Games of light: a test drive BMW X6 hDrive35i

The popularity of the car – not only in the sales statistics. Over the years of its existence, from 2008 BMW X6 appeared in television and film-plots only 118 times. At the same time, BMW X5 in 892 lit screen works. Well, cine fraternity can not refuse to pereborchivy: from the first generation X6 exterior was really controversial. And in the second?

Who are you?

W hen the account goes on millions of rubles spent, practicality and reliability of the car are dissolved in a large amount of default. On the surface, it is the design, it is often decisive in the choice. With splashes of chrome and colored plastic, the ribs in millimeters and centimeters square planes: costed, designed and impervious to doubt in its perfection.

In 2008, almost at the start of sales, critics did not promise in the BMW X6 E71 body no good. Bavarian quality factor, the perfect all-wheel drive technology xDrive – all this paled in comparison with the image of a very strange symbiosis with SUV hatchback. “Oh, and who designed this monster?” – Repeated fans already become a classic X5.

I will not hide at first and I was among them. However, he felt that such handling sportsedan form factor … but then I have not picked up the only correct word – fuse rashly several pougas. What is the difference that there he outside? After all, most of the time I spend in the lounge, and the park was dark … put up with almost 20-liter gasoline consumption in the 306-strong the P6, and with his head resting against the ceiling in the back row. «X6 in the long term? Oh, come on! It will be the fashion, and there will be, and memories of him … ”


Fashion has not passed

But the unpredictable happened. For almost an hour, I’m better on the X6 second generation in the rays of sunset sun, substituting him the board, then strained and sensual nostril grille is slightly slanted headlights, the sloping back door … And every time the scene changes, and exterior, depending on the angle of incidence rays read differently.

Silver-gray body seems initially brass, then bronze, showing previously unseen features and immersed in dense twilight, impersonating a cold brilliance of LED optics yes chrome frames.

How strange, because in the morning in the city, under the heat of bleached sky, the X6 looked much easier, even in spite of the stylistic innovations such as rectangles okonechnikov exhaust pipes or radically redesigned rear bumper.

Wait, it is almost the same vehicle as was in the first generation. Yes, in 2014, the E71 has got a new body index – F16, but its dimensions changed scanty: 4 909 x 1 989 x 1 702 mm against the old 4879 x 1983 x 1689 mm, and the wheelbase and all remained intact – 2933 mm. Little things mean a lot like the same things, but not in numbers, but those that you can touch and pat, to capture on camera and show the world. Yes, it seems cinematic prospects for second-generation X6 much rosier than its predecessor.

How much does an iceberg

M-Sport Package
544 thousand rubles

Interior trim options at X6 in all possible combinations than a dozen: wood, aluminum, leather or Alcantara – it’s all there. Approximately the same is offered and additional equipment. But M-Sport package, which supplied a copy of the test – piece special and most expensive – 544 thousand rubles.. God be with them, with elements of body kit and nameplate «M», but coral leather interior under the black shadow of the ceiling – it is something. If not for him, recognize almost unchanged transferred to the interior of the X5’s no big deal. But this is exactly the case when the color scheme changes the whole picture, and the perception of the car as a whole.

Almost all of the “bells and whistles” have to pay, and quite a few. At least, for a car with the base engine, as our 306-strong petrol P6. For example, a “calling card” of the new design – multimedia screen, iceberg to rise above the lower tier of the front panel, which was originally not available with all the functions. Embed it in a television receiver will cost 97,800 rubles, and the complement system, night vision with pedestrian detection, and does in 178,800.

The similarity with the tablet provokes me to poke a finger in the display, but alas, no this is not a touchscreen. Proven over the years washer-joystick on the center console and the surrounding keys – is the only way to look into the soul of e-Bavarian, but prints just do not stay on its glossy surface. Inside – not darkness: competent Russification interface, but the manual is also electronic, to check there is at least for the sake of further savings of time surfing on the move.

Principal innovations in the menu, as compared to the previous generation, a little, but there is a convenient “goodies”. For example, checking the oil level in the engine (as long as the sensor is not sboil!) Or tire pressure, not to mention the navigation with voice control and digital radio.

Yes, it is useful function for the premium, but the X6, for all its strangeness, mixed with the gloss, yet not millionth resident. At the place of production it is born American, as well as all the “X’s,” but go and syschi it in Los Angeles or New York …

Running from the metropolis

On the one hand, a high and comfortable fit in the deeply profiled seat with dozens of adjustments gives a lot of advantages in heavy traffic due to the visibility at the front and on the sides. On the other, loophole sloping rear window makes an active twist his head, despite the large exterior mirrors, especially at night.


Even minimum 306 liters of petrol. from. hardly relevant in the city, although the voracity of this long-familiar twin-turbo engine with less weighty today. In addition to reducing the overall weight of the car by 40 kg – tap the plastic front fenders and the aluminum hood – it upgraded intake system, release and control electronics. Eight “machine» Steptronic from ZF is also represented in the second, more economical version of the Bavarians, generation. But to get out of 13,5-14,0 liters per “hundred” in the city can not do it: even in manual mode, turning paddle shifters, though automatic. Is it possible to play in a more sophisticated, automotive version of “Russian roulette” bessvetofornoe rushing for some tuple …

Of course, all this is offset by the comfort in the cabin and the realization that the X6 – one of the universally recognized best ” X ” in terms of steering, directional stability, and, finally, security. A red salon determines that at least with one of the passenger seats must be heard: “My dear, how great is here!”. And the tone of the voice is simply obliged to be correlated with the sound of acoustics Harman Kardon.

Who would argue that the overall impression of the interior almost festive. According to subjective feelings, even landing on the second row has become much more convenient than it was before. And if you fold back, you get a wonderful tool tray for travelers in the wilderness. No stars in the sky? So lie down and admire one of the plurality of LED backlight options on the interior perimeter. The only question is whether this is all you need in the city? After all, the X6, like it or not, all the same “Sports Activity Coupe” …

Place it where any of the engines, whether our 306-strong petrol or the V8 449-horsepower, turbo diesel power, or even 258, 313 or 381 liters. from. an opportunity to breathe, not spat filtered exhaust from traffic congestion to the nearest.

On the route cheaper

Value out of Moscow as the X6 immediately wanted to reveal how the confessional. His gait podstrenozhenny traffic gradually moved into a gallop, and with a decrease in consumption. Malo 8.8 you ?! Please, EfficientDynamics mode, and even a liter and a half in the red – but touch rocker on the central tunnel. Digital instrument panel was replaced by a standard black-and-white scale on the blue, appeared on the dial of the speedometer speed limit given, and in the lower part – the numbers increase to the possible distance traveled.

System tricky, but quite workable. Judging by the mode setting menu, saving the sum of the limits of power the air conditioning system and energy recovery during braking which goes into the battery. In fact, everything is much more complicated and tied to fuel consumption for at least another system clutch opening while coasting and pre-shift in accordance with the profile of the route determined by the navigation. Last trick – of course, optional. Yes, American open spaces, for which the X6, in general, and thought – better than you can imagine. But we have it, as before, is a crossover for pleasure, for which you can go to any spending.

Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l11.4 7.0 8.6

Motor, camera, started!

Only the Sport or Sport +! And in what mode will still ride on the highway Russian owner X6 ?! Suspension is urged, the steering wheel becomes harder setting ACP and accelerator aggravated. Just press down the gas and only have time to follow the signs, it is believed the camera and display using the projector on a windshield. Wow, what acceleration, just hold on … What -What 1200 rev / min, and you have a maximum torque of 400 Nm.

Only the red chair and turned red to match the dashboard it explicitly incite: “Well, Depress pedal’ku gas well Depress the” Outstanding provocateur. Perhaps, in the common human understanding disperse two-ton monster to “hundreds” of 6.4 seconds – it’s like to break free-pood weights.

But this is BMW, and because all of its features and calculated largely safe. Once upon a time, at the airfield in Tushino, the company showed the work of an active rear differential Dynamic Performance Control, combined with the stabilization system. To doubt the effectiveness of the system offered a simple test: pass delineated in chalk circle and try to disrupt the car in gliding, flying out of bounds. Make it could not be anyone. At the same time, and it became clear that the redistribution of 100% of torque to the outside rear wheel – not a marketing ploy.

Still the same thing is happening on the road, and therefore cut turn-by-turn, even at very high speed – a pleasure. Only it depends, rather, not the capabilities of X6 with its powerful engines, perfectly tuned mnogoryichazhka and supporting electronics, but from a sense of self-preservation and the readiness for the maximum fines. The only way, then I would definitely not recommend, since it include Sport + mode with a reduced DSC on public roads. Passion, as we all know, unpredictable thing.

BMW X6 hDrive35i
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
Power hp .:
Maximum speed km / h:
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h:
8-speed, automatic
Fuel tank capacity, l:

On the X6 it has been said all or almost all. Roads -. From 4.48 million rubles, contradictory, not always easy to use and, most likely, for these reasons, is the only competitor in the class – Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe priced from 4.99 million rubles. But hardly anyone dares to throw a stone in the “Bavarian” side drayverskih abilities. In both the first and second generation. And the best role he is yet to come.


autoND browser

As you know, BMW X6 with factory designation F16 is a “compartment” crossover version of the X5 (F15), which, in turn, is unified on most elements of the platform with the passenger models of the fifth series (F10 / F11). However, the absolute identity we are not talking, if only because “X’s” heavier than normal “fives” and wheelbase have shorter by 3.5 centimeters. But the scheme is the same: double wishbones in front, multilink rear, the basic material of the chassis – aluminum, it is made of the support pillars and the front hood for a better distribution of weight between the front and rear wheels. To this end, the front fenders are made of plastic, although the overall body of steel and reduce its weight by 40 kg with dimensions slightly raised and have increased by 10 percent rigidity has allowed the widespread use of high-strength and ultra-high strength steels.

All elements of mechatronic, as now fashionable to say, chassis linked the FlexRay bus, which provides a much higher “rate” than many familiar CAN protocol, up to 10 Mbit / s. Wherein the set of these elements may be different, depending on the configuration and the modification example, as an alternative to conventional steering mechanism provided with a variable tooth pitch and Active Steering system with an additional reduction gear on the steering shaft. The suspension can be equipped with shock absorbers with variable characteristics and active anti-roll bars with hydraulic actuators, and the rear as an option installed pneumatic elements instead of springs (without the possibility of changing the ride height) and an active differential DPC (Dynamic Performance Control) with final drives, “tighten” in a particular turning wheel.

Electronically controlled multi-plate clutch and friction, transmitting to the front wheels to half the torque – of course, when it comes to all-wheel drive versions of the X6. Initially others and was not, but more recently the coupe-crossover “pulled” in this regard to the X5 having a pure rear-wheel drive modification – these cars are sold mainly in America, but to us did not come. By the way, at the time of the debut of the X6 is not scheduled to complete and three-liter turbo engine, thus it is a car, visit us on the test: an exception made only for the Chinese market, in other countries, at first it was decided to restrict the 450-strong petrol “biturbovosmerkoy” and 381 -strong diesel “six” as much with three turbochargers, in order to position X5 X6 above. Today, this idea is almost abandoned, and the Russian market is the only engine of the X5 range, which is not equipped X6 – the most modest 218-strong turbodiesel.

Going back to our version of 35i, it should be noted that the three-liter inline “six” with aluminum block N55 refers to the family, who came in 2009 to replace a similar unit N54 engine capacity and architecture. Remained unchanged and design features such as gasoline direct injection and mixing system of the Valvetronic throttle-free, the main innovation was the replacement of two separate turbines on one type Twin-scroll, dual impeller. Maximum engine output is almost unchanged, but increased traction at low revs and fuel consumption decreased slightly, which allowed him to enter into the environmental standards Euro-5. By the way, 306-strong modification N55B30M0, which are equipped with not only the X5 and X6 and other models of BMW, is the most peaceful of the family, as an option with the other settings in the coupe M2 produces 370 liters. s., and the company Alpina «dispersed» this engine is more than 400 liters. from.

However, the described motor does not become a novelty for the F16, as well as the platform – all migrated from the previous generation (E71), albeit in a modernized form. The same story – with an eight “automatic” ZF 8HP series of companies that are equipped with all the great Bavarian “classics”, and many models of other brands, from Volkswagen to the Bentley and Rolls-Royce. For “X-sixth” in the second generation transmission reduced friction loss and copied electronic software, adding a coasting mode in the Drive position.

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