Hello Robot: Test drive Toyota Camry Exclusive

You can surprise Toyota Camry? It’s all like to think that fifty accountant Arkadiy Antonov from the neighboring apartment is also able to have something to surprise. But once he was going out into the air, waving imposingly top-end smartphone and the latest model to cope with you, where they can download the app for your corporate fitness tracker, and at the same time what sites you surf during the day. And you abruptly stop thinking that he had in his pockets naphthalene, and in the ears prospirtovannaya fleece. And you do not even funny. You fit and looking respectfully sighted squint in his gray eyes as road dust, show him where the app store, which browser is best to download and where to look jams on the way to work. And after a long look out the window at his receding profile, and think, yes, perhaps, in life there is always a new way.


Mr. Lavna epithet against the Camry, which occupies at least 30% of parking spaces srednestatistichskogo the business center or the district administration – “popular”. And all this is possible to finish, but I must say a few words about restyling. Especially since he brought the light of the Camry identity, which was not without a chrome strip, which cuts back optics and brilliant flourishes on the front bumper. Has the car more interesting? Definitely. Did he become brighter? Not at all.

In fact, with the Camry’s all settled long ago: it is the machine, which should dream of everyone who did not so long ago, wearing a jacket and zaguglit what cufflinks. Moreover, it is very successfully cope with this role. However, today we face the bright spot, which is intended to bring to light a measured course of events zhivinku.

I heartily urge you: if you buy a Camry – please buy it so: white with brown interior. Well, or at worst, a dark blue. It’s true style. And you’ll kill two birds at once: it will be the biggest Japanese sedan that will be your ticket to a desired society, but he would not condone the dominance of black and gray cars on the road. And you’re probably pass for a man interesting and even a little unusual.

But now it’s time to clarify: what are we actually came here? Not for the same car, which sold for a couple of years in its current form … Yes and no: the outside it will be interesting only Exclusive nameplate on the trunk lid so the new black and polished wheels. However, both the first and the second – a piece is not the key. The main innovations are waiting for us inside.


Here we were met exactly the brown color that is so well combined with white metallic body. “Ode to the brown”, of course, is partly subjective, but the essence lies in the fact that the finish is also included in the word “the Exclusive” that we read out. The tone, though potentially lightish for black (yes, we have yet to be realistic) exterior, but the interior, he is benefiting: in this way you can pay attention to the little things like stitching and seat headrests unbanal form. Nonsense, on the one hand – but if you’re a visual, any potential for other stuff can be a joy for you.

However, if the color of seats – net vkusovschina, the main innovation of the interior of ambiguity does not inspire. The central console in the Camry crowned 10-inch touchscreen of the new multimedia system based on Android, to which you have become accustomed for hundreds of hours of use. Well, hello, a robot (yes, that’s about it in the title, and not about the robotized transmission, which was not there). Let’s get acquainted.

Price Toyota Camry Exclusive
price from
from 1.669 million rubles

The emergence of these media devices in the automotive world, in fact, is gaining momentum. Already it is clear that from the unassumingly “recorder” on its own software and disparate options navigation services progress leads us to unification on the basis of the most popular operating system, but that the pace of implementation of the system is poor. However, a positive trend is – that’s because it is, in front of his eyes.

Eyes are pleased such an approach: ten inches is enough to ensure that in the navigator map did not have to peer, and touch the icons do not need to aim with your finger was concentrated. The screen itself, apart of a good size and a decent resolution, and more matte – minimum glare and touch to his personality and views from the different parties perceive favorably.

Tank capacity
70 l

Tutu special napkins, of course, must take its place in the glove compartment – but experience suggests that it will not be updated more often two or three times a year. The screen itself is, of course, is not a modern IPS and inverts the image when the vertical displacement of the eyes, but it is not as critical in the automotive usage scenarios, when the display itself is static, and the user’s eye movement is minimal. But it takes several simultaneous touches (multi-touch) and familiar gestures such as “pinch” to zoom in / zoom out on the map, or rotate an image with two fingers, and system performance allows you to use these features.

This head unit fit to promote the motto “only good news”: the start screen we met Navitel badge and preset services Yandex – browser, Navigator Store. This just says it all – and yet each of the items deserves special mention.

I confess, offline maps from Navitel I have not opened: the habit of using products from Yandex was stronger. Nevertheless, we should not forget the important details: their slots for SIM-card, and, respectively, and their own mobile Internet, the system does not – to connect to the network, you will need to distribute the internet from your phone or other device by arranging an access point Wi-Fi .

If the mobile traffic in such numbers for you – a luxury, it happens while roaming, or the opportunity to share the traffic is simply no, it Navitel will help: This mapping provides a preset off-map, not only throughout Russia but also neighboring countries like Kazakhstan and Belarus .

But is someone being able to get online with a car head unit, fail to take advantage of this opportunity? Rightly judged in the same way I always kept it in online: Yandex Navigator suggests the locations of all known speed cameras monitoring and operational loads information about traffic troubles, often offering faster routes and warning of traffic jams on the way. Well, heartwarming comments from the drivers, on-screen help brighten up the time spent on the road still.

However, after stopping the engine, or a hike in the gas station kiosk on the smartphone pairing and the head unit is better to check, reviving both screens: they are actively connected, we need only go to the settings and strictly look at the connection string. In addition, when paired smartphone offers open vehicle access to the photo gallery, and other internal data, which seems quite logical – a screen.

Yandex Browser – something that does not need additional representation. The very existence of a full-fledged mobile browser already looks like good news, but it is his “brand” and familiarity, and even more so tune in a positive way. The level of performance is comparable with smartphones pozaproshlogodney years ago, and this without any sarcasm, compliment: use functions can be obtained, scrolling and zooming of pages does not “hang” the system, and the speed progruzki elements seem limited exclusively powers granted to the mobile Internet.

Articles / Practice
FLAC in your hands! Is lossless-radio sound good?

Differences “sliced” Music from the “whole” for the introduction of the state of affairs start with the simplest reference that experts can safely skip audio formats … Most of us today listening to music on …

33863 eleven 29

Yandeks.Store – is, shall we say, the cherry on the cake functions. Nothing new in the app store too is not – is different again the fact of his presence. Now you can, waiting for her husband at the door, play casual toys, check the delivery status of the spare parts for its Yaris Exist in the application, and for longer trips to establish the habitual BlaBlaCar. Enthusiasts can try to search third-party player for playback of lossless-music geeks and, possibly, at all will find an outlet in the form of third-party installation .apk not from a shop – and even the potential they will not stop flashing. But we better believe that I did not say that. The main thing – none of the users will not have to worry that the battery of the main board devaysa sit down at the most inopportune moment.

Yes, by the way, about batteries: exaggerated rumors about the convenience of wireless charging scattered in front, we need only to purchase a set of smartphone, it supports and charging platforms for home and office. The Camry also has its own base for these purposes, and found an old hand Lumia 920 confirmed its convenience. The only nuance is that the “soft touch”, covering the charging pad, not “rubber”, and during sudden maneuvers phone still tries to move down under the driver’s seat. But the fact that the wireless alternative to «save» USB-port for flash with music or something else, can be fundamentally important point. Yes, the USB-port is only one, and therefore in the long journey will have to choose between charging your smartphone, from which “milked” the internet and listening to music from a flash drive – if, of course, do not combine these two things on the same device.

A few words should be said about the very basic functions of the new multimediyki: in addition to displaying photos and images, and it involves video, and data, except with a USB-carrier, can be regarded as normal and MicroSD-card and pass through the AUX-in. And again, pleased that even with the integration of a new large touch screen in the Toyota did not give him a “monopoly” – like it or not, and the physical keys on the sides of the screen allow much less distracted from the road when changing “player card”.

As usual, there were some in the interior and without a spoon of tar. For example, a block of keys on the left under a wheel bearing washer controls the headlights and turn off the stabilization system, mercilessly backlash – fortunately, without adding extraneous sounds in acoustic comfort. On the failure of a single USB-ports mentioned above, and the sliders enable the seat heating, located just above, do not have any “jaggies.” in this case, the adjustment is almost meaningless because grope blindly, how many millimeters turned a tiny wheel, it is simply impossible, and therefore heating, management in general, it comes down to “whisked all the way up, warmed up, and swung back.”

Rear passengers in our case at all were deprived of almost everything: offers a separate second-row heated seats and a couple of simple-duct. More and rear folding armrest added issues – all those who traveled in the gallery, as one coping: what is it such a listless, like a cucumber at the July heat? Should, say, to keep the horizontal position of the proud – and he falls limply on the seat. I calmly retorted, saying that well conceived, and your expectations – it’s your problem. But at the fifth time of doubt began to overtake even me …

In move

Tests course no fantastic facts about the Camry, of course, did not reveal – it is still a comfortable car for the daily commute. Perhaps the only revelation can be considered a suspension, which surprised elasticity – expectations were softer and rolls. In reality, the “double McPherson” works without excessive shaking, but still gives you to understand where you are, sir, skidded, if you are coming by removing a piece of the road somewhere near Penza. This, by the way, is considered as rather a plus: the elasticity avoid unnecessary build-up, and a large sedan is not filled up in the corners on the side, and when braking is not threatened bumper touch the ground. On the Camry is even possible to go fast – provided that it is not necessary to be the fastest when others the same problem.

For the Exclusive version is offered only an “average” of the motor line – familiar to us all previous test-drive 2.5-liter 2AR-FE, an outstanding 181 liters. from. and lighted the rating of reliability.

It comes with a steady pick-up of thousands of three and a half, and maximum torque of 231 Nm is available at 4100 rev / min. By the way, even with a six-speed “automatic” can be made to go faster Camry: just switch to the manual mode and is forced to keep the momentum in the upper range.

Of course, neither of which “fair” Hold transmission at any speed out of the question: box tucks the next level, just sensing the approach of the tachometer needle in the red zone – just on this and you can play, getting constant maximum traction under the gas pedal if necessary, but without suffering from “stritreyserskimi” switching “from the cutoff.” Getting used in this case have only to roar of the engine, which, however, makes itself felt only at high speeds is quite unobtrusive and pleasant even by the standards of inline fours sound.

Toyota Camry Exclusive
Brief specifications:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
4850 x 1825 x 1480
Automatic, 6-speed
181 l. from.
Maximum speed:
210 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h:

Noise isolation can generally be called optimal: no obvious mistakes that lead to think that somewhere forgot to put a sheet or two, no. Even the insulation wheel arches, often lame in “Japanese” on both legs here in the framework of decency – and only when the arch inside starts to fly, for example, leave for 90 km / h, the wheels of the dirt from the roadside ditch, you can hear the slapping. Little things like the tires or the whistle of the wind noise in the large mirrors do not bother at all.

Cargo capacity
506 l

The atmospheric engine, of course, not promises fuel economy records – but leaves the Camry in the bounds of decency. In the urban cycle, you can try to gain a foothold in the framework of 10-11 liters, pardonable polutoratonnoy car. Check on the highway in the missionary-position of a pensioner’s feet on the gas pedal even brought the figure of 7 liters per “hundred” – provided that helps you go cruise control, and you do not worry as the great-grandfather of the Buddha. But the real figure is the combined rate is still close to 9-10 liters per 100 km – so you can not torture yourself, the right word.

Toyota Camry Exclusive
Declared consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l11 5.9 7.8

As a result

As a result, we again received a “cocktail of successful vehicle for the successful man” – but now this cocktail can definitely rasprobovat and target audience under the age of 30 years.

The combination of style “chips” and new multimediyki in the Exclusive version and the truth leaves a favorable impression – and, most importantly, gives way to popular Camry touch of novelty. By the way, what’s the exclusivity that? Why is this version indiscreet name? There is another interesting detail: at Toyota say that Russia has become the first market where the Camry is offered for such an advanced system based on Android. This, of course, a trifle – but nice: not the fact that “there is no such neighbors”, but simply by the fact of the desire to keep up with the times and responsiveness to the needs of the target audience. And there, staring, after three to five years, and “iron” will be tightened, and the screen will not yield the best examples of wearable art. Present Exclusive can be profitable to sell – and pampered yet another gadget. The main thing – to find the 1.67 million today. And tomorrow will be tomorrow – Arkadiy Antonov will not lie.

You will enjoy Toyota Camry Exclusive, if:

  • Do you love gadgets;
  • I enjoy stylish color combinations;
  • Toyota Camry – it’s not too boring, subject to the first two conditions.

You do not like the Toyota Camry Exclusive, if:

  • Gadgets in the car for you – the extra pawns;
  • Brown interior – this is not serious;
  • Inability to select a top three-liter V6 covers all other virtues.

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