Everything that does not kill: test drive of Chevrolet Niva Off-Road

Photographer utters loud unintelligible sounds – it throws up on the seat in the next turn. It is not easy: first, he almost fell out of the trunk, and now we are looking for a place for dynamic frame on the roads. We have a test Chevrolet Niva Off-Road.

D erzhis, photographer, everything that does not kill us makes us stronger! But let lose a little progress and we will investigate. Now prices Niva will start with a mark of 585 thousand rubles, but we have top of the range of 704 000 rubles, and to be precise, it is called LE +. From “conventional” top-end version of the Niva (radio, two speakers, two power windows, heated windscreen, powered mirrors), it is characterized by a snorkel, painted in graphite color preassembled on rims and a toothy tires Continental Cross Contact AT the dimension 215/65 R16. Right now, this uplifting tires dust heap on the motocross track near Togliatti. Niva, howling engine and transmission, is screwed into the turn a little “give angle” and takes me by the photographer, remaining on a bend in the arms of a dust cloud. In fact, not the easiest day of shooting, but the shots have to get what we need.

Yes, Vladimir, you know, what kind of feelings overwhelmed me behind the wheel of this car, now would foul after me a little less. After all, I remember very well how in 2010 drove 7000 kilometers in the Southern Urals, Altai and the Baikal region under the path “for Russian treasures on Chevrolet Niva». As the road turned into roads for hundreds of kilometers, and two of our Niva were the only machines to keep the 80 km / h, while all the others were dragged on the bumpy gravel road at a snail’s speed …

The breed has remained the same – at a time when the car enters the second low for the next jump, it is particularly acute, but something has changed.


The suspension became tighter with new gas-filled struts and seats more comfortable – they are now more rigid, not playing under the load frame, a good profile, good lateral support and adjustable lumbar support.

In the most recent series counterparts are more convenient to use the Isofix child seat mounting, three-point belt rear center passenger (on our Cornfield he still waist) and nepristёgnutogo driving belt indicator is triggered when the speed set in the 15 km / h. On our car optional black ceiling, adding interior brutal charm.

Chevrolet Niva
Base price:
585 thousand rubles

Generally speaking, since the memorable 2010 (as, indeed, and a few years before him) constantly modernized machine – improvements were point, but now they have led to the existing structure is almost perfect condition. In their ideology vehicle verified to the last detail. “At least 95% of the current defects – from suppliers to assemble, we have eliminated almost all”, – says Evgeny Berezin, who at the beginning of the “zero” was a simple mechanic on the line, in 2010, was shaking with me on potholes Urals and now is the Director of GM-AVTOVAZ quality.

Niva flies into the slope, and the photographer rounds eyes – it seems that the car is now turn over on its side. But the margin of stability is maintained even when out of the car is almost impossible, and we get a few good shots in this material. Niva is, effectively banked, and I lay on the front seat, so as not to interfere with the photographer, and I think that 98 percent localization – it is a problem of the machine (because the very suppliers), and its trump card, because this fact allows it so long stay in the top of sales.

But not the only one. After all the work on the “fine-tuning” the existing structure did not stop even when the new generation of Niva made a splash at the MIAS-2014 because it was clear that for at least three or four years, the market will retain the current model. And in 2015 concern GM and nearly all left the Russian – range models was reduced to a couple of luxury options, available on request, and of all the Russian production facilities was only Unpreserved conveyor in Tolyatti.

Construction of the plant for the new Niva, which is due to their own departments would make it possible “to get rid” of Togliatti conveyor (now the body and chassis components come at GM-AVTOVAZ conveyor because of the “neighborhood” of the fence – with related AvtoVAZ), it had to be frozen. And resume work on the current generation of Niva with renewed vigor – so there were some special model designed to revive demand (one of them – just in front of you), and a new list of improvements.

Here is the list of completions 2014-2015 years:

  • New front seats
  • “Antiskripnye” brake pads
  • generator with a current of 110 A
  • updated cooling fan
  • moisture-proof beep
  • more reliable and quiet drive of the windscreen wiper
  • more reliable electropackage control unit
  • reinforced boot shelf
  • improved seal ventilation ducts
  • a device for monitoring dopogregatov belt
  • additional drainage holes in the area of ​​door locks
  • more heat-resistant coil
  • a sealed razdatka (Loctite sealant)
  • increased area of ​​contact switches, window lifter
  • a sealed cylinder of coupling (improved treatment of the working surface)
  • durable corrugated seal the clutch slave cylinder rod
  • brake master cylinder TWR
  • “Silent” petrol pump
  • more balanced starter armature (improved site performance, reduced noise)
  • “Pockets” for the rear seat belt buckle
  • Package “Anti-dust” with the modified circuit sealing body
  • no rattling when closing the rear door windows out of the question with effect samoopuskaniya
  • Soft-protection braid wires in the rear doors
  • more durable (not sag over time) glove box
  • extra-protection buffers between the ceiling and roof

And because in 2016 they did not stop. During the first half have been implemented:

  • “Antigryazevye” elongated housings rear shock absorbers
  • increase resource sleeve welded on the guides doors
  • a sealed ball bearings covers
  • converters with increased oxygen capacity
  • antinoise rubber buffer on the hard floor of the clutch pedal
  • soft (and therefore almost silent) Brush fan assembly
  • “Antiskripovaya layer” between the filler and the frame of the front seats
  • slide front seats increased rigidity

Anything that does not kill us makes us stronger? Perhaps Nietzsche’s aphorism that is suitable as a slogan of the current Chevrolet Niva is the best. I’m trying to get her to slip, hung out the rear wheel on the high parapet, but Niwa desperately clings to the ground and creeps forward.

Shnivy killed rivals, the crisis has not killed the market, did not kill even the departure of “parent” brand.

Not all of this happen, it would have been just as solid machine, which is now .. At some point of articulation axis is still not enough, “off-road” Niva loses grip and starts to slip – interwheel here to lock in the rear axle What is said so many words in the forums nivovodov! Perhaps as much as the need of a new engine …

Chevrolet Niva
Price bundling LE +:
704 thousand rubles

With half an hour ago, when the photographer has not suspect that he would have to look like a car a thick layer of crushed clay loam that the shot was at least conditionally clean body, we circled on the radiant white Niva in the city and in the urban environment of the motor, even if the relevant standards Euro -5, the car really is not enough. 80 l. from. and 127 Nm – obviously not what we need cars with permanent four-wheel drive and a curb weight of 1410 kilograms. To keep up with the traffic, you need to Niva “prisidetsya” – turn the engine at least 3 000 rev / min, time switch … in short, become a little nivovodom.

Chevrolet Niva
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l13.2 8.4 10.2

In the eyes of a new generation of motoring as low recoil of the motor hardly fit in with the fuel consumption – in the city you will hardly be able to spend less than 13 liters per 100 kilometers. Add to that the reluctance wheel return to zero position after the change of the trajectory and “smothered” with all sorts of tricks, but still solo in the interior noise of howling transmission … But an updated suspension where tsepche than before, keeping the car on the banks on the “ring”, air-conditioning efficiently cool the interior and the head unit passes the pair of speakers in a more or less tolerable quality audio signals.


And once you get to the broken street (as you know, do this in any city of Russia is not difficult), you become a king of the road.

It is any prose of life pendant Niva swallows, as a kind of Russian peasant life swallows a glass of vodka.

And yet at the same time, even off-road equipment, Nasha Niva looks quite organically in a city – perhaps even a little more appropriate than its sister Lada 4 × 4 in a special “city” performed by Urban. Niva like half a head higher than its “older sister”, and this advantage comes through in everything – in a more modern body proportions, in an obsolete, but well assembled interior (just do not look at it as inscribed key “emergency gang”, is hell a perfectionist! ), in the engine compartment, wherein each clamp is tightened and every posting literally paved with European delicacy …

Chevrolet Niva
Brief specifications
Dimensions (length / width / height), mm:
4 056/2 120/1 690
Curb weight, kg:
Ground clearance, mm:
Gasoline, 1.7 L
80 l. from.

Yes, the door lock buttons and glass in the cabin there. Yes, reverse gear is not re-enabled until the end. That, incidentally, is not true of the lever razdatki – everything is clear, but howl transmission is almost exactly the same as the “little sister» Lada 4 × 4, and the trunk at Shnivy unprincipled longer ex-Niva first generation – only 320 liters. But these liters would be enough to take away four packages from the supermarket. Or a couple of cans of petrol and a shovel, if you use this machine for its intended purpose. Just like I am now, to the delight of the photographer flying on it with an almost sheer hillock. Goes is really nice. It easy to maintain. She still looks good. It is worth the money. Whatever does not kill you makes it stronger.

Yes, the prospects for the emergence of her new engine is still vague, but perhaps one of the oldest aspirations of many nivovodov soon yet accustomed to the version with a label Off-Road front door … And as for the new generation of Chevrolet Niva, the hope of the fans It appears only if the governor will reach up to Togliatti support promised in February.

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