Experience with Honda Ridgeline

Honda did not have and there is not the slightest chance to shake the position of authentic American manufacturers of full-size cars in the battle for the hearts of fans of Johnny Cash and potential voters of Donald Trump. And what if to offer a pickup not for rednekov with straws in the teeth, but for urban hipsters, fans of outdoor activities and other such a public? Apparently, the result of some such thinking was the Honda Ridgeline – not like a pickup-revolutionary, not having direct competitors. Not become a bestseller, but who knows how to fall in love with himself so that the owners simply can not find a replacement for him. Today we get acquainted with the person who bought Ridgeline for the fourth time and is thinking about the fifth.

View from the outside

A growling growls, a square block of black metal is rolling towards me. The frowning headlights look sideways, the air intake cap is pushed to the crown, the chin of the camera is pushed forward – “Is cho? And if I find? “. Cursed by such pressure, I come from the side. In the swinging wheel arches, huge 20-inch wheels blacken, on the rear windows the toning gleams, and the wide body of the body is ready to swallow me whole without choking. The prize for the harshest “Honda” is rightfully owned by Ridgeline. By the way, all this is by no means the fruits of the stormy fantasy of the “collective farmers”, but quite an authentic styling.

The pickup is a little like a “relative” – ​​a kind ovolnya Pilot. With classmates for a difficult pick-up business, too little to do. Perhaps, it would be more correct to characterize this car as “a raised four-wheel-drive yacht.” Do not know what yat is? Well, it’s a pick-up truck made from a business sedan – such cars as the Chevy El Camino about 30 years ago were quite popular in the US, and they only become invasive in Australia. I bet that the Japanese remembered the old El Camino when they were looking for a marketing niche for Ridgeline.


The salon, assembled with Japanese thoroughness from hard American plastics, is not as expressive as the exterior, but not devoid of designer delights. The large steering wheel, the poker automatic and large buttons are well adjacent to the wells of the instrument panel and deliberately brutal door handles.

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