For sbychu dream: a test drive Mercedes-Benz 500 SL R107

In the childhood dream Mercedes-Benz 500 SL does not pull – too hard and expressionless. In the guise of no dynamics, no flight lightness – almost entirely monumentality. Do not machine, and frozen music of some sort. So as a child I and my fellow avtomanam he did not like: Well, yes – the Mercedes, yes – sports roadster, yes – all in the skin, and so what? We loved the Porsche, Ferrari, Lancia and sporting Fiats. And perhaps everything is correct: Daimler-Benz never addressed its products Pepsi generation, and even the golden youth.

Ho took some thirty or forty years after the restoration of the magnificent SL in the workshop DCS has turned me to the test … and I looked at it through different eyes. We both still little aged, but my outlook and its positioning as a closer. In general, I ride on it to show off to the public, she patted door – and realized that now, in adulthood, it is time to introduce it to your list of dreams, which is to strive for.

The strength of tradition

Clearly, I have lip no fool – I liked the most "fat" equipment the most powerful updating of roadster Mercedes-Benz 500 the SL, which in its original classification designated as R107 (1971-1989 gg.).

Roadsters in Stuttgart were able to do and always loved, but so do a series of SL was founded by the legendary 300 SL Gullwing – the compartment "gull wing" in 1958 made an open version of Mercedes 300 SL W198. Along with him was made similar structurally and stylistically, but more democratic Mercedes 190 SL W121B2 (1955-1963), and a little later released a roadster based on the "Pagoda» W113 (1963-1971 gg.), Already stylistically similar to our today's hero.

And he is known, was a real long-lived, taking the pipeline for 18 years. During this period our Mercedes SL series R107 tried on a lot of power units, each time receiving the appropriate amount of digital code: 280 SL, 300 SL, 350 SL, 380 SL, 420 SL, 450 SL, 500 SL and even 560 SL … Externally differed significantly only Car version for the US market: in favor shtatovskih laws have been extended bumpers and two pairs of round headlights, not covered with common glass – instead of a pair of rectangular.

Interestingly, five months later the Roadster SL R107 was launched production of SLC Coupe C107. It is distinguished by a non-removable hardtop and an extra long 36 cm base. This four-seater saloon coupe made by arranging a pair of full-back passenger seats instead superuzkogo the sofa where I was, for example, I would hesitate to squeeze their kids (and in fact on the W121 B2 could see a single armchair cross!). It seems to be an unprecedented case – to the base convertible performed for a different type of body mass model. Production time SLC Coupe C107 was on ten years shorter than roadster – in 1981 it was replaced by a model S126, built on the basis of 126-th S-Class.

It is said that for a special supplement to the roadster, too, it was possible to obtain a rigid roof – removable. It all contributes to the visual perception of the lineup some confusion: it looks like the R107 C107, and to distinguish them can only be examples to the wheelbase and the geometry of the rear side window.

Mercedes-Benz SL-Klasse (R107 ) Mercedes-Benz SL-Klasse (C107)

The charm of neoclassic

SL mersedesovskie chiefs stands for "sport light", and together with the low silhouette of the machine is pre-alerted me. Previous contacts with sports cars, you know … I remember that taught me a lot like a car Jaguar XJ 220, whose owner prior to my boarding the wheel asked, as I have about sciatica. Quite frankly, I assured him that health is all right, but it soon turned out that this green car – much more shrewd diagnostician than myself. Despite the wide door, get out without help from a low and wide car was only with a fair effort.

In general, sufficient to lower the cabin of the Mercedes I tried on with caution. And in vain: mersedesovtsy rightly positioned SL line like a sports car, which should not cause inconvenience to the user – so that you can drive on a daily basis and without tension. In fact, out of the car easy, despite the low seat and a threshold – fortunately, the clearance is small, and can be easily and immediately put his left foot on the asphalt.

Mercedes-Benz 500 SL R107
Brief specifications
Dimensions in mm:
4 390/1 790/1 300
8-cylinder, V-type, 4973 cm3, 231 hp. from. (4750 rev / min)
Dry / curb weight:
1600/1960 kg
2460 mm
Maximum speed:
215 km / h
Number of places:
2 + 2

But before I got the pleasure of seeing all the open looks of the interior. It's great that the upholstery contrasts with respect to the body. Cream leather interior steering circuit is a separate phenomenon from the point of view of design: line adjusted the front, soft forms massive seats, all strictly restrained – almost to the point of boredom. But it is not boring – saving soft roundness of the dashboard and seat paths. Here it is, the most expensive style charm and timeless classics!

Meanwhile, the photographer has long been pushing me in the back, "Good dream, let's go!". In fact, as early as possible.

I am very cool

I undertake the door handle – and experience real bliss. Yes, I understand not all engineers, but what is it cool – solid metal, a strict and precise movement along the axis, no backlash and vacillation! And the door of the metal does not play around and not moving, as is the case in many of today's "premium".

Somewhere in the depths of a thick door lock clicks, it is heavy, resists me, and does not open as fast as you want. This "Merce" so pulls me:

"Do not fuss! You respectable man! "

I am going down in a low chair, looking around. Yes, this is it – the old Mercedes from 1970: kruglyashi ducts, flat wooden panels, a narrow line of signal lamps for devices and instruments themselves – with the same yellow carrot arrow and clock right. Luxurious white skin seem to have brought here in our time – together with the tweeters and door acoustics on the catwalks.

Under my hood – the most powerful (231 hp, 402 Nm) available for this model engine, five-liter V8 engine with mechanical fuel injection. Even SL560, intended for the American market was not as strong (5.6 L, 227l.s., 389 Nm) and fast, as the European "five hundredth" with its 7.5 seconds to 100 km / h.

To tell about the motor, it works, it will be ugly: no special work, any work on his part is not noticeable – it rustles. At idle from behind the wheel was not heard at all, street sounds and muffle the rustling. The classic labyrinth backstage shifts the selector lever in D, and press down the accelerator floor … Oh! We have about fifty meters from the launch pad! Everything happened quietly – frantic acceleration, but comfortable: the jerk would never throws, tires do not squeal, the motor is not howling. That is, (and then specifically listened to) in the street, this acceleration is still accompanied by a soft growl in a low but audible in the cabin only an interesting vulture – volume hiss, like a powerful breath of a large body. A further point kickdown gives squat machine at the rear axle. From the driver's seat is not very noticeable, but from the looks very exciting. On level gas when the car has picked up speed, I just heard that same rustle.

My present car – 1984 model year, and it is not three, and four-speed automatic. It allows the motor to unwind the soul, switches slowly, without the fashion now desire to move "up" early to save the owner of a little gasoline. In addition, a good supply of power and torque allows the engine to operate at different speeds within the same transmission without frequent switching. At the same time, even with smooth acceleration switch noticeable that it was normal for classical hydro boxes that time.

The steering is more comfortable than sporty, steering is not quite empty, but still easy, even on the move. In sharp turns heel nose, but is dominated by the feeling of being inappropriate maneuver – not in order yet invented this car. Smooth riding and restrained with natural for him – although right "prodernut" from the soul no one robs its wealthy owner. On the same subject, and the brake at the 500 SL – powerful, but not sharp, with a sufficiently large swing pedal, that is, not sports.

Running from roadster uniquely comfortable – almost without consequences swallow holes, masks minor cracks and joints, does not transmit to the body hum rough asphalt concrete. No wonder the suspension is almost entirely borrowed from the W126 luxury sedan, and they are attached to the body via the subframes, as additional absorbing vibration.

Add to Wishlist!

I liked everything – and it looks like, and what's inside and how to ride … But one serious drawback in that Mercedes is still there – it's not my Mercedes. But nothing. When the next "dnyuhu" someone declares a traditional toast "For sbychu dream!", I'll know which of them will be headed by my indiscreet list of secret desires.

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