If no peer, then certainly sir test-drive Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Convertible 310 thousand rubles more expensive than the most expensive of the “Ewoks”. It is slower and more dispersed “lapping” gasoline. But how damn good this English “opener”!

Smells and sounds

In almost complete silence on the asphalt joints creak a little-pillar. But this is not a cheap plastic creaking or dull metal, no! The sound is accompanied by the wonderful smell of expensive leather and evokes associations of which he has never happened there. I see myself as the owner of the estate in any county of the C-something-there-wide – shoes bought for crazy money in the exclusive London store leather riding boots, saddles nice horse pure blood, releasing a pack of nice dogs breed Great Dane and leave on fox hunting. “Looks like rain, sir. Where do we go? “Yes anywhere, the devil take me with all the giblets!

Back in the fifties of the last century, when the body most of the cars have become closed, the English, faithful to his habit to be original in everything, said: “Even if there will be one sunny day of the year, it is worth buying a convertible!” So do not be surprised appearance Evoque with descending roof. A better remember that his great-grandfather, the very first of the Land Rover, was also equipped with a soft fabric top. As, however, all of the then-road started to military, farmers, loggers and other brutal guys churned mud on them in the fields, jungles, savannahs and on the fronts.

Find ten differences

The current Range Rover Evoque Convertible, of course, is quite different and is quite another. For originally created on the basis of a three-door coupe closed body (remember, the Evoque can be a five-door). But if 70 years ago, open cars were lighter closed, but now the opposite is true – they are heavier. Because then the engineers are not particularly bother any security or drivability. Today – is another matter.

If a conventional occupant compartment in the event of a coup protect durable frame, how to protect the inhabitants of trouble gig? It is necessary to fully enhance the front of the roof rack and rear do pull – and they appear to light in a matter of moments (in this case 90 milliseconds), as soon as the sensor will know the electronic system that the angle of the cross-inclination exceeded 35 degrees, and thus, there was a danger of overturning. But all this is pretty clever equipment weighs!

Trying to reduce the increase in mass, the British engineers have chosen not hardtop and soft fabric top.

Advantages of this design exceptional versatility, allowing us to keep the recognizable contours of the compartment, and light weight

But despite the fact that “below the belt” convertible seems almost indistinguishable from the coupe, engineers had to significantly upgrade the body behind the front door to accommodate the roof mechanism. Changed the top of the rear fenders, brand new boot lid spoiler optimizes the aerodynamics and the lights need to repack the existing coupe Webasto developed by the specialists of the soft top.

In addition, open body worse in terms of handling: due to the absence of the roof and door frames of its torsional strength below that reduces the maximum speed cornering. So, to keep the driving characteristics of the original model, the design has to be strengthened, which in turn further increases the weight of the machine. It turns out that the Evoque Covertible more than three hundredweight heavier than the same three-door Evoque Coupe.

It is understood that the speed of the machine, equipped with a 240 horsepower gasoline engine, of 8 km / h lower it accelerates up to hundreds a second slower and consumes fuel more than 0.8 liters. This average. And if you raise the roof, consumption has to increase: because of deteriorating aerodynamics and work harder conditioner …

Range Rover Evoque Convertible
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l11.4 7 8.6

Hat off!

Prices from
4,223,000 rubles

All this, of course. But I assure you, driving Evoque Covertible you forget to think about such tedious matters as the second and liters! I, for example, even the sun did not need – just waited until the speed of the car (fortunately, the figures are projected onto the windshield) approached 30, I pressed the button that obligingly settled under my right hand beneath the armrest. Glass and central pillar almost silently crept down, then opened the locks on the windshield, and went back the dark ceiling, opening above me covered with clouds Moscow sky. In such a moment, or, to be quite precise, in these 18 seconds, the main thing – do not exceed the speed of 48 km / h (if you go faster, the mechanism stops) and to monitor closely the neighbors downstream: borrowed free attraction to move out of the roof surrounding the drivers easily They may start to confuse the pedals.

What surprised me the most – when the roof neatly curled, nestled under the luggage compartment cover behind me – even though only eight plus overboard, I’m not cold. Slowly increasing the speed, I was trying to find a time when I would be uncomfortable in a convertible. But the maximum allowed in the city of 60 + 20 km / h this did not happen.

Cool – yes, but not cold, and the wind does not seek to make of my hairstyles explosion at the Pasta Factory. And that is we had fun without a deflector.

But in the trunk of the car kept a special collapsible contraption: set over the rear seats (if they are not busy, of course) a light tubular structure with a stretched her grid can be for a few seconds, and then in the cabin with raised side windows altogether comes peace and quiet, but God’s grace. And yet – there is an incredibly quiet: to talk to passers-by at a traffic light, you will have to open the window. And this, remember, when moved down the roof!

The visible world luxury

And wanting to look into the Evoque Convertible saloon there is plenty, I assure you. After all, the convertible is sold only in the most luxurious version of the HSE Dynamic. It is richly equipped – bi-xenon headlights, LED rear lights and daytime running lights, perforated “Oxford” leather all-electric (12 directions and memory) seats, interior lighting, the color of which can be changed at will, infotainment system InControl Touch Pro with the ability to connect to 3G networks, full-color 10.2-inch touchscreen and a hard disk of 60 GB.

Why are there only! Acoustics Meridian with a dozen speakers, digital signal processor and 660-watt amplifier, satellite navigation, parking camera … Salon decorated with the British restraint and at the same time leaves no doubt in the premium car class: the skin is well-made, stylish insert of brushed aluminum, and if plastic, the soft, pleasant to the touch. Chairs look sporty and really perfectly hold the body in the corners, but even in a long journey turned out to be surprisingly comfortable.

In short, it is a small “Range” but real “Range”! And like a cherry on the cake – in the dark, the lamp located in the side mirrors, illuminate the area in front doors, drawing on the pavement silhouette Evoque Convertible. However, if you wish, you can make the car more comfortable and luxurious: adaptive headlights, seat with 14 adjustments and massage packages exterior and interior trim and more – would be money!

Nonsense rain!

But in any case, you get a strictly four-seater saloon – instead of the back of the sofa convertible in two separate seats with an armrest between them – and modest trunk to 251 liters of storage space. However, all these quarter of a cube will remain at your disposal for any position of the roof. In addition, “Kubrick” inherited the family’s quality of “Ewoks” – very good for the “SUV” continuity, powerful clockwork motor and driving quality gambling.

British engineers are pretty “conjured” over the design of the monocoque and chassis fine-tuning in order to minimize the consequences of the fact that the Evoque lost roofs. Sturdy steel beams in the doors, stiffer anti-roll bars, migrated characteristics of the springs, suspension shock absorbers, electric power steering and an electronic system that helps the driver to cope with the demolition, podtormazhivaya outer wheels in hard cornering, make the character gig as lively, interesting, like the three-door and five-door car.

Yes, of course, at the Evoque Convertible has flaws as small – for example, I’m only using the instructions managed to turn on the radio, so clever was InControl Touch Pro, – and more important, including the voracious engine (on average I got 13 liters “hundred”) and a small trunk. And imagine that they can do to defenseless soft-roof your handsome British armed some sharp object m-th-th … people who have just painted the ugly scrawl the elevator …

Do not forget the three hundred thousand, to be added to the price of the most expensive “Ewok” to buy a convertible. Four and a quarter of a million rubles – but! For such denzhischi possible 200 minutes to take the Land Cruiser – and remain still.

But no other car will not give you such a wonderful feeling: get behind the wheel, listening, on the roof, the fabric is treated with a special sound-absorbing structure, soft, comfortable rustling autumn rain, and imagine yourself if not a peer, it just Sir. It’s not just a car, it is not only the first Range Rover brand convertible and it’s not even so much the first real season “Kubrick” is proud to say its creators. First Evoque Convertible – a symbol of a successful life deeply.

Travelling in an open car – a real British tradition. For us it started 68 years ago when we released the first Land Rover. We have experienced convertible all-terrain along the same standards as any other Land Rover, and even in something in excess of these standards. chassis amplifiers specially designed taking into account maintaining high ride height, comparable to conventional Evoque

Range Rover Evoque Convertible
Brief specifications:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
4370 x 1980 x 1 609
240 hp
automatic 9 steps
Maximum speed:
209 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h:
8.6 with

When we first showed a concept Evoque Convertible, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. It remained to take the next logical step – to move innovative concept into a reality, and a clear design strategy has helped to keep the character of the Evoque. As a result, we hope to attract new customers to our popular brand

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