“Folkstaviya”. Test drive updated Skoda Rapid

The fate of Skoda Rapid in Russia looks very interesting. Once this model was brought to us belatedly, for fear of low demand. But in a crisis, this liftback unexpectedly became the best seller of the brand. What can we expect from the last model restyling?

“Well, stop making eyes, go riding,” – literally sweeps in my head, while I take the keys and go to the parking lot. But my thoughts are not addressed at all to the pretty hostess girl, but to the restyling Skoda Rapid, who became the culprit of the event. Now in the list of available equipment, the car has bi-xenon headlights and LED running lights. It turned out pretty, and the car with already familiar shapes just flirts with casual passers-by. Not to mention the fact that, thank God, the headlamp unit was not divided into two parts as on Octavia.

But is this test-drive really organized only because of some headlights? Of course not! The car has received a number of other changes in appearance, but it becomes obvious only if the dorestyle Skoda Rapid is placed next to the updated one. Slightly changed the shape of the fog lamps, a new strip was added in the bumper, which in chrome trimmed versions in expensive versions, the side turn signals moved into the mirror body, and the rear lights got a darker edging.

Similar transformations have occurred in the cabin. If you do not go to Rapida every day, to understand what’s new is difficult. Therefore, we reveal secrets! First, the graphics of the instrument panel changed. Secondly, the central insert on the front console received a very attractive bend. Thirdly, others are air ducts, door handles and front rack design. Not too little! Artificially “get old” pre-style Rapid creators really succeeded! Although this was not the only thing. For example, the list of options was supplemented with USB slots for rear row passengers, and seat heating. Although you can not get both at the same time, you will have to choose one thing.

Another block of change concerns the available systems. In addition to the bi-xenon headlights mentioned above, the Light Assist light, the Coming home and Leaving home functions have appeared in the list of options, thanks to which the headlights will illuminate the way to the car in the parking lot, as well as an intelligent main-beam control system that does not blind the oncoming drivers. Also Rapid equipped with a keyless access system, front parking sensors and a climb up assistant. And the car has received an advanced multimedia complex Skoda Connect with the ability to access the Internet and a system to prevent frontal collisions. But in Russia the last two items, alas, will not be. But at us all cars according to new requirements will be equipped with systems ERA-GLONASS.

Will you say that all this is too boring? Want a clockwork story? Alas, the updating of the model, which many people in Russia consider to be not only the “younger brother” of Octavia, or the folk “Volkswagen”, is caused by marketing and is of a somewhat nomenklatura nature. “Globally, technically, everything remains the same, although for Rapid “It’s a compliment, because the car is just going fine, and it’s for this combination of handling and capacity (the Skoda Rapid dimensions are 4483 x 1706 x 1461 mm, the volume of the trunk is 530 liters), the car is forgiving a lot.” Entering the next “hairpin” on steep paths in the suburbs of Frankfurt, do you think that sidish In the bends, the car behaves like a standard front-drive sedan (that is, excuse me, elevatorback!) And involuntarily draw parallels with the same “Octavia” of the first generation that was so popular in our country for a very similar combination.The reverse side of controllability is the same rigid suspension.In Germany with its quality of asphalt is a plus, but in Russia such a shake of some may scare.

There were no changes with the line of motors. Skoda Rapid will continue to be offered with a 1.6-liter petrol engine, available in two variants of forcing – 90 and 110 horsepower, as well as a 1.4-liter 125-horsepower engine. The transmissions are a 5-speed “mechanics”, a 6-speed “automatic torque converter” and a 7-step DSG robot. Claims to these power plants by and large do not (do not forget that the DSG box has long been brought to mind). On the test, we had the opportunity to ride only on the version 1.4 TSI, which proved to be the best in both the updated and the old Rapida. And from personal experience, we know that the 1.6 liter engine in the 110-strong version is very good, and it also has a good economy – 6.1 liters per hundred.

And against this background it is really insulting that we do not and do not expect diesel engines. Surprisingly, although Rapid in our country belongs to the class of state employees, many who are interested in this model, immediately begin to ask about the prospects for the appearance of the version on “heavy fuel.” And they can be understood. For example, a 1,6-liter TDI engine developing 116 “horses” in the acceleration up to 100 km / h is close to gasoline (10 seconds), but it behaves much better in urban conditions, and even more economically – 4.1 liters on 100 km. Burned about this engine? And that’s enough. After all, we will have a diesel modification, for it we would definitely have to pay about a million rubles. Are you ready to pay such a sum simply for the opportunity to stop at a gas station less often? No? We think, now it is clearer why our choice was made exclusively in favor of gasoline units.

By the way, about the prices. The cost of the updated version was announced the day before, and it became clear that as the modernization of Rapid was not deep, the prices also did not increase so much. For the base liftback in the Entry set will be asked from 604 000 rubles, for more advanced modifications Active and Ambition will be asked from 660 000 and 761 000 rubles respectively. At the top of the price fork will be placed top modifications – Style (from 807 000 rubles) and Monte Carlo (from 847 000 rubles). By the way, they make it possible not only to make the car more beautiful thanks to other wheel disks, other interior trim and inserts on the front panel, but also more functional – thanks to bi-xenon headlights, LED tail lights and sports seats.

True, as it usually happens, the producer is cunning with prices. The fact is that the initial cost is indicated for Rapid, equipped with a 90-horsepower engine (with the exception of the Monte Carlo version). Do you want a more powerful engine? Then prepare a minimum of 718 000 rubles for the Active version, 819 000 rubles for the Ambition kit and 865 000 rubles for the Style version. Need an “automatic”? Then you have to pay 763 000, 864 000 and 910 000 rubles, respectively. Well, the most powerful 1.4-liter 125-hp unit is generally available only on Ambition and Style versions, and will cost 904,000 and 950,000 rubles, respectively. Accurate upgrades of the updated Skoda Rapid have not yet been disclosed, and car sales will begin in July this year.

Against the background of competitors, the cost of “Rapid” at first glance seems overstated. For example, Hyundai Solaris costs from 599 000 rubles, Kia Rio – from 611 000 rubles, and Volkswagen Polo – from 599 900 rubles. Well, and domestic Lada Vesta is even cheaper – from 546 000 rubles. However, on the other hand, Skoda Rapid is more recent in size, and much closer to the class of “golf”, not “B”. In addition, unnoticed by many in 2017, Skoda Rapid came in first place in sales among models of the Czech brand and is about to break into the top 10 most popular cars in Russia. That is, Rapid finally begins to play a role that was once performed in Russia by Skoda Octavia – put a full car with a reasonable combination of price / quality. The restyling model in this case will certainly benefit. It is a pity that Russians are still dreaming about changes as profound as in Europe. As well as the Euro rate in the region of 40 rubles.

Skoda Rapid 2017 specifications

Overall dimensions, cm

448.3 x 170.6 x 147.4

Wheelbase, cm


The equipped weight, kg


Cargo space, l



1.6 MPI benz., 1.4 TSI benz.


90/110/125 hp




5-st. MCP, 6-st. AKP, 7-st. DSG robot

type of drive


Maximum speed, km / h


Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from

11.4 / 10.3 / 9.0

Fuel capacity, l