Everything you wanted to know about the new Mitsubishi L200

To give a touch of gloss and premium, automakers today are trying everything possible. Glamurization has come down to even such a seemingly “proletarian” and utilitarian kind as pick-up trucks. Was there a new Mitsubishi L200 in this wave?

Forte, Mighty Max, Dodge Ram 50, Colt, Storm, Magnum, Hunter, Sportero, Strada and, of course, Triton … In the history of the famous Mitsubishi L200 pick-up truck there was a lot of names under a lot of sales markets around the world. Since the advent of the first generation in 1978, more than 4 million of these trucks are running around the planet. By the way, the model L200 managed to excel in Russia, where from 2003 to April 2015 held the title of the most sold pickup truck in our country (almost 51,000 cars sold, according to AEB).

The previous, fourth generation L200 lasted on the conveyor for 10 years. For pick-up trucks and other commercial vehicles – a common thing, it’s not easy cars, which every 3-4 years, “bring their eyes.” And pickups are usually updated rarely, but accurately. That’s the current, the fifth generation L200, produced since 2015, also served as a new car. And one of the most important was the question from our readers about how “new” this L200 turned out to be.

Mitsubishi L200 for the first time has received a xenon headlight of a passing beam (in the top version). In addition to steel wheels at 16 inches, for a surcharge there are light-alloy wheels at 16 and 17 inches. Due to the new hood and front bumper, the drag coefficient is reduced from 0.46 to 0.40. And on the crash tests Euro NCAP the new L200 scored 4 stars. Another would only “Asiatic” in the form of an abundance of chromium removed …

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Hardly having sat down for a wheel, I already see familiar configuration of interior and sticking out “ears” from a model of the last generation. Here remained the transmission tunnel with the characteristic massive protrusions of the upholstery, propping up the legs. The right knee of the driver still strives to rest against the plastic of the center console. Here are familiar paddle shifters and large mirrors-mugs with the function of folding the servo, the button of which for some reason was reduced to the size of a grain. Door panels are actually the same – albeit with a new soft insert, but all with the same simple plastic and a single automatic window regulator.

Save? Mitsubishi – from those companies whose representatives like to say in the style of “we ourselves are a small company, poor …” Now, the Japanese, apparently, are not up to fat.

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But there are no strained attempts to powder an honest utilitarian car with a touch of ubiquitous premiumness, on which many companies are already clearly obsessed. It’s like trying to give Uncle Vasya a hard worker for a polished “white collar”. But how not to dress up, you can not hide his calloused hands and proletarian nature …

In the list of equipment for the first time appeared knee airbag for the driver. But this option, as well as side cushions and curtains, inaccessible in the first two trim levels. By the way, the air conditioner in the basic configuration, too, no.

On the other hand, in such a salon is not terrible network in dirty boots, and then wipe it with a rag. And there are also local improvements in the new pickup truck too. Finally, we put the handrails on the windshield racks (put the handles on the middle racks, like the Toyota Hilux, and it will be perfect at all), so that it would be more convenient to get into the car. The new steering wheel – with a more tenacious cover and adjustment on the fly, albeit somewhat short. The new front seats have a hint of lateral support, and the fabric upholstery now better holds in the corners. And the large drivers behind the wheel should become easier to sit – added 20 mm of space in the legs and 14 mm longer longitudinal settings of the front seats.

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