Gigantomania: only he and Maybach?

Obese officials, basketball players and fragile girls. Who is more suitable for a huge Genesis G90L?

It was necessary to make it even more! Play the giants until the end. A little more and this car could compete in the spaciousness of the cabin with the “Pullman” himself – a limousine, which is still preferred by the Russian president. But the “Korean” did not last long. And now the length competes only … with the Mercedes-Maybach.

But other competitors, conditional, of course, not even foreseen. The other versions-stretch marks of representative sedans of German brands are much shorter. Well, Maybach is almost 1.5 times more expensive. It turns out that there are no real rivals in their price niche (from six million rubles) at the largest “Genesis” at all.

It makes no sense to evaluate the G90L from the perspective of the driver – such cars are designed only for passengers. We only note that the old five-liter atmospheric, equipped with the G90 long-length gear, still seems preferable to the three-liter turbo engine that is offered for the basic (short) versions of the sedan. Yes, with it the car does not become more dynamic, despite the increase in volume and “horses”. But the “five liters” have absolutely straight thrust, and even the acceleration is perceived almost imperceptibly – an important plus for passengers in the rear seats. In our version there are two. Separated by a monumental decorative bridge, on which – and armrest, and gloveboxes, cup holders, and other important small things on the long road. Why in the long? Yes, because such long-version is justified only if the car replaces the passenger partially office, house, train and airplane. Rides, negotiations, traffic jams, and so on forever! When exhausted so that you want to turn the back seat into a bed, stretch out and fall asleep.

Why save on matches?

Until now, I remember how I once slept sweetly after a night flight to Dubai at the presidential seat in the Pullman, stretching out on a huge “deckchair.” Here is this snob in the world of cars – an unsurpassed virtuoso in creating the most relaxing environment. Maybach is also difficult to blame for lack of comfort. And how comfortable will the ottoman-chaise in the largest “Genesis”? By the way, this option is equipped with only the right rear seat. The passenger on the left is supposed to sleep “half-sitting”.

But both armchairs are as wide as possible – here the character with indecently excess weight will fit. In a word, a typical Russian middle-ranking official. All the excess fat folds will remain within the chair, you can even not doubt it. Well, if the passenger does not resemble a huge hamster, but only noticeably above average growth? The test is not needed: I did not even invite basketball players. After all, me, with a height of just over 180 cm, the ottoman seemed short: just wanted to stretch out on it, as the legs lost in confusion in the air. The first thought – I want in Maybach!

Well, is it possible to save on small things in such a machine! In a similar model ?! After all, not only the Asians have to sit on the back thrones. However, no – and slim girls of medium height ottoman was just right. As in it, no arrange, there is always a margin along the length. But they are not the target audience of this model … However, the girl managed to make a number of observations during her short acquaintance. They were surprised: why are the buttons on the center armrest different – partly aluminum, which are visually and tactilely perceived expensive and quality, and partly – from ordinary plastic. A strange solution, which is unlikely to enhance the atmosphere of the premium model. Or why there is no possibility under the mood to change the color of contour lighting – a function that is accessible even for cars by two classes below?

On the other hand, smooth running and noise insulation in the elongated “Genesis” is slightly better in comparison with the base sedan. Still, important arguments in favor of overpayment for the version with the designation L.

A little more, a little bit more

So, the Korean engineers are left quite a bit. Bring a huge limousine “to the mind.”

Here is the list of urgent improvements: increase the length of the ottoman (after all, the machine is not only for the Asian market), it is necessary to add a massage (at least three varieties), to improve noise insulation (mandatory element of the long version of the representative model), to put buttons and keys in order, pokoldovat with lighting in the cabin, come up with a couple of their branded chips …

And then, probably, the limousine will approach not only to girls-slender girls. But all the representatives of the target audience, including businessmen, who are more comfortable with comfort and convenience than conventional prestige and the opinions of others. We have such people in our country, no matter what they say. In the meantime, it’s a pity that a limousine, who could play the first and only violin in the free while the theater of giant giants at an affordable price, leaves a feeling of understatement. Though, for certain there will be those who will close on all lacks of an eye. The main thing is that there are plenty of places, nowhere and nothing “presses”. Basketball players with money? Let them buy Maybach …

Dmitry Barinov,

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Genesis G90L Specifications

Dimensions (length / width / height), cm

549.5 / 191.5 / 149.5

Wheelbase, cm


The equipped weight, kg



gasoline V8, 5038 cm³

Power, l. from. / rev / min.


Torque, Nm / rev / min.



8-speed automatic

Drive unit


Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from


Maximum speed, km / h


Combined fuel consumption, l / 100 km