Test drive of Fiat Fiorino Natural Power c HBO

With a toddler Fiorina we met for a test-drive range of commercial vehicles under the Fiat Professional Turin, where the main characters were first-pick-up and van Fullback Talento. Heels, too, has recently been updated, but has remained in the shadow of “big brothers”. But among the exhibited machines for test and it was very curious, with factory gas equipment. Aspirated 1.4, 70 hp, and even methane … you can die of boredom! Or not?

P ecause model in Russia is known for little more than nothing, it is worth saying a few words on the history. Fiat Fiorino – small heel, in its first generation in 1977 based at the Fiat 127. The second generation was released in 1988 on the basis of the Brazilian version of the Fiat Uno: until 2000, it was sold in Europe, and after – up to the 2013th – In South America.

Modern Fiorino appeared in 2008 and has become a truly global car. Judge: Fiat platform to create fusion with Chrysler, in cooperation with General Motors – later on it “grow» Corsa D, Meriva B, Alfa Romeo MiTo, Jeep Renegade and many others. Sam heels Fiorino already done in conjunction with the French concern PSA, so it has a “twin brothers» Peugeot Bipper and Citroen Nemo. But production is established in general in Turkey, Tofas plant.


Externally, the kids can distinguish only logos but some small details. But the motor line a little different – in particular, the only “Italian” has a gas version. And not without reason.

The fact that Italy – is the European leader in transport gasification. Blue fuel they carried away back in the 70s, but at first the interest in him from ordinary mortals was small. The first impetus was given automakers (especially – Fiat, but not only), who in the 80s and 90s began to fill up the motor line engines with natural gas. At the same time we began to develop a network of filling stations.

In 2008, at the height of the crisis and at the same time with the new Fiorino (Coincidence? I think not!), The government lowered the excise tax on gas and began to give out subsidies to buyers of cars with HBO, which caused a rapid increase in sales. Despite the fact that in 2010, ceased to distribute the money, by 2015 the share of gas in the Italian machine park was more than 15%, and the gas station network includes 1060 stations. In Russia, by contrast, their 270.

In general, to go to Italy and do not ride on this typical local compact car – it was beyond my strength. Weak return the passport are not confused: I went once on a 70-strong “nine” and nothing, not broken.

Important than Fiorina acquired during the last restyling, in addition to an updated bumper – a little small screen multimedia system with navigation. Although it looks like this thing is not serious, but the image quality is quite tolerable and adequate response time. No annoying. True, the navigator is barely noticeable “tupit” driving route. You have turned, and it sort of is around the corner even for a second.

Interior comfort – the front panel is configured, perhaps even more interesting than the older Talento. Plastic rigid whole, plus the card between the door and the glass clearly alludes to the utilitarian nature of the car bodywork metal band. But the chair can be raised so high that with the growth of 175 cm is already barely visible devices, despite having lifted up to the limit of the wheel. Like and small machine, but with all the advantages of a minibus – for maneuvering in confined spaces it is ideal.

1.4 l / 70 hp

But if glands in the cabin can be put up quickly and with ease (there is this even something colorful, nostalgic), then with a weak, almost absent soundproof arches – is more complicated. It seems decent enough, and the asphalt is not dented, and the speed is low, and the cabin has a steady hum. It is doubly a shame, given that the engine shield isolated as it should, and the suspension copes with irregularities.

Well, it was predictable, but the behavior of a gas engine? It gives much more than was expected of him. Especially when you sit down at Fiorino after Talento with phlegmatic “renoshnym” diesel engine 1.6. There’s like 125 and supercharged diesel power, and rides as if on a 90 atmospheric. Kid Fiorina from another test: no turbo-doping No gas diet has never contributed to pep … But heels rides! If thoroughly spur him – even a little jump.

Ticker vysokooborotisty – peak torque is achieved at 3000 rev / min, and a maximum capacity – at 6 000. And to keep it in good shape helps supershort transmission. To get under way you can safely with the second, and the European city of 50 km / h on the fourth well kept. It is a pity that the box is just a five-speed – on the road is clearly not prevented the sixth, with such a character. On the other hand – where the kid Fiorina, and where the trail?

This machine “melee”, which is designed to run on the locations within the municipality. To carry the mail in three to four mountain villages, where large gear ratios will help out on the climbs. Deliver milk and bread shop in the old town of thousands of 30 people, where high seating adds confidence similar corridors streets, and the suspension is easy to digest cobblestones of the XIII century.

Hell, I envy the drivers Fiorina! In the end, the music here is not the worst (in a pickup truck Fiat Fullback worse verified), and if able to get a road gudezh, you can just turn on the radio loud, and even a USB flash drive stick or smartphone with music, good connectors – that they are in direct reach.

Finally slowed down in a corn field, I decided to explore layout HBO. The cylinder hanging on the bottom floor of the cargo compartment thus remains flat. And that is typical – at idle and then the fan is activated. Gas engine warms more than gasoline, so it needs an appropriate cooling – fans put gas equipment in the garage about it for some reason forget and sincerely surprised Burned valves and coked rings – in detail about the problems of abnormal HBO we wrote separately.

In Fiorina with HBO, as you can see, elevated temperature compensated literate cooling and phlegmatic character – a suitable gearbox. All this makes the baby is not just like a diesel, and even better than diesel. After all, modern eco-diesels are usually quite grustneyut at high speed, and the acceleration continues hilarious. Gas, Gas! In the truest sense of the word.

Consumption per 100 km
5.5 liters

And about the economy do not forget, otherwise what is it all about? Consumption on the computer, despite the active pedaling, was 5.5 liters … I mean, excuse me, a kilogram of methane per 100 km (theoretical coverage on the passport – generally 4.4 kg). When the gas in Italy is cheaper than diesel fuel with gasoline: as of September 2016, an average of about 0.9 euros per kilogram, down from 1.6 euros per liter of petrol and 1.3 euros per liter of diesel.

To be honest, in such hands, I even surprised that the proportion of gas vehicles in Italy – only 15%. Given this economy, dynamics and low in comparison with the diesel cost of service “iron” in the direction of the motors on heavy fuel, if I were Italian, even watch would not.


Traditionally, test drives are not represented in the Russian cars, dream a little about the conditions of the emergence of such a model in our country. Perhaps, the chances are close to zero. Little heels have nowhere to use: remote villages lacking, but the population density is extremely small, and the quality of life in the deep province is so low and the roads are so bad that as the transport is only used 10-20-year-olds “loaf.”

As for the fuel gas, then some effort “Gasprom gas-engine fuel” is not enough: the state should invest in filling stations network and provide tax incentives to buyers and manufacturers producing cars with factory HBO. Unless, of course, the country is really interested in gasification of vehicles.

Heels named Fiorino is present in the model number “Fiat” since 1977, but only in the current third generation, he received the original box with sliding rear doors instead of utilitarian “superstructure” in the rear. Has been developed by a consortium of experts SEVEL together Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen and Turkish venture Tofas in Bursa, where the car and is available under the name Citroen Nemo, Peugeot Bipper and Fiat Fiorino / Qubo (last – the name of the passenger version in some markets). The efforts of developers were rewarded with the title of International Van of the Year 2008.

However Fiorino platform – the fruit of a very different novel, with the concern General Motors. Chronologically, the heel has become the third model, created in the global “trolley» SCCS (Small Common Components and Systems), following the Fiat Grande Punto (2005) and Opel Corsa (2006). Incidentally, this same platform, only in long-wheelbase version (LWB), and later lay the basis for a different business model, Fiat Doblo, which, unlike the Fiorino, received the same “opelevskogo” in the face of double Combo model. When different geometrical parameters, weight and capacity of all the relatives have the same chassis: front – McPherson, behind – beam with trailing arms on springs, steering system – with booster.

As soon as we were talking about the duty, we note that in this regard our “gas” version disappoint. Appropriate equipment, coupled with the balloon gave additional weight to 90 kg, while the permissible total weight has not changed, as well as suspension settings – and, consequently, in the limit of luggage or have to take almost a quintal less than or donate at least one passenger. This is when compared to the same engine family the FIRE 350A1, but purely petrol – rather old-fashioned vosmiklapannym aspirated with a cast-iron block, aluminum head and the timing chain. Special technical delights is not expected here in view of the fact that this family, though with regular upgrades, carried on a conveyor belt since 1985.

In addition to this unit, the Fiorino is equipped with a fresh 1.3-liter turbodiesel Multijet series Common Rail with rail and solenoid injectors in two variants boost pressure boost. If “solyarochnyh” version as “mechanics” alternative provides for a six-speed robotized transmission, the gasoline engine, though with gas, though without, aggregated only with a manual “pyatistupkoy” S510. The basic petrol engine, and the 1.4-liter, but the production of PSA Peugeot-Citroen, is excluded from the Fiorino range after restyling.

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