Five surprises Cadillac XT5. Pleasant and not very

Wherever you look, it’s not like the rest. Cadillac XT5 surprises at every step even those who have experienced the entire fleet of vehicles. Sometimes surprises are pleasant, sometimes – no.

I guarantee – getting acquainted with this premium American crossover will not be boring. And it’s great. In an age of ubiquitous copying and juggling with the same ideas, the desire for a fat layer to draw your line is commendable. Clearly, sometimes there are failures. Fresh decisions of classical problems like not always and not all. What is it, the special world of Cadillac XT5: tempting and original or defiantly unfriendly?

Out of class

In the coming years, Cadillac has gathered a powerful expansion of its product line with the new modular platform. Including several crossovers are expected. And XT5 is the firstborn. And while he is alone, you can fall into a light stupor already while viewing the characteristics. You generally will be who? The successor to SRX is not so easy to attribute to a certain segment. If we consider it as a compact crossover, then it will be a clear leader in the class in size. If you let it go to one field, say, with the BMW X5, it seems like an underdog child. Something in between.

Well and the prices at it corresponding, “внеклассовые”. In the basic version of Luxury (yes, this is the name of the simplest bundle), taking into account the current proposals, it will cost 2,890,000 rubles, and in the top Platinum – from 3,690,000 rubles. That is, there is still no need to pay increased transport tax, but it will not come cheap either. And inside it becomes clear why.

Expensive finish and comfort

Yes, I’m in the “platinum” XT5, but still somehow unexpectedly, that inside the American crossover I can not find signs of savings or, let’s say, hidden under the luxury of cheapness. I can not say: “Look, plastic under the tree.” Because there is nothing “under” here. Tree and the truth tree, natural. Alcantara, nappa … You feel it all, and from the speakers of the Bose audio system, a beautiful sound pours.

To the form, the profile of the seats there are no questions. And I, I believe, are normal. It was necessary! When you go by train to the German island of Sylt, sitting in the car and without even being able to open the door, you have time to appreciate the comfort.

And behind, too, no compromises. Since the time of the SRX, the Cadillacs have increased the wheelbase to almost 286 cm, and the entire increase went to the rear passengers. You can push back the sofa and tilt the back, and the adjustments are not symbolic, but rather noticeable.

A peculiar inner world

Well, now about the oddities. About people with a crazy sometimes they say that they have a complex inner world. Something similar can be said about the Cadillac XT5. Sitting, for example, all on the same back sofa. There is a climate control with a touch screen and rocker keys. But which of them is responsible for what, it remains to learn by tyke method. After all, they are nameless, and with an indication on the display are badly docked. It’s a matter of habit, but …

There will be long attempts to make friends with the selector of the checkpoint. Transmissions are included in the BMW style – you press the button on the side and move the lever back and forth. But to activate the reverse gear, the number of movements increased: press, forward, left … Why?

I agree, with time you will adapt. Still have to get used to the fact that parktronic warns not by sound, but by vibrations to the fifth point. And it takes a lot of time to get used to it – it’s very difficult to rebuild and associate two completely different actions in the mind.

Finally, the eight-inch screen of the multimedia system does not respond to the overall high level of performance. And like there are a bunch of functions, including a camera of a circular view, but the quality of the image, including navigation, leaves much to be desired.

However, for a couple of unusual features “not like everyone else,” I would praise Cadillac. First, a dual-mode rear-view mirror. He pulled the lever – and instead of the mirror there was already an image of the highest quality from the wide-angle camera on the trunk door. And she has a washer, so the picture is always clean. It’s also very unusual, but in time you realize how cool this is. And it’s safe, because the viewing angle back is greatly increased.

Secondly, in its own way in the Cadillac they implemented a system for contactless opening of the trunk. To kick under a bumper in XT5 it is necessary not in the middle, and at the side. And it is right! Do not have to dodge the door. I think the rest should adopt this method.

Non-alternative technology

Premium cars usually have a wide variety of versions. XT5 is also distinguished here. Cadillac does not offer a choice at all. Finishing options – please, a whole darkness. But the engine is a non-alternative V6 with a capacity of 314 hp. So on taxes still have to, even without a “luxury” premium.

You know, the motor is worth it. For a class overclocking the atmospheric must be twisted without embarrassment, but on the top he always gives a sensation of a powerful thrust. Eight-step classic automatic in the sport mode just helps to keep the necessary speed.

By the way, about the modes. Here again a special approach of the Cadillac is shown. All XT5 without all-wheel drive, but! At each engine start they are attention – strictly front-wheel-drive mode Tour. The fact is that the AWD system must be turned on by force. She herself will not wake up in case of a slip. So the crossover in the corners will be shamelessly dragged outside until the driver comes to his senses. A very strange decision.

There is no choice – it’s about the start-stop system. It can not be turned off. In Moscow traffic jams, it can be annoying, although, it must be admitted, it works delicately enough. The interior is not shaken by vibrations, and pauses are minimal.

Not really an “American”

All this non-alternative technique generates unusual driving sensations for the driver. American breed behavior XT5 on the road does not betray. Do you think it is swollen, noisy and gluttonous? No no and one more time no. And this, perhaps, is the most pleasant surprise.

Firstly, Cadillacs have very successfully balanced the settings of electronically controlled shock absorbers. The adaptive suspension swallows small and medium irregularities with cheers, but remains assembled. Moreover, XT5 in the mode of Sport can be rightfully called gambling! This is facilitated by an unusual four-wheel drive scheme with two electro-hydraulic clutches on the rear axle, which extends the distribution of traction on each wheel.

Secondly, XT5 is very quiet. 100, 130 km / h … and I still calmly talking with colleagues. The whistling of the wind starts to get in the way only at a very indecent speed on the highway.

Finally, the Cadillac produced a surprisingly non-American economy car for this size. As practice showed, on the track without tension, you can achieve a flow of 7-7.5 liters, and if you “frown”, even in the vicinity of six! But there were German ideal roads … Nevertheless, class indicators allow to achieve the system of switching off two cylinders of six at low loads. And, unlike Escalade, this happens quite often, it is only necessary to reduce the speed. The main thing is there is an effect, and it’s possible to recognize the operation of the system only by the icons on the device.

It was driving experience that put an end to our question. Cadillac XT5 still captivates with its originality. And surprises are mostly pleasant. With the rest you can resign yourself, as with cockroaches in your girl’s head.

Alexey Dmitriev, photo Cadillac

Characteristics of Cadillac XT 5

Dimensions (length / width / height), cm

481.5 / 190.3 / 167.5

Wheelbase, cm


The equipped weight, kg


Luggage space, l



V6, petrol, 3649 cm³

Power, l. from. / rev / min.


Torque, Nm / rev / min.



8-st., Automatic.

Drive unit


Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from


Maximum speed, km / h


Combined fuel consumption, l / 100 km