Forget about the transmission: test drive a new Toyota Corolla 11

Say what you like, and Corolla – a truly unique event. Half a century without changing names, issued 37 million cars! Only the roads they run Russia in the amount of 685,000 pieces … Try to ask random people on the street to name first came to mind the model of the brand Toyota. I am sure that 9 out of 10, did not hesitate to say: «! Corolla» A lot of you know the cars, which have become the characters of literary works, with characters acting on behalf of which we are part of the narrative? But the Corolla is not only became a literary hero, but also gave the name to the story wonderful writer Ephraim Sevela. In general, the birth of another, already the eleventh generation of the world bestseller, could not become a significant event in the automotive world.

And one revolution

– What, you have a lot of things?
– Well no. All my … me. And little things incomplete bag typed.
– Thank God, light passenger. Otherwise, we do not put the luggage.
– Do you have a small car?
– Toyota Corolla.
– Toyota Corolla? What is the issue?
– You ask too many questions.

Efraim Sevela, “Toyota Corolla”

With Amaya first Corolla c E10 factory code was born in 1966. It was a tiny rear-drive sedan length of only 3.8 meters, is equipped with a four-motorchikami volume of 1.1 liters (60 hp..) Or 1.2 liters (65 l. With.). He was replaced on the line very very tiny model Toyota Public two-cylinder engine with its air cooling. Intended car primarily for young couples. Hence, by the way, has gone and the name: Corolla – a traditional Japanese wedding crown of flowers. For models even come up with a unique emblem with three flowers on the hoop, symbolizing this accessory.

By the way, at home, in Japan, the Corolla is still sold with such emblems, but in the process of change of generations they had been serious styling and has little resemblance to the original version. Then, in the sixties, few believed in the success of the offspring of Tatsuo Hasegawa on the main automobile market of the world, in the US, because in those days the ball on American roads ruled multimeter and mnogolitrovye road dreadnoughts.


But skeptics were confounded: Corolla baby instantly gained immense popularity. It turned out that American youth just need a car: small, cheap (model sold for just 1 $ 700, half the cost than mass Ford Galaxie), unpretentious and inexpensive to operate and maintenance. But then the economy not taken into account: a gallon of gasoline cost only 35 cents.

Anyway, the first generation Corolla circulation exceeded one million units! In 1970, there was a second, four years later, in 1974, the third, and in 1979 – the fourth generation Corolla. They all pledged Tatsuo Hasegawa retained the style and the rear-wheel drive, but the car is gradually growing in length (it exceeded 4 meters) and gaining strength. At the turn of the eighties power of its engine was already 80 to 115 liters. from.

Grew and geography. The assembly of Toyota Corolla settled in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand … All this could not affect the volume of sales: in 1974 it stood at 5 million, and in 1985 production volume exceeded 10 million copies. Then, in 1985, there was a major revolution in the half-century history of the Corolla: front-wheel drive model is found, lost propeller shaft and transmission tunnel in the cabin.

At the same time multiplied and assembly sites: added California, South Africa, Venezuela … The fifth generation retained the stylistic foundations laid by the first generation, but from the sixth body began to acquire more and more streamlined wedge shape. Preserved and growth trend, and appeared in 1991, the seventh generation of E100 with a body moved from the class of subcompact cars in segment C, that is in the “Golf class”.

Again, new plants – in Turkey, Canada, Pakistan, the Philippines. Corolla seriously engage in sports: in 1998 Carlos Sainz won on Corolla WRC «Monte Carlo Rally,” and in 1999, the Toyota Rally Team won on these cars a landslide victory in the team event of the World Championship. anniversary, thirty millionth car belongs to the ninth generation Corolla was released in 2005. The tenth generation of long-lived proved: his release was launched in October 2006. And now – carcasses, champagne, meet the generation number 11 …

A girl has matured …

My heart trembled. This unassuming, modest car touched some chord in my heart, and I knew immediately that loved Corolla. There was something human, kind, touching near the arrogant and alien Lincoln, Mercedes and Rolls-Royce.

The vehicle described in the book Efim Drabkin (Ephraim Sevela – a literary pseudonym) describes, most likely, the fourth generation of the Corolla. The story came out in 1982 … Yes, in the past decade, a modest “Japanese is” seriously grown. Moreover, based on the accepted standard criteria, then it is time to move to the next class: the length of the body of the new Corolla is 4 620 mm, and the upper line of the C-Class, in theory, 4 500 mm. Even visually it looks quite comparable with the Avensis model and the wheelbase, which now amounts to 2 700 mm, it is a match for the segment D. In general, there was a girl-shy, and was the society lady … and put the ladies to wear jewelry.

Here Corolla and it acquired two powerful chrome contour, the front – solid top bar radiator grille, the rear – quite wide tailgate molding. These chrome parts organically flow into the front and rear lighting fixtures, creating a sense of broad and squat car. By the way, all the lighting fixtures in the Corolla for Russia – only LED.

At the same time the amount of chromium still does not pass beyond the level, which starts after the “American kitsch”: neither side moldings, chrome door handles or not observed. In general, according to experts Toyota, Russia has a complicated relationship with chromium.

Cargo capacity:
452 l

For an abundance of chromium have accepted blame, but if it is not enough, the model just beginning to be viewed as not very prestigious. A Toyota just dramatically improved the Corolla status, giving it the image of a premium touch. Ends podshtampovka image side with a sharp edge, stretching along the side of the narrow, aggressive narrowed headlamps to the rear lights, and the ravenous, sharp contours of the front bumper.

But what is interesting: many brands and designers in favor of aerodynamics and aesthetics give the domed roof, resulting in a space above the head is sharply reduced. And here once again I can not draw an analogy with the fair sex. The men who fall in love without memory, and then long to suffer? The “evil, windy and thorny,” as Konstantin Simonov wrote. But happiness in marriage they find a home, attentive and economic, of whom say “reliable rear.”

That’s the Corolla, having tried the appearance socialite, she remained still very friendly vehicle. Hence the high roof with a rather sharp break in the rear window area and the convenience of landing in the driver’s seat. But I have already started to talk about the organization of the interior space news.

I’m with you well

Nothing special from the others is no different. Is it just good manners, and obedience. But maybe I’m biased. By car privyazhesh sometimes more than a man. She ran her hand along the edge of the hood. Pat the car like a baby. And it seemed to me that Toyota sweetly closed her right hand under her spotlight.

Good manners, friendliness – it’s just about it, about the eleventh Corolla. The first thing you notice – it is the quality of interior trim materials. Soft plastic on the dashboard, the varnish, “matte chrome” … In general, the level of a minimum of a good business sedan. For ergonomics, as they say, “and I would like to find fault, but not to anything.”

Price top versions:
from 1.327 million rubles

Rudder optimal diameter and a wide cross-section and small, do not cause irritation influx. The column, of course, is adjustable and tilt, and on the flight. No problems are caused and fit the driver’s seat. The seats are, incidentally, special, with reinforced lateral support and extended pad go to Russia.

It is like a glass screen media system Touch 2 is not just embedded in the console, as it were, imposed on him the second layer. And this is really the second layer: under the edge of the screen, you can slip the parking ticket, or any ticket that was on the mind, and do not interfere. Toyota designers abandoned the traditional rotary system of the climate control knobs. Now for the climate meet four metal “rocker”. It was found that very convenient: one movement upwards – increased temperature of half a degree, down – has lowered.

What we did not – it has already become a bad tradition of blue light combination of devices (although I must admit that all of the scale and perfectly readable in bright sunlight and in the dark). But … it Baratashvili David wrote that “the color of heaven, I fell in love with the blue from an early age.” Baratashvili I love, but blue light personally annoys me (as well as red, which are so fond of the designers of some German brands). Whether it green or pearl white …

And I was surprised that in a richly equipped with car seats are not equipped with electric drives. Specifically looked kitting list, maybe it is the prerogative of the most expensive versions? No, this option does not exist as a class. No, of course we are not proud of, but that the “premium compact” with mechanical adjustments? Disorder.

Again, keyless access to the interior and engine start button only appears in the top-end configuration “Prestige” of 1,295,000 rubles. The rest – the usual key-fob with switchblade “sting”. This inexpensive, but very useful option, as the 12-volt socket for rear passengers, too, is present only in the three older versions. But the Corolla target audience – the young and energetic people. This means that the “junior” will buy equipment rather “young urban professionals” rather than entrepreneurs. And the young will travel in the company, and the children in the back seat is quite likely. And where do you want to connect the tablet with games or cartoons?

However, the vast majority of future Russian buyers new Corolla suit entirely, especially when you consider that many of the changes have been introduced in its structure, in accordance with their wishes. Among these innovations – a heated steering wheel, liquid level indicator in the tank washer, automatically folding when arming mirrors and much more.

P – rationality

I added gas. Toyota trembled impatient trembling stagnant muscles. And it’s easy and obediently moved from his seat and went to the exit road. Machine trusted me, and I felt at ease.

Japanese people – very rational people. Choose from the general line of those engines that are best suited to particular market conditions – it please. But chto-libo change just because of all the change, or is fashionable, or “well accepted” – no, sorry … As a result, under the hood supplied to Russia Toyota Corolla with the number 11 turned out to be exactly the same engine as that of the previous generation.

Basic configuration “Standard” will be equipped with only a “junior”, 1.33-liter 1NR-FE capacity of 99 liters. from. paired with a manual transmission. Starting with a complete set of “Classic” becomes available gasoline 1.6-liter 1ZR-FAE (122 l. With.) And CVT Multidrive S, well, the flagship version of the “Style Plus” and “Prestige”, 1.8-liter 140-hp 2ZR-FAE and uncontested variator. This is such a car, and I went to the first day of the test drive.

Toyota Corolla

1.33l Dual VVT-i1.6l Dual VVT-i1.8 liter Dual VVT-i99 l. pp. 122 l. pp. 140 l. from.

I must say that I do not like variable speed, and I have some basis for this. After all, what you need from an automatic transmission? To people forgot about its existence. Alas, I too often faced with a situation where it variator gave the impression that between the pedal and the throttle valve is inserted into some sticky rubber substance. You press on the pedal – and nothing happens. Then the motor spins, you pedal is released – and he continues to perform an aria chainsaw “Friendship” …

So, as soon as I break through a series of traffic jams on the road from Anapa (a stopper there, believe me, no worse than, well, or better than in Moscow – that’s which way you look) and get out on the road – as I realized that I really forget the existence of transmission! Everything, even the most energetic overtaking occurred very naturally and easily. “Tabunchika” 140 “horses” with reserves enough to yield to the oncoming lane is not too prolonged, well and in the quieter moments of the variator and all demonstrated importantly their dignity: no jerks when shifting gears, or rather, the lack of own switches as such.

Toyota Corolla 11
Brief specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H):
4620 x 1775 x 1465 mm
Curb weight:
1 225-1 355 kg
150 mm
CVT Multidrive S
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h:
10,2-12,6 c
Toyota Corolla 11
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l7,2-8,7 4,7-5,4 5,6-6,6

However, at times the tachometer needle still began to jump on the dial: the variator setting clearly meant simulation of hydromechanical automatic transmission. At some point I switched the transmission in Sport mode, but soon realized that to do so would not necessarily.

Articles / Practice
Club mediocre: a little wicked humor about the owners of Toyota

Editor’s note: Our editorial staff like all the cars. In general, I think the style of modern subjective Toyota lineup is very good, but also infinitely grateful for this Japanese brand loyalty to a simple …

6991 3 1

In fact, Toyota brand is often criticized for the use of relatively old engines. Among otrugivayutsya “completeness, let’s compare the power of our” outdated “engine and advanced turbo engine competitors. According to the parameters of our no worse. ”

There is in this light deceit: the shape of the curve depending on speed torque modern turbo diesels resemble. “Shelf” Torque they stretched from about 1500 to 4000 rpm, while aspirated Toyota observed pronounced peak, but in small and mid-range thrust them falls significantly. However, the tandem engine and SVT successfully relieves the problem.

Well, let’s not forget about another side of the issue – security. Potential persistence of atmospheric engines – this is one of the factors that Toyotas ensures consistently high resale value on the secondary market. And that means – and the benefits in the primary.

In less than a glass

We flew at a good speed, I valiantly reconstructed lanes, overtaking some and letting others get around yourself, impatient. Toyota humming smoothly, confidently, knowing how their horse power, and behaved like a fish in the water, on the elastic concrete which stretches under the wheels, in the multi-row column of their own kind.

The next day I sat on the car with an engine capacity of 1.6 liters. Strictly speaking, there is every reason to believe that sales will have a maximum of exactly this version of 122 “horses” – is too much, and the price is much lower. Generally, in most situations, I got exactly the same impression: a great duo motor and transmission, excellent handling, informative steering wheel … But there were differences.

It would seem that 18 horsepower – it’s not a big difference. Indeed, in a calm and measured driving this difference and you do not feel … But it is necessary to begin to maneuver more active, it is where the shortage is opened – the engine has to “twist”. So there is no “sport” mode, you can not do. Motor with kickdown unwinds thousand and six, and you clearly hear the lady by the name of the Corolla, as well as any lady, do not like to be kicked. From under the hood immediately heard heart-rending plaintive yelp: “Well, sp-i-yayin! For what?!”

Not much of a fan of our lady and country roads. Whatever you say, Corolla – a child of asphalt. On a hard surface, not even the best quality, it is in his element, attract excellent smoothness. Especially good suspension dampens sloping wave. On grader at a sufficiently high speed the car is not enough stroke rebound, Corolla and begins to “slap the tires.”

A primer – and not her element. Adapting the model to the Russian conditions, the Toyota designers have increased the ride height from 135 mm to 150 mm, but in order to feel comfortable in our ways, this apparently is not enough. A couple of times I was pretty grated protection on the ground, and in the field, at first glance, do not pose any hazard.

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