Gemini-antipode: the first test drive of the Jaguar XF

The old joke from the world of mobile phones about two Samsung designers, one of which keeps the iPhone, and the other its outline, is now firmly entrenched in the automotive world. Not talking about the Chinese, who are without a twinge of conscience use the Pablo Picasso covenant “good artists copy, great artists steal,” you can safely look at the premium segment. Here you will meet, for example, sedans from Mercedes, which can only be distinguished with the help of roulette, and Audi, the difference which can be caught only by the type of body, and even then not always. Now they have one more fellow – the new Jaguar XF.

Widespread fame in narrow circles

Jaguar has never stood too apart – after all, the universal spirit of the “brand DNA”, which is present to everyone, did not bypass the Anglo-Indian conglomerate. The new XF finally erased the exterior border between itself and the more compact XE – they look as if they were born in one night, but sometimes one was mistakenly fed twice instead of the other. However, is it important?

Omitting all these annoying reflections on the secondary theme of car design and its excess continuity, we can summarize: how a stand-alone car XF was a success. And the headlights and taillights have faded, and the base has grown by five centimeters with a shortened seven-mm body – and all this has benefited the silhouette.

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A more squat appearance will definitely allow you to look more confidently at the neighbors on the traffic jam, and a large Jaguar inscription on the luggage compartment lid, exactly under the jaguar, will help them not to make mistakes with their family affiliation. After all, the most accurate angle for recognition here is still 3/4 in front. In many respects because of the radiator grill – the company has been rasprostovali this spice, and it seems that it will remain with us for a long time.

Corporate Comfort

The car just went on sale, still missing in the press park, so for the first time we looked to the official dealer of Omega-Premium. Getting inside the novelty, immediately again remember XE. And the organization of space, and functional features here are practically the same, and the central console – and at all one in one, except that the place is a bit bigger. The “rim” under the windshield, which comes on the door, is not so “bristling” here and practically does not catch sight, even if you open the door – and in general the word “calm” is also most suitable for the interior.

To the cabin XF do not have to get used to. You just sit in a soft chair and slowly move the body in space – that’s the guarantee of a comfortable co-existence of the car and the driver.

The whole periphery at the same time works for the same – create a sense of its invisibility. And I must say, it’s not bad at all: in Jaguar, fortunately, do not go on about the fashion trends and do not combine the entire filling in a single touch screen, and therefore the adjustment of climate or music volume is still done automatically mechanically, without hesitation – to the buttons we are still used to much more.

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The screen itself was pleased with the color rendition and responsiveness to the press. In addition, it is dull, which has a very positive effect on its presentability after a few minutes of studying the menu – and the more offensive to see under it glossy black plastic. One consolation is not so much. But the simultaneous use of inserts “under the tree” and aluminum in the cabin seemed a rather illogical solution – a wooden “islet” around the control washer washer looks pretty lonely against the silvery insert on the front panel.

Convenience of movement

The convenience and design of the salon could have been spent much less time if it were about XE, which unwittingly becomes a red thread in the narrative. After all, here is the same aluminum structure of the body, glued and riveted by the light on the envy of other classmates, the same architecture of the pendants and in general a nearly full-to-look similarity … But – just by sight.

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XF received different settings and a different attitude – you do not want to make hooligans. Above, the phrase “is located in a soft armchair and slowly moves the body in space” has already slipped and it was not accidental: the best sensations are obtained with quiet movement. Yes, and the equipment of the test car does not provoke: the basic four-cylinder diesel for 180 forces – a bulwark of poise, and forcing the driver. For him, it’s more important to burn no more than five liters in a mixed cycle, than try to overtake some kind of youth on the BMW. And when you press the pedal 430 Nm push the car forward – confidently, evenly, but not at all recklessly.

At the same hint and suspension – it is not so driver, as in the “younger” sedan, and as a result, trying to go to the XF the same as the XE – means doom yourself to disappointment. The main thing is to understand this right away. And accept. After all, if you drop racing ambitions, Jaguar is very good – it does not lull the excessive swing and does not hit the lower jaw on the top on the flaws of the roadway – there is just as much softness as necessary for everyday convenience.