black ceiling upholstery and door configuration, the panoramic windscreen with sliding sun visors and a compact, well-shaped seats Alcantara / leather / fabric, the panel looks good.

But the psychological factor that the winner of the “premium” divides the interface with the owner of the car several ranks below, will not do. Even with a new multimedia system with the functions of the onboard computer and the 7 “touchscreen.

Here connoisseurs and gourmands will argue that the “plebeian” elements of the interior play about brands and abruptly (take the Bentley Flying Spur with a head unit, both the Skoda Octavia), but in the French hechtbeke is downright striking.

Figures or emotions?

cost of
from 1.765 million rubles

DS4 in the most expensive equipment Crossback 2 175 thousand. Rubles with a 180-horsepower 2.0-liter turbodiesel was deprived of keyless entry and push button start starter, ranking in the mandatory free options, as well as a rear-view camera and electric front seats, offered as pay-dopa. To adjust the longitudinal position of the seat – metal bracket under it, for the correction back angle – “krutilki” (before it has to get it!), To adjust the height – foot. The seat is comfortable, no doubt, maybe too soft. But without adjustment on the flight pillows that afflicts.

DS4 Crossback 2,0 HDi
Fuel consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l5.3 3.9 4.4

Confused and what mezhkreselny armrest covered with plastic and folding armrest rear row backrest though pleased Alcantara, but could not boast of any coasters or strap for removal.

However, the fuel door for long-length provided – skiing through prolezut guaranteed. Unlike a pair of sofa passengers, whose growth is, in the case of comfortable accommodation, should not be off scale of 175 cm, it will not close. Talking about the benefits of “Deaf” windows and doors when available, though small, it hardly makes sense.

Leather seat trim was also optional. The most unpretentious – 82 thousand rubles, “premium” -. 185 000. Ennoble car options mentioned in the Online-calculator, I have virtually ruined another one – an integrated finishing salon – complete skin tight all panels for 110 thousand rubles.. The total amount of the DS4 has increased to 2535 thousand. Rubles. Okay, so be it, but then do not spend one more experiment. Choosing as a rival Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI S tronic, I stuffed it almost dopami all those who have and Crossback. It turned out 2,297,705 rubles …

But Audi is still not a crossover, not even pretending to be add-on (which is important for the consumer). And he become boring. A feature elevated DS4 Crossback «raisins” – as in a festive, sweet pilaf. With the storage element he all right from included in the cost of LED lights with the “correct” the radiators under the hood to the rear bumper falshnakladki with simulated two exhaust pipes. Do not repeat the sin, as well as the fact that the most powerful diesel engine “Krossbeka” was able to impress from the first seconds.

DW family of engines has appeared already in 1998, to modernize more than once and survived several generations. Option for the DS4 is known as the DW10 FC 2014 model year, the 180 or BLUEHDI translated into the language of the marketing. 16 klapannik with variable turbine geometry and Common Rail direct injection 2-generation complies with Euro-6. By the way, to the creation of the first DW10 a hand and Ford, but if you dig, the engine is found not only on the various models and the Peugeot Citroen, but also Ford and Volvo.

DS4 Crossback 2,0 HDi
Brief specifications:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
4284 x 1810 x 1535
180 l. from.
A six-speed, automatic
Maximum speed:
212 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h:
Drive unit:
On front-wheel drive

The only complaint about the DW10 FC – a fair amount of noise and vibration across the rev range. Despite the fact that on passport data of the maximum torque of 400 Nm is reached only at 2000 rev / min, the subjective excitement of starting felt almost since pressing the accelerator. Familiar, again, according to a six-speed automatic gearbox C4 sedan Aisin TF70SC (for sitroenovskoy classification – EAT-6), works as a watch. Spore shifts gears and supports power saving mode in which the tachometer readings are held in the region of 1800 rpm.

But in order to “shoot” a slip and inevitably leads away toward the front, do not need to press down the gas, as a debtor collector, and even include a sports mode. Just press a little harder than usual – and lots of fun guaranteed.

It helps him and superbly tuned steering wheel elektrogidrousilitelem. 2.75 turns from lock to lock – just a class. It is hard and very sensitive, comparable to what we have to “rabid” Hatch Opel Astra OPC or Mazda3 MPS.

But the thrill of acceleration and the momentum to instant good braking on the line. Trying to pass quickly a sharp turn immediately followed by Gone stern and timely intervention of the electronic stability. Even at the speed it is legitimate. Why would so maybe is not the low-profile tires to blame? In part, yes, but not only.

The benefits of spying

A couple of extra spots on the jeans are satisfied curiosity. Stated ground clearance “Krossbeka” 200 mm is sufficient to crawl under the bottom and look at the rear suspension. Some tricky mnogoryichazhka? Certainly not … Semi, spring torsion beam. The specification for the UK mentioned the independent trailing arms, which really is, but the fact they do not change the structure. The new trend of French “premium” for the high-power motors or I’m completely behind the times?

Nevertheless, such a revelation made once again to bypass the car around and climb wherever possible. The remarkable design rear optics, pleasing the eye bright light LED position lamps, incandescent bulbs were found trivial stoplights … On the one hand, it is logical: burned out – replace – a matter of minutes. But beautiful it? But in the trunk with underfloor’s hidden dokatka found stylish rechargeable flashlights, not even included in the list of standard equipment, as opposed to the inscription «Crossback» on the trunk.

Once again convinced that the wide-open back door in their appearance, mastihinopodobnym edge immediately of any intruder. And here is the one closest to the door pillar, carefully plastered with a rubber band that holds the dust and dirt. At the rear of the rack rests on the inner contour of the closed front door. Simple and original.

With an invention designed and bonnet. Based on weight, it is aluminum, the thrust lever is located to support the same therein, rather than in the engine compartment. But it is better to know in advance, rather than in the open field at nightfall. In general, read the instructions and learn materiel.


No offense to the DS4 Crossback I do not have, and I say goodbye to this incredibly contradictory and childish gambling “French” with some regret. Ah, if my way is not caught C4 sedan, if all roads were straight, if I did not think the money …

You will enjoy DS4 Crossback 2,0 HDi, if:

  • German cars are boring for you;
  • To drag Racing and outings for the city you are using one car;
  • You are a dedicated nonconformist.

You do not like the DS4 Crossback 2,0 HDi, if:

  • When buying a car you’re thinking about her residual value;
  • Your children have already grown up;
  • You are not alien to the engineering principle.

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