First impressions of the new Nissan Murano

Degree and comfort. Comfort and sedateness. The interior workers from Nissan said these words as a mantra, creating the third Murano . And then they were repeated by guys from KYB, the manufacturer of shock absorbers, who were asked to adapt the suspension to our roads.

As a result, we received an excellent in terms of comfort senior Nissan’s crossover, truly the flagship of the parquet movement of Nissan, and strive to stave the heels of Infiniti. If only at the price in Nissan they did not squash themselves a good product in general, but we are silent about this for exactly a week. There will be prices – we will look.

In short, the next Murano is pretty damn good. The funny thing is that the Japanese have not done anything supernatural: the old motor, the old platform. Well, yes, there was a hybrid, but again – its aggregate pair is known by Pathfinder. Parketnik does not tear asphalt and your cerebellum. It does not strike the intellect, and the set of chips in it is generally standard. Just for a few centuries before us, an honest, tightly knocked down and perfectly tuned car. Bravo! It remains to wait until August 1, when prices are announced, and September, when the car goes on sale. The Japanese promise not to offend the price, because the SUV is produced by Peter, which significantly reduces the cost of some of the costs.

The ground clearance of the Murano is 184 mm. This is 6 mm more than before, but still it’s pretty damn small for a SUV. Do not add optimism and hanging from the bottom. First, they are not covered, and, secondly, almost any part of the outlet can become a good anchor somewhere in the track. But in Nissan they say, they say, Murano is not about impassability – it’s a purely urban dweller with all the consequences. With this, and the demand is small – it does not even have a choice of modes for the all-wheel drive transmission, the electromagnetic clutch works in an automatic mode. So AWD is here for confidence on the asphalt and the snow-covered porch, nothing more. By the way, in our market there is a front-drive version of Murano.

But this guy is damn beautiful. Marketers say that this is much more important for the target audience. The Japanese dream of seeing the Audi Q5 as a competitor. And if on the part of technology this is still a series of “dreaming is not harmful,” then according to the design in Nissan, the Germans still kicked the ass.

In the list of basic equipment Murano completely LED optics: lights, lights, navigation lights and repeaters in the mirrors. Practically, elegantly, in a trend. It’s a pity the headlamp beam is not dynamic. At much cheaper “Europeans” this option has been offered for a hundred years.

On the one hand, the visibility of Murano is excellent, and even the design curls here are not a hindrance, which is a rarity. But here with the mirrors of the ambush: no matter how you set up, but completely the road picture is not visible. Under the mirror you can see a ledge for the camera – Murano has four of them. The circular survey system has long been a “mast-hev” for all Nissan.

These 20-inch rollers with tires 235/55 are the prerogative of the most packed version of the Murano. In the database drives are a couple of inches smaller. It is generally accepted that the lower the profile, the stiffer the wheelbarrow in the part of driving comfort. But the Murano is so coolly built-up running gear that even on top wheels the SUV rides very neatly. It’s not for nothing that hangers from 11 variants of settings have chosen this one: moderately comfortable, power-consuming, with excellent smoothness of stroke and practically devoid of parasitic rolls. I already said that Murano is ideal for driving comfort !?

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