Grandfather without age: Test drive Skoda Yeti Monte-Carlo:

How is it that road fate similar to human … If you were always in sight and hearing, it is a good chance that before going on a holiday chest decorate one or two brilliant Service Ribbon, mouth – brand new plastic prosthesis, and the wall of the dwelling – front photo. It would be better, of course, free prescription for the elixir of youth, but who become generous, even if you call the Yeti …

He lived a happy life

With AMO Czech SUV name at birth in 2009 dispelled the chance of elegant design and chic, but has given hope for something unusual. Of course, who would raise Volkswagen Tiguan so Audi Q3 domestic rivals, despite the fact that the cars shared a common platform PQ35?

During the seven years of release, starting in 2009, a compact crossover Skoda Yeti has experienced only one restyled in 2013. Inherited stylistic features "Shkodovsky" the Roomster and Fabia themselves, and not corrected, as well as pricing, designed for customers who prefer a specific "go" fancy "checkered." And why, in fact, if in 2010 the Czechs have implemented all over the world 52 550 copies of the SUV and up to 2015 Yeti multiplied with the intensity of almost a hundred thousand cars annually …

Skoda Yeti Monte-Carlo
Length mm Width Height mm

4222 1 793 1691

However, you want to be in the VW team – play by the rules. In 2017, the Yeti will be released in the new generation, as part of a corporate-wide MQB architecture. And no matter how old it was not popular – the only thing he can offer under the curtain – a special packaging with shiny "planochki Order's" spoilers and body kit. For example, Monte-Carlo.

Age is not an obstacle fashion

Cost Skoda Yeti Monte-Carlo
1,472,000 rubles

Not bad, really bad happened! Is that a little "box" form to give Yeti brainchild of the past decade. Cherry-colored body with a black body kit, roof and alloy wheels 17 "Origami – almost perfect color combination. But that's about the scorching summer sun, hardly anyone thought of the designers. The July Monte Carlo? Here it is you! But before the special stages, sorry, which is famous for the famous rally stage, we have not yet arrived.

In reality, things are not so scary. Dive in a sauna-like interior, start the engine and include dual-zone climate control – a snap. Another three minutes admiring the exterior with thoughts about how difficult will be in SU glossy plastic sill, spoiler bumpers and radiator, protected by a grille, through which a sparrow and fly … and you can go.

In fact, the version of the Monte-Carlo is a top, or near the top, stylized sport. Order can be any of the offers for the Yeti combination of motors and gearboxes. In our case, under the hood is located 152-horsepower 1.8-liter TSI and a six-step "wet» DSG robot. Warning symbols in the form of a 4×4 on the selector gear selection indicates that the three-spoke steering wheel with leather and red stitching is not just a decoration, but a management tool well suited for adventure vehicle.

And yet, in Monte Carlo in this heat too lazy to drag, even with the most powerful, not afraid of pathos, conditioner Climatronic. Do not the south of France, stop and suburban spaces, where special stages, taking into account the last rains, more than enough. The sloping, podraskisshee field on the bank of the Moskva River, a few kilometers from Rublevki – nearly Riviera neighborhood, except that without the sea.

Skoda Yeti Monte-Carlo
Maximum speed km / h Fuel tank capacity, l Acceleration from 0-100 km / h,

192 60 9.0

The Yeti Monte-Carlo a lot of the usual and familiar from the convertible, sliding in two planes, three-back sofa that turns into two, completely removable if necessary, customized chairs, to the front and nine airbags. But there are many innovations – for example, the front seats.

Buckets not call them, but relief lateral support to the pelvic and back peremptorily pleasing to the eye. Black-and-red color scheme is also good, but when it comes to regulations, it turns out that the passenger seat can be moved in height. It is necessary, as a precaution! But then begins the story of a series of "do not believe your eyes – feel the spinal cord." Fully synthetic upholstery is extremely impractical in the heat. A few minutes away, and the clothes, pressed to the chairs, you can squeeze. When the car cost almost 1 500 000 rubles, why not become generous to Alcantara or even ventilation?

Really, I would have refused in their favor from the "Monte Carlo" carboxylic linings to "torpedo" and aluminum, sports, pedal. But multimedia complex Bolero with navigation and Bluetooth, would probably regretted. Device for a successful rarity, not counting the fact that the CD-section not as a class, and two slots for SD-card is not protected from dust and accidental "bailout." But the loss of firm "esdeshki" with the cards turn considerable cost. But navigation is working properly, even recognizing trehpaltsevye swipe across the screen to zoom.

Audio system with articulate, without problems, settings, and a pair of ports: USB, and the AUX, handed down the center console and the sound is quite juicy. Compound "androidfona" with Bluetooth occurred only after completed smart search for external devices. In reverse order the device did not want to mate. But Bolero without edits believed address book, call list, and even SMS. By the way, you can transfer via Bluetooth and music from your phone or music player.

More and more away from the capital city, I did not cease to experience pleasure; both on the instrument panel – graphically clear and without unnecessary information, and those units that provide an indication on it the necessary evidence from speed and speed up the engine oil temperature and azimuth. Well coordinated work of the motor and gearbox, careful handling of the accelerator – and now the average consumption figures fell from 11.6 to 7.9 liters. Slightly spurred the engine by turning the dial in the S DSG mode – and here it is, the dynamics in which protracted overtaking takes place without a shudder. However, all this, as well as the lack of "turbulence" in the corners of the body through the efforts of a fairly rigid suspension – is not new, but in the current surroundings perceived as a pleasant revelation.

Fuel consumption Skoda Yeti Monte-Carlo
liters per 100 km
Urban cycle l Extra Urban, l Combined cycle, l

10.6 6.8 7.9

With all-wheel drive – full drive!

I catch myself thinking that for trips to the country and kebabs in a separate version of the Yeti Outdoor, similar to the Track and Field VW Tiguan. Am I still hurried to the special stages? Far from it! A button «Off road» in its place, and thus help system during the descent / ascent, as well as to maintain a constant speed will be used in full.

For impromptu beach you need to drive a half kilometers along the lane, and then the stubble, but to begin to roll on the ground with asphalt, not ragged bottom. With the "geometry" and clearance from the Yeti as it was – a full order: short overhangs and 180 mm. Slowly walking in front of the tandem and combine my special stage ZiL adds extra poignancy. We crawl slowly, trust the automation, but stay between slimy ruts hard, especially in the corners. Haldex coupling is a fifth-generation periodically enters into operation, connecting the rear axle and not letting slide off course. But the steering wheel with flattened lower part of the back of the hand is not particularly Tumbleweed. But for long-legged driver growth under two meters, this design – a great benefit, as well as a decent distance from the head to the ceiling.

Suspicious squeaking on the bumps makes the stop. It seems that the meticulous, like foam from the friction on the glass, the sound is coming from everywhere. My surprise – more than the herd of goats, from nowhere who took on the road. Advanced search revealed, finally, high-power, or rather, just four. This rubber door seals, the rubbing of the openings on potholes. The last thing I expected such a dirty trick! Caught in the vaults of the silicone sponge slightly podmaslila situation – gum had missed the mark, but not heat creak in a couple of hours back parking lot. By the way, paint inspection body kit showed that its strength is decent, and the dirt is washed away even from the bottle with water, leaving no scratches.

Skoda Yeti Monte-Carlo
Brief specifications
1.8 l, TSI
152 hp
6-speed DSG robot
Drive unit:
Ground clearance:
180 mm
Trunk volume min / max:
405/1 760 liters

Of course, with the ability to perfectly navigate the sodden dirt road, and dotted with clumps field, I forgive all sins Yeti. In addition, it can be assumed that annoying creaking been a feature of a particular individual, most likely, is not collected in the Czech Republic. But in the darkness, highlighting the turning biksenon leaving, he cheerfully taxied on the tarmac and, brushing the dirt from the wheels turned into the high-spirited and obedient car, which was in the morning.

Perhaps the elixir of youth, the old man Yeti is not necessary in any way, but for the right gum he would say thank you. Norov in it as much as necessary – foot Horse and gallant gait even in the furrow, though wide, envy and many much younger competitors. It is a pity that the "bar", spoilers and other beauty of this car is hung so late. As the curtain.

You will enjoy Skoda Yeti Monte-Carlo, if:

  • You disguised "snow man";
  • Thirst for adventure suddenly takes possession of you;
  • On the way out of the theater you feel an urge to pick refrigerator.

You do not like the Skoda Yeti Monte-Carlo, if:

  • You will find a complete analogue for which the pay is much less;
  • You audiophile, strongly perceives the MP3-format;
  • You do not carry any with a sponge with silicone for cleaning footwear.

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