For all the dislike of the sedan … Test drive Hyundai Elantra 2.0 AT

Formation preferences so thin that sometimes you wonder, from which they only grow. For example, how can you love a small sedan or a golf class, if hatchback or station wagon where practical, and perfect? About this I was prepared to say about the new Hyundai Elantra, but at the first meeting with her tongue slipped only “But!”

A ll it reminded me fishing when you shell on carp and some unthinkable way you turned out to be a very long hooked pike … And what is it, tell me, the C-class, and indeed, whether the new Elantra sedan look like? Coupe may liftbek, but not in the classic sense of the sedan.

A special breed

Referring to the figures, the wheelbase “Koreans” 2 700 mm was even greater than that of the leader is already originated the class C + Skoda Octavia A7 with its 2686 mm. But it was the same in the past, the fifth generation Hyundai Elantra, which hardly claim to design excellence. Moreover, only added new length of 40 mm as compared to its predecessor to 4570 mm in height and width of 5 mm to 1,450 mm and 1,800 respectively. Whence, then, came from a radically different perception of the car?

Above it like to drive a nozzle automatic dryer with the nearest car wash. It is dry and flattened airfoil, stretching back glass almost to the edge of the tailgate, turning ordinary, being a car in a bright individual. Even excessively bright, given the color of ripe raspberries.


All other rock-forming parts, including boomerangs sweeping bays in the bumper under the fog and the hexagonal radiator grille in the style of new trend of corporate companies, without any allegories we refer to the merits of the team Peter Schreier and joined her recently ex-chief designer Luc Donkervolke Bentley. Well with such names do without European award iF Design Award 2016?

According to her, and disbelief in the very pragmatic Hyundai came to the exterior of the Elantra. Even the most modest of the four trim it will not spoil. Matte silver finish on the grille instead of chrome, 15-inch forged wheels instead of casting 17 “,” galogenki “in place of xenon or barred” eyeless boomerangs “does not change the overall picture. In our, top-end version of the Comfort, Style weighted bags and High-Tech 80 and 70 thousand. Rubles, to the exterior and did not reproach, if not more …

Paradoxes comfort

No car in the segment C and even C + I have not seen when approaching the illuminated door handles and the unfolded working position the mirrors. Further – more abruptly: the locks are unlocked – please come to the salon. Plyuhnuvshis in fitted by a black perforated leather and profiled good seat, I hasten to press «Start».

Seat smoothly drives up to me and stiffens the steering wheel in a given someone earlier position.

Price Hyundai Elantra 2.0 AT
from 1,199,900 rubles

It is no longer “But …,” and “Wow!” The easiest sedan, which the last time I saw such a function, Infiniti Q50 was not in the basic configuration. Maybe that mixed Hyundai, or a special, a test version with electric drive and dual-channel memory driver’s seat? Not at all! Navoroty with a seat which after stopping the motor and drive off more ago, included in an optional package. However, the visible delights end it.

Because of its brevity and minimalism, interior Elantra resembles that offer many cars Volkswagen clan, in particular, the above-mentioned Skoda Octavia. Like in her enviable space in the cabin has almost no relation to the overall size. The secret, not counting the long wheelbase, minimal thickness of the door trim and short front.

Put elbow on the windowsill hardly happens. He just does not reach up to it, and pave his hand on the hard plastic and not very nice, except that the window is fully open.

You can certainly use the door handle, but her windows were placed buttons, door locks and mirror control, and this is inconvenient. By the way, due to the thinness of said door trim pockets for small things and bottle compartment out quite modest. Half a liter, for more and do not dream.

But the feeling of a new, not cluttered unnecessary furnished apartments – much more expensive that even smells like, just a little sharper, plastic. Proprietary air purification system, which, of course, have a car, there is no help, but open windows do their work, and passengers, imposingly lounging on the second row, did not seem to sniff.

They are really comfortable there, especially because of the space for the legs, which really much. And because the floor of the Elantra is flat, without a hint of the central tunnel (good wheel-drive version is not expected), and the seat cushions are fairly low. Three seats, without any reservations to the love of baking and growth. And the same amount of luggage or will subside in the 458-liter boot. Not Cabin Size, and real, full-length, which will not prevent even a full-fledged “reserve” in the niche under the floor.

Still, 2.0 …

But no one sees, and attention will be paid to the appearance of the Elantra and the ease with which it rides. Yes, the 2.0-liter aspirated is available only in the top assembly Comfort. With the six-speed PCR of 1,154,900 rubles. or AKP for 1,199,900 rubles. – not so important. It should be remembered that only a 149-horsepower engine Nu 2.0 with two phase shifters (as evidenced by the proud label D-CVVT) accompanied by all the options available in the Elantra’s arsenal. The fact that they are not excessive, I have doubts have arisen.

LED running lights, fog lights, light sensor, Parktronic front, cruise control, steering wheel heating, combination leather trim / substitute and a host small things, of course, come in handy. However, the 16 “alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, rain sensor, CD-MP3-audio system with six speakers and fog can be obtained in a more modest version of the Active.

Hyundai Elantra 2,0 AT
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
4 570/1 800/1 450
Capacity, l. from.:
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h:
six-speed, automatic
Fuel tank capacity, l

And if uzhatsya to Base or general primary Start 899 900 rubles., You still will not be deprived of such essential items as ABS, ESP, EBD, help system at lifting the HAC, a pair of airbags, trip computer, tire-pressure monitoring system, steering wheel tilt and reach, and other small pleasures.

Only here it was originally attached to the motor MPI Gamma 1,6 capacity of 123 liters. from. (With all of the same D-CVVT), which does not cause me great optimism. He is familiar from other models of the company and there is a suspicion that the car with a sporty image, and the curb weight of 1 390 kg, will be weak. What INC that with automatic transmission available starting from Base. But to top-end “kopeck piece” with the “automatic” Definitely no complaints.

Lightweight, aluminum engine NU, standing in the “hendevskoy” table of ranks between Gamma and Theta II, came sedan fit so that there is no slightest desire to reflash the control unit in the search for dozens of unnecessary “bay”, and generally get under the hood.

Press down the accelerator – and the Elantra goes exactly as you need. At the very very low speed is not aspirated exports, but on average range from 2800 rev / min – please very tangible pickup. And all this while not stratospheric torque of 192 Nm at 4000 rev / min and the absence of any particular noise and vibration. And running roughly D-CVVT, changing the valve timing, depending on the speed. Without the boost does not feel defective.

Another batch option – button selection of the driving modes ECO to Sport. Note that the power of this electronic algorithm does not add to, but on the dynamics and fuel consumption is affected. Passport 9.9 seconds to “hundreds” with elongated gears in Sport and promotion crankshaft almost 6 000 rev / min – is quite similar to the truth, even without measurements and subjective sensations Elantra accelerates even faster.

Hyundai Elantra 2,0 AT
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l10.1 5.5 7.2

The ECO is the opposite, turnover is minimal, and therefore felt not so acute. The city could not “fall out” of 10.5 l / 100 km, even in the absence of too much “vegetable” reaction gas. On the track, even resorting to the help of “cruise”, can be kept within the limits of 6.7-7.0 liters per “hundred”. Everything seems fine, but the lack of smooth shifting automatic transmission with the active use of the accelerator from the song can not erase. In either mode. Jerks hardly noticeable, but they led me to a more careful assessment of the Elantra …

“Revizorro” on the way out!

By and large, with the technique of the car, almost all in the “five”. In addition to the class 2.0-liter engine and the “rapid reaction machine”, he has excellent road holding.

No special intricacies in the suspension is not – front MacPherson strut yes semidependent rear design.

But the overall impression of density and chassis composure, even to the point of excessive rigidity, did not leave me for a minute.

Deliberately intense transfer wheel from side to side, and the Elantra at all uneasy. Neither buildup nor even slip to a predetermined trajectory, even on asphalt with a comb. Not the least role in the stability and rigidity of the body plays that have new items almost entirely of high strength steel. But what tuners and closers, and pored over the electric power steering, and over every Hob, there is no doubt.

Why not take them from Example Engineering front panel, in particular multimedia systems still remains a mystery. God would have it, a blue-violet backlit buttons, which you get used to after a couple of hours. A guard with a well legible analog instrumentation and informational LCD insert between them – also, by and large, fit.

But for such a car microscopic five-inch main display with poor resolution, gaping embrasure in the center console, it caused only confusion.

It is very strange gadget has touch controls, but the navigation is not entitled to it as a class. The most offensive, that the whole structure is integral with the panel and the central air deflector, so change it to something more decent and modern without “surgery” to succeed barely.


Curiosities auto industry did not surprise us, and to treat them differently as humor is hardly worth it. As well as the fact that the groundwork for the future restyling should be created in advance. However, Hyundai Elantra VI generation deserves much more praise than irony. Given the quality of the Russian assembly, which is not reproach, and almost identical prices for competitors in the class C +, the car is not illusory prospects.

You will enjoy a Hyundai Elantra, if:

  • You regularly visit a fitness club;
  • I enjoy admiring glances;
  • Your craving for beauty depends on its price.

You do not like the Hyundai Elantra, if:

  • Are you picky to detail;
  • You are thinking, propping his chin with his fist;
  • You will not save money on gadgets.

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