Frowning goddess: ownership experience Plymouth Fury III

As for romantics could be more beautiful longing for a past age? Only material proof that those days were really the best – perfect in form and uncompromising on the content of a symbol of greatness and beauty that can make one of its kind inspirational representatives of modernity precipitate. If we talk about cars, it is better than others to cope with such a task American muscle cars, or «personal luxury coupe» with sporting spirit. Oh, these machines can Graystripe one of his charisma and compacted into the asphalt mazhoristyh “Europeans” and “Japanese”, stuffed with electronics on the roof. About this picture I was able to observe on the summer exhibition of retro cars in Minsk, when I was close to a coupe Plymouth Fury III.

M Ashina advance made ​​it clear that he has a sharp temper. For the kind of serious, gloomy, it feared even sleek Jaguars with Lithuanian numbers. Yes, and all other public avoided the car side, realizing that it is better not to mess with him. A little more, and over the Fury have started gathering clouds and thunderstorms and lightning. But rather than join the Retiro crowd, I took a chance and went for rapprochement. And this gamble paid off in full.

Loud name

The first thing that caught my eye when meeting, this dissimilarity of a 1972 coupe with the ancestor of the whole family of Fury. Triumph “Detroit baroque” from the distant 1956, the fifth generation of Plymouth came to nothing. From fin style there was only a slanting roof “vinyl top.” Simulates the skin, for greater contrast is painted in different color from the rest of the body. With regard to the dual headlights, bumpers fanged, broken molding on the sides and flashy tail – all this has sunk in the past. But once such a combination in the automotive appearance brought Plymouth award for “the most beautiful car of the year” by the American press and the Community illustrators.


But these trophies were not the only ones on the premium the company’s stand. In 1969, the concern Chrysler has approved a new style for the model range of all its units, Fuselage Look. “Fyuzelyazhniki” received massive bumper, integrated “into the body” of the machine, straight outlines of bodies with light board vyshtampovki, gives the appearance swiftness.


In making this design style inspired by supersonic jets such as F-105, MiG-21 and the Dassault Mirage III. “Big Three” always keep your finger on the political pulse of the country, so any Cuban missile crisis, let alone the war in Vietnam could not be reflected in the appearance of their cars. “Fyuzelyazhniki”, according to the manufacturers, resembled an arrow flying forward without compromise. But I have this other association called Plymouth.

After five years, the production line will come last Plymouth Fury, writer and director S. King D. Carpenter will remove the film, which will immortalize this model. But he possessed with the devil “Christina” represented the first generation of Fury and it was the first instance. I do not know whether played a role established in the minds of the image, but even this personal luxury coupe, similar to the ancestor as gasoline into the water, squint-wells headlights seemed so angry that I was getting through the chills. The fact that different exterior hides a common DNA, I had no more doubts. And what a manufacturer would call a top-end model of “fury” for no reason?

– Capacious earlier names give the Americans their cars, – said Rostislav, as if reading my thoughts. – For example, Cadillac Eldorado sounds even better than the “promised land”. And then there are Barracuda, Challenger, Charger, Dart, Demon, Imperial …. For each word – the whole story! Where there are the Europeans with their soulless indices!

Indeed, the chief designer of Plymouth, and at one time, and the curator of the project, Virgil Exner insisted that this car was given an aggressive and memorable name. According to him, the ancient Greek goddess of rage and anger, fury, had just the name that would attract young people. And to keep those customers longer behind the wheel, the engineers of the brand with the slogan “one after another clever idea” knew a lot. After construction equipment and Plymouth Fury superior to competitors in a model year!

Sharing such considerations, we Rostislav, the owner of the Furies, quickly found a common language, and soon he offered to get acquainted with his iron friend. Similar to the hermetic locks the door swung open with an effort, inviting inside. In fact, to sink in doubt, there is no time left. Besides, situation in favor of my superstition: it is better to be at one with the goddess of rage from inside than outside testing her patience.

By all the laws of the genre

When hinges creaked, and a massive wing slammed behind me, I immediately felt better. Bribed qualitatively decorated the interior of the Fury. A true retro design, designed in every detail. Every visible part of the interior, whether it is the dashboard, the steering wheel or the wall was draped in sky blue Faux leather. Here and there the eye caught the wooden insert. “It veneer American walnut, – says Rostislav. – In the original paper prints were listed here with this picture, but we decided to order in the States panel of real wood. So it looks correct. ”

Correct? Not a word, guys! Fury inner world turned out to be a time capsule. The renovated interior designs at the factory covering all gleaming newness, and even the smell of a new car, has just come off the assembly line.

Sitting on the baggy sofas, it could be as much as necessary to fill in the Association, if not my own took me about 20 years ago, in my grandmother’s house. There was also light and comfortable, with mountains of pillows sewn buttons. But heck, even my grandmother – overlock champion – had not made the lines better than this Plymouth. If I had such a machine, I would have dragged in her books and came in the evening just relax, reminisce …

For these thoughts I did not realize that Rostislav has long talks about the reserve strength of his car. He told that absolutely every detail of it, whether it is an external light control button or turn signal, beyond repair. All you can unwind, replace and put in place. If, for example, sit on the bonnet, it does not sag – in 1970 at the Detroit metal are not saved. In short, the value of the car in the $ 3-5 thousand, with due care could easily pass as a legacy to other generations. And this is another dig at modern cars, many of which are beginning to crumble as soon as the warranty period of departure.

“There was a time when cars were created by engineers, not marketers!” – Sums up Rostislav. And here it is impossible not to agree with him. However, in our time such a strange indexing, which sinned Plymouth, certainly would have caused confusion. After all, contrary to the traditional designation, Fury III model does not mean belonging to a corresponding generation, but only for completeness. The top version in the range considered Fury VIP, but in 1972. it was abolished and the “ceiling” was Fury Sport GT. Our heroine – a transition link from the class of cars with poor equipment (Fury I and II) to the “top league”. Suppose it was not available in the form of luxury electric windows and seats actuators, but on board the “troika” is already listed as air conditioning, power steering, three-stage automatic transmission and a radio. From the latter, by the way, in our latitudes no avail – in the range of broadcasting stations shtatovskih their standard.

On road

5.9 liters, 170 liters. from.

To find out who in fact this Fury – Fury possessed or good … no, rather tolerant to human presence being left roll it on the road. But first I would like to say a few words about the landing in the car. Pick up and comfortable to sit in it is not a problem for any of the members of the six-seat crew. Two three-seater sofa set in the cabin, originally designed for people rather big, and it strengthens the self-esteem – impressively sprawled on the seat, you do not need to apologize for their own size. At the same time everyone else is convenient as you are. So do not talk about the phenomenal capacity of different Patrol – this even shtatovskih coupe was always in order.

So, Rostislav readily agreed to a photo shoot, so we decided to go to one of the capital’s factories. In the end, this is symbolic: a kind of homage to past Detroit Plymouth. And from the outside bustle of salvation.

Under the hood of Fury is a basic “engine” volume of just 360 cubic inches – in our opinion – 5.9 liters. Shalt plant a breakthrough, not immediately. The owner calmly throws up his hands – say, what to do, a single-chamber carburetor with him “engine” and “family” years behaved no better. Try the ignition again, and somewhere in the depths of the vast body revive Chrysler 170 horses of the tribe. Gently budge and carefully poured into the flow of traffic …

According to his senses just say: the Americans lied about sports coupe. This Plymouth Fury good just by the magnitude of its full size of the body. To drive on such a machine in the sky-high given client will only veterinaries. People understand will go steadily, slowly, enjoying the process of driving and even stretching the aforesaid longer. While manageability of the foreign guests to get used to. Leather is very soft, with a large backlash, and therefore uninformative. Because of this, it seems like a very long body is out of sync with the actions of the driver for a few seconds, as if hangs because Windows 95 computer.

No daring maneuvers in dense city traffic should not let the Fury. After all, to turn around this, so to speak, “coupe” took as many as three lanes!

Fortunately, the ever busy participating metropolitan traffic jams were not rude, I do staring at a stranger from the past – too looked unusually Plymouth near Juke and Octavia. The carrier body, for which the manufacturer stood up one of the first, and the vacuum brake booster car added potential dynamics – at such a scale frame “Dreadnought” would have been existent bumpkin. But even a simple maneuver like to rebuild the right lane leads to sweat through due to lack of the right mirror. These branded podlyanku is simply not ready, and therefore grab helpless air. No mirror will not help here. This means that the only course forward for smooth straight – perhaps the most suitable elements for this Fury. And it, by the way, the car is extremely pleased with the smooth running. Potholes and bumps Wheel Fury did not seem to notice the good features of the suspension (torsion beam front and rear springs) permit. Torsion bars, also be regulated by increasing / reducing the ground clearance.

Among the shortcomings of the machine the master said the poor road lighting. American Optics – is, of course, a byword. At the same time with the illumination within the cabin is too much. Just remember the sadistic-Christine, which glowed brightly inside the Christmas tree. The rest of the Plymouth Fury III – a car with a large sign “+”, giving positive emotions not only the owner, but also to all who see it. Ride it is appropriate to compare with the rock ballad – a languid, beautiful, leisurely opening the hidden meaning in the sexual “washed down” electric guitars.

purchase history

Fuel consumption (per 100 km)
20 l

American cars sunk into the soul of Rostislav ago. What-what, and showy appearance they have always been. Chrome kit, hardtop body, unusual for our latitudes, and the ability to touch the object of worship, and now few people are indifferent. Joining the local community “AvtoAmerika”, it is learned that there are a lot of “dream cars” in Russia, demands the active participation. His choice fell on the Plymouth Fury III is not only because the car was in good condition. “Fyuzelyazhniki” – Rostislav favorite body, because they embodied “last farewell” rapid American car design. In 1974, because of environmental restrictions and the oil crisis on the other side of the Atlantic has already ruled the roost Japanese compacts. The company of Mitsubishi, for example, teamed up with the Chrysler, pushing its subcompact market under the guise of American coupe. Choosing was not anything else – local machine at once lost her looks, becoming crippled, featureless pieces of iron. But this was not such a Plymouth.

Before buying Rostislav carefully inquired about the car. It turned out in the country, she arrived in the 1990s, when the customs duties were nuisance rather than a serious limitation measure. Coupe changed a few owners, and they treated him with understanding – rolling a bit, did not keep the street, not the “collective farm”. Therefore, in the capital of Belarus from Bryansk Fury went his way.

Yes, the appearance of the car was not so hot, but the power units were in almost perfect order – had to serve only the engine and replace the shock absorbers. Surprised and condition of the body: firmed scrape the old paint had to iron, but signified it presented itself in excellent condition – only soil and kras, what you want. The owner chose the color closest to the “native” in the manufacturer’s range – a sky-blue, and a roof made of white. Original vinyl for her discharged from the States themselves. Plymouth then covered with three layers of lacquer was restored whole bent molding and subjected to polishing cars.

Salon, unlike the body, got stronger. By the time of arrival in Minsk Fury shalt resembled dry cleaning, destroyed by the explosion. Restore this on its own was not possible, and Rostislav turned to knowledgeable professionals. They reacted to the request of the new owner of Fury with more understanding, not to impose his way of becoming another show car, and restored the interior on factory patterns, while retaining all the lines and textures of materials. Even the front console, plastic where production has always been of poor quality and popped in the sun, led to the original view with fiberglass. As a result of six months of hard rebildinga led to Plymouth’s readiness to make its first international trip.

Plymouth Fury III
Brief specifications
360 cubic inches (5.9 liters) LA V8; 170 l. from.
Maximum speed:
120 miles / hour (193 km / h)
Curb weight:
1885 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):
5530 x 2040 x 1410 mm
3048 mm
Chrysler C-body

Future plans

Currently Plymouth Fury III is in the maximum total factory stock – in cars even have “reserve” with original cap! But some problems for Rostislav still relevant.

Fuel consumption (per 100 km)
in the extra-urban cycle:
17 l

The first – is the installation of high-quality stereo system. Solve it quite easy, especially since the world’s offices to produce authentic enough receivers. The owner plans to buy Fury stylized Year apparatik machine with good channel sound that can play music from any digital media.

The second and more pressing problem – is the lack of the right mirror. Original details on this model simply does not exist. Man ‘accessories Rearview “such Plymouth, unfortunately, it was equipped only since 1973. Therefore Rostislav struggling with a desire to install two complete but non-original retro mirror, or leave everything as is, and go even jewelry. And it is in an urban setting for the classic American full-size car – not an easy task.

For all its awesome beauty of the Plymouth Fury III is not suitable for everyday use. Because the machine and the rolls of the season is very short. On April 15 and 15 October, with all the celebrations and weekend trips promenades, Fury takes a maximum 2-2,5 thousand kilometers. All the rest of the time she spends in the garage, and winters in a heated box. In such circumstances, and with the phenomenal safety margin, which has a Plymouth, this car has all the chances to get all descendants of Rostislav in perfect condition.

“His menacing appearance and appropriate name if the machine makes it clear that the joke is not worth it. This is a real gloomy goddess! It should be treated with love, and then it fails. At least two years of our acquaintance with me this never happened. Moreover, I know that when I need to sit behind the wheel of this car and quietly will pass thousands of kilometers in a row. “

After these words, Rostislav slowly started the engine. The car rolled onto the road and began to fade away. I watched her and admired. A truly unique car and causing feelings of awe and delight – and do not even know why anymore. Наверное, с богинями по-другому и не бывает. Особенно с хмурыми…

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