For the two seniors and their senoritas: ownership experience Lancia Kappa Coupe

Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Scion – in the cemetery car brands fresh grave appears regularly. Italian Lancia has long walks among the tombstones, like “preparing the ground”. But while the patient is still alive, although the only model in the range and the representation only on the domestic market – a disgrace to the oldest and once-respected brand. In anticipation of the 110th anniversary of the brand (the company was founded November 29, 1906) Will Rock antiquity in the company Lancia Kappa Coupe.


In the history of Lancia were many compartments. But the two-door Italian abundance dried up in 1984, after the departure from the scene Beta and Gamma. Senorita pleased rust, barely getting into the hands of customers.

The Italians suffered 10 years … but in the end gave way, revealing the world Kappa Coupe. Well maybe not hot southern nature live without romance Gran Turismo. Strategically, the decision was justified by the desire to conform to the image “of the Italian Mercedes”, both at home called Lancia.


Against the background of general chopped lines, reigned supreme in the automotive world of the early 90’s, the two-door Lancia smooth curves look a bit out of this world. That’s why she does not pull, unlike the sedan on a full yangtaymer. In the best traditions of the genre, despite the similarity of those sisters in different dresses. And beginning with the B-pillar, the coupe – all other car, vaguely reminiscent of the fourth profile Maserati Quattroporte. Designer trick in Italian dramatic rear optics – nothing less than the lights from the Lancia Delta hatchback second generation, ennobled chrome surround.

Dressed relatives even in different tailors: sedan produced at the Turin factory Lancia, a coupe built on capacities coachbuilder Maggiora. In the workshops, remembering Maserati Mistral, De Tomaso Pantera and Lancia Flaminia Touring, Kappa Coupe ideological ancestor was born only 3263 cars. In short, on exclusivity “Italian Mercedes” on the head of superior German counterpart.


But inside Kappa little resemblance to the Italian car – sleek interior is associated in the first place with the German automotive industry. Deployed to the front panel driver like Thema and the riot spread through the cabin-style devices in Beta in the past. Remembering cockpit soplatformennoy Alfa Romeo 166, can be directly traced a clear chain of command related brands – and the purpose of the camp of German classmates too obvious.

Symmetrical front panel of a good cast of plastic, and the glove compartment and door pockets are covered with soft bristles. The measure used wood no doubt in his naturalness. By bundling as ergonomics, not carp – all in their places, without the inherent Southern vehicles “podvypodvertov”, and even traces of the notorious Italian assembly to be seen. By the way, our unit, equipped with climate control and electric bomb – yet not the richest. By order of Kappa equipped with navigation Bosch, side airbags and xenon.

The best there is in the interior, is now moving under me, helpfully trying to take the most comfortable position – Recaro as always on top. Home-style soft, with noticeable lateral support and weight elektroregulirovok, including lumbar support, seat upholstered with luxury leather Poltrona Frau. The advent of the automobile industry in this material from the furniture factory with more than a hundred years of history, we owe Lancia, which commissioned in 1988 by a finish for their exclusive Thema 8.32. Who knows what would have knocked Now Ferrari and Maserati seat, if not then creative turintsev.

Buzzing electric, front seat slowly crawling forward, revealing two separate seats of the second row. Despite the shortened by 120 mm compared to the sedan wheelbase, Kappa amazing spaciousness. And taking into account the total length of just over 4.5 meters – this is one of the most hospitable for the rear passenger compartment, that I’ve seen. And the ergonomically-designed: armrest, reading lights, garbage containers, pens for convenience outlet – a full Gran Turismo for two seniors and seniors.

In move

According to the corporate strategy, involving rebuff German hordes, frankly weak engines for Kappa proposed. For the second power unit, with five cylinders and 2.4 liter working volume, gave out 175 hp This is the engine in collaboration with five-step “mechanics” lives in the depths of the elegant body, weighing about six tons.

Business class on the “handle” – a long time “is not comme il faut”, relaxed people now. But Lancia does not make regret that it has saved the first host in the “Automatic” – on the contrary, the lord knew what he was doing. With locations Kappa moves off smoothly and with dignity. The efforts on the pedals and arm mechanics are filled with nobility, and they matched motor. Smooth, powerful, affordable baseman Rod confidently carries Italian toward adventure.

Fully independent suspension playfully deals with the paving stones of the old Vyborg. Rhythmically swaying bending pavement, inhaling the scents of expensive leather, protected by the magnificent sound insulation, easy to overlook the devil hidden in the heart of every Italian cars. A hint of its existence more than clear – you know a lot of business-class machines with the tachometer red zone, starting at 7000 rev / min?

The choice of car
Rally integralli: maintenance and repair of Lancia Delta HF Integrale

A little history may seem strange, but Integral – a distant relative to the disgrace favorite “Chiriqui” VAZ-2110. And any other VAZ. I especially emphasize this fact, in order periodically to it in the future …

Bring “Italian” hysterically at the top can and should be. Starting from 4500 rev / min at a furious motor even opened a second wind, helping to not turn sour until the cut-off. Invigorates – but if you want real passion, you need to look senorita with a turbocharged heart. Fortunately Lancia offered just two of these options.

In turns Kappa not disgrace the honor of the 166th soplatformennoy: minimum lists and stubborn derzhak until recently – any alfisti immediately recognize the familiar habits that do not hide under the bourgeois bloom. The precisely tuned chassis with a viscous coupling, differential lock for even distribution of torque between the front wheels, understeer has reduced to a minimum, providing an enviable car with “nepremialnoy” layout control.

Alas, in spite of all these hot lines, so not the Kappa soared, has become widespread only in the domestic market. It is not a lack of rear-wheel drive, to which the Lancia management, following the corporate strategy fiatovskoy, went deliberately. The same Volvo is never stopped to feel good in the premium segment. And with the price of the Italians do not be greedy: in comparable with the Germans trim Lancia cost on average 15% cheaper – great offer considering the merits of the above. Maybe it’s in a name? Being named in honor of the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet, Kappa tenths remained on roles in business class. No wonder people say: how do you call a boat – so it will float …

purchase history

Alexander – a longtime fan of Italian cars. Possession in the last Alfa Romeo 156 and GT left the most pleasant memories. Eighteen months ago, in search of something interesting, he came across an advertisement for the sale of a coupe Lancia Kappa.

“Tired” body, a flat tire – photo has been seen as an excellent shook his “Italian” Russian way of life. In this condition, the car was sold on the site of one of the so-called auto for 240 000 rubles. Have deal with resellers Alexander did not want to, and the car number, inadvertently flashes on one of the photos, the phone found the original owner. The negotiations were brief and successful: coupe 1998 release with mileage 120,000 km was bought for 200 000 rubles.


The main investments made in the return of the former Lancia external gloss: the car was completely repainted in the original color. According to the technique, oddly enough, it turned out much better – had moved the suspension, replaced the engine oil and the timing belt. Salon also does not require special interventions. The only work done on the interior – hauling attrited the knob PPC skin. Initial investments Alexander estimates of 150 000 rubles.


Alexander Kappa uses on a daily basis. Today’s run – 180 000 km, and no surprises Italian car never prepodnёs.

Most of the parts fit the models Alfa Romeo and Fiat, but part of the consumables – their own. For example, the rear shock absorbers of the coupe is not exactly identical to those of the sedan. They easily fit on dvuhdverku, but the rear axle because of it crouches lower position.

Gets into an accident on the Kappa Coupe is not recommended. Body panels are not interchangeable with the sedan, and the small circulation of the model can be a serious problem when searching for parts. Even the windshield at an external similarity does not fit on chetyrehdverki. When Alexander had to change it, he was forced to make it on order, at a cost of 10 000 rubles.

Lancia Kappa Coupe
Brief specifications:
Year of issue:
Engine capacity:
2.4 l
175 hp
The cost of the car when you buy:
200 000 rubles.
Initial investment:
150 thousand rubles
THAT the replacement of the engine oil (Selenia 10W40) and filters every 6 months:
4000 RUB.


Alexander sincerely loves his Lancia, but the habit of frequently changing cars do not allow long delay at a particular model. So now the new Kappa slowly looks connoisseurs.

model history

In 1994, came to an end a century Thema models, representing Lancia in the European business class. Heiress named historic name Kappa (small “k” – the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet), a model with the same name already produced by the Italian manufacturer in 1919.

Lancia Thema ‘1992-94

Unlike its predecessor, which divided the platform with the Alfa Romeo 164, Fiat Croma and Saab 9000, at the Kappa had only one relative – Alfa Romeo 166. From her Lancia primarily distinguished by a wide range of bodies: in addition to the classic sedan and wagon were available coupe. It is noteworthy that only made chetyrehdverki Lancia forces. Wagons were made on the Pininfarina plant in Turin, and a compartment built on capacities coachbuilder Maggiora.

Alfa Romeo 166 ‘1998-2003

A wide range of engines consisted of a couple of atmospheric “fours” 2 (146 – 155 hp) and 2.4 liter (175 hp), the V6 3.0 (205 hp) turbo engine with two four (205 hp) or five (220 bhp) and a turbodiesel 2.4-cylinder (124-136 hp). Transmissions – five-step “mechanics” and a four “automatic”.

The most common Kappa received in the domestic market, does not become very popular in the rest of Europe. At the time of removal from the production model saw the light only a little more than 117 000 copies, the overwhelming majority of which were sedans. At the Kappa replaced in 2001 came Thesis, has enjoyed little success.

Lancia Thesis’ 2002-09

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