Golden Key: experience of owning a Cadillac Sedan de Ville

History of silver Cadillac Sedan De Ville ’89 so rich that Word does not have enough pages to describe it. He remembers the first dzhinsy- “varёnki” and crimson jackets, borsetku under his arm and “Gorky Park” in the cassette. Years fly, everything changes: fall unbreakable unions, on the TV show “Swan Lake”, the USSR becomes a criminal Russian, power grandfathers tanks, leather jackets and TT, a cooling back, then the denomination, a default, the millennium, the crises and the end of the world … And Cadillac – here it is, all the same long, silver and unflappable.


E involution American full-size – a curious thing. For example, Cadillac De Ville. Riot chrome, fins and fanciful lines of the sixties gradually disappeared, replaced by a square monumentalism and seventies partial breaking stereotypes in the eighties.

other ways of search under the pressure of European competition and the transition to the new platform has led to a drastic reduction in exterior dimensions. Compared with the predecessor groboobraznym sixth De Ville «shrunk” by almost 600 mm. Cadillac length of less than five meters – unheard of! However, four years later, the sedan stretched to the politically correct by the standards of the class 5210 mm.


Standing in front of me a silver monument of steel and glass and twenty-seven years of age – a legacy of the restyling. Family stodgy salon profile successfully smoothed the descending line of a long bonnet and sculpted arches. The coffin, a suitcase and other offensive nicknames for the Yankees – clearly not about him.

Proudly carrying on all the generic characteristics of the emblem on the hood to the vertical fin tail lights De Ville looks at the dynamic procedure is not only the precursor, but also an heir, once again returned to the “aesthetics of the suitcase.” The wealth of external decoration is not evident like indiscreet ancestors, but looking more closely, you realize that chromium is enough for a few “sevens” and the S-Class.


Welcome to the luxurious world of De Ville in exclusive design Gold Key. Only fifteen hundred honorable gentlemen honored to acquire in 1989 a sedan with the interior of the noble blue, it is advantageous to combine with panels of natural wood and metal accessories glitter. High-end models emphasize a set of gold-plated Ignition keys and cassette acceptance speech President John O. Grettenbergera Cadillac. In recognition of each customer provides a free support service for the first fifteen years of operation.

Do not you worry about the choice of options – all inclusive. About security will take care of ABS. Mirrors finally got the drive. For lovers of entertaining arithmetic fuel consumption is a trip computer. Do not be redundant temperature information behind and sunroof. Hearing music lover indulges cassette Symphony Sound Equalizer and advanced track search function. About such trifles as the abundance of lighter and an ashtray, you can not even worry. Concern is also seen in a garbage bucket, hidden at the feet of the front passenger, and make-up mirror with adjustable backlight levels. There is not even the most necessary for the vehicle in California specification heating of the left mirror.

Simple shapes interior generously flavored with stylish touches. «Cadillac» – says proudly metal die implanted into the right corner of the front panel. Wide door handles, or rather, handrails, finished with wood and metal, hidden flush with the door panels without disturbing the clean lines. The head of each seat is crowned wreath kadillakovskogo corporate emblem.

Enjoy the comfort of royal De Ville allowed the driver and five passengers. The presence of the neighbors does not affect the perception of Cadillac as the top grade liner. The atmosphere on the second row – what you like, but no car. The delicate skin, soft, almost Perino pack and a single headrest – waiting area in an expensive country club, not less.

In move

Old-fashioned style interior adjusts to the correct riding style. This de jure De Ville only three years older than the tenth Eldorado, on the move reminded me of the classic Mercedes 90th. Silver sedan – the ship of the same squadron as a couple Lincoln Continental, who first introduced me to the American automotive industry 70.

Ship sails away with dignity, a relative of the presidential limousine. Fellow De Ville on the platform C – giant Fleetwood 75 – served as the basis for the transportation of Ronald Reagan. Quietly whispering under the hood 4.5-liter V8 – not champion a force, only some 182 liters. from. But the torque of 332 Nm – at the then Bavarian “eights”.

Four-stage “automatic machine” comes in slowly. Family stalk “the poker” to retirement have little time: restyled version of the next generation will have outdoor European-style selector. It takes a good couple of seconds, and easy hitch at the start gives way to more than a certain acceleration. Solid torque, coupled with a small by American standards weight (curb weight of the Cadillac is comparable to that of the BMW E32) works wonders. It is necessary to go too far with the gas pedal, as a sedan, highly raised his nose begins to grind the wheels asphalt. Tamed the Cadillac, you’ll understand why fans of the Yankees cars can not live without their four-wheel suitcases. Comfortable ride regardless of the quality of road surface relaxes, setting up on peaceful way. Imposing landing, elbow exhibited in the window, head up proudly understood – how to be a king of the road?

Well, if it is straight as an arrow. on the move speed is not felt from the word at all. 20 or a maximum of 85 miles per hour – inside Cadillac quietly and serenely. Good noise reduction allows the ears to a full bubnezh V8. The rest of the sounds that are born with a body aerodynamics bricks remain behind. Grip brakes with optional ABS are of adequate feedback and easily upset Cadillac with any speed, but pecks during braking too high. Turns expected give rise to the majestic banks and the ship rocking. While I slip on the soft seat, deprived of lateral support, De Ville playfully winks at me indicator, perched at the top of the front wings as a sign of respect for the glorious ancestors.

Cadillac Sedan de Ville
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l25 15 18

But the comfort, luxury and style of the sixth De Ville was not enough, when in the late eighties and early nineties in the United States landed samurai troops in the face of Lexus LS400, Infiniti Q45 and the Acura Legend. Modern in appearance, armed to the teeth options zhelezobetonno reliable – the loyalty of the Americans to the gold standard of the domestic automobile industry has undergone a serious test. The answer was the seventh De Ville – but that’s another story.

purchase history

Silver De Ville 1989 of release in the maximum configuration Gold Key long expanses furrowed his homeland. A few months after the purchase with a range of 2000 miles, he was traded to the New York auction for 7000 dollars to the buyer from the Soviet Union.

Since then, the car was in the hands of one person, but in 1997, “American” was put on the joke. In those troubled times to ride on such a prominent car was fraught. For the daily commute was bought by a more modest avtobil and De Ville is practically not exploited until 2014. First he rolled the out of the garage in the garage, but gradually began to forget, as he eventually did not go wallow in the street.

The gap Cadillac gave Robert, son of the first owner. The memory of the machine on which he learned to drive, do not let him leave “American” to die.


The car wound up after 17 years of inactivity! It was enough just to replace the battery. However, the other good news was not enough. About service and timely maintenance of Cadillac, as well as any foreign-made cars in the years to say ridiculous. Died rear suspension – dampers welded shut. Another train. Stolen caps with wheels and moldingi- does not matter. Air conditioner stops working – what can you do, train with the windows open. And so in all. But not because the car did not like the owners – there was simply no specialists, no parts. Therefore De Ville fully learned all the charm of the Russian auto nineties.

Except still the original paintwork has been restored almost everything. Sieve, in which over the years has become the bottom, digested, simultaneously putting the new fuel tank. According to the motor replaced liners, rings and all attachments. Suspension for the first time since 1989, fully serviced. Restored ABS, air conditioner replaced. Refurbished seats, will draw the ceiling, back to the place of the lost parts of interior and numerous moldings and chrome exterior details.

The whole process took a year and a half. Half the time it took to find parts – and only original parts have been used. Now the car is as close to stock condition. Investments in the restoration of family heirlooms funds would have been enough to resuscitate a thoroughbred car oil.


The original mileage Cadillac – 60 000 miles, and after the restoration of the car managed to drive no more than 1 000 km. The main difficulty – find parts. For Americans, this generation of De Ville – just an old Rydvan, is of no value. And if you can find almost any item (a number of companies engaged in manufacturing parts for the original drawings) for the iconic muscle cars, the Cadillac with more complicated. An interesting feature: Some parts, such as light bulbs for modern GM models, suitable for yangtaymera.

Cadillac Sedan de Ville
Brief specifications
4.5 l
182 l. from.
AI 92
5,210 mm
60,000 miles


Now Cadillac is held run-in. Perhaps in the next 2 000-3 000 km the light will emerge some detail. For example, recently it revealed that proceeds hatch and requires replacing the engine control unit. Even at the time of writing, the car had to go through some fine-tuning: the body was carefully polished, air conditioning set. The steering wheel, up to this time tied with the skin, by installing wood inserts back in original condition.

model history

the sixth generation production De Ville, based on a company-wide platform C, launched in 1985 on the GM plant in Michigan. Relatives of the new sedan and coupe were models such as the Buick Electra, Buick Park Avenue and Oldsmobile 98. This compared favorably caddy presence V8 engine, available on soplatformennika.

The original version of “eight” volume of 4.1 liters, has evolved to 4.5 liters in 1987 and reached 4.9 liters in 1991. Exotic for American cars of those years of 4.3-liter diesel was only available in 1985. There was a sports version of the Touring, characterized uprated engine, stiffer suspension, steering and migrated outside decor. Transmission in any case – only a four “automatic”.

According to the American tradition, small changes in the design and packaging were added annually. After restyling in 1989 the car received an elongated base (2890 mm versus 2810 mm). Production of the sixth generation of De Ville lasted until 1993.

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