Entertaining reading: test drive Citroen C4 sedan

At a time when many French cars quietly and in English have left the Russian market is not the most popular Citroen C4 sedan suddenly recalled his restyling.

E slit three years ago, when the crisis and did not smell very few people undertook to give a forecast for the model, which was originally released on the China market, and later adapted for the production and use in Russia. Many virtues as a clearance of 176 mm, for the huge C-Class wheelbase at 2708 mm, respectively, of spaciousness in the cabin, as well as the low prices at the time, was not enough.

Competitors have won by more modern engines and transmissions, as well as the equipment …. The lesson has been removed, and in contrast to many automakers, turning restyled in beauty treatments, Citroen decided to take drastic measures. How effective, we have learned on the roads of Tatarstan and Chuvashia.

Look at that face …

Thanks stretched full-face double chevron, a new front optics in the background razdobrevshego bumper and optional LEDs DRLs, updated sedan will not mix with anything else. Someone such a radical focus only on one part of the body, may not like it, but in my opinion, it is due to his car, very tentatively associated with a truly French product, he found his style.


Recommended retail price
from 899 000 rubles

The tail lights have invested less. At the same configuration, it peretryahnul stuffing, replacing newfangled, with LEDs. Attachment 3-D, of course, enhance the status and significance of the innovation, but for an inexperienced buyer. However, let it be so. Watching lanterns really beautiful and perfectly visible both day and night.

If you omit the new design alloy wheels, which are drawn to the attention of a notorious aesthetes – the issue with the exterior can be closed … As well as the interior, visible changes which did not find. However, representatives of Citroen convinced me that the C4 Sedan – this is a very entertaining book, a new edition of which is worthy of detailed study.

Hot iron burned out of it, even the memory of the 120-horsepower gasoline engine and Prince antiquated four-automatic gearbox AL4. The role of the base engine is completely given over to the old and reliable aspirated 1.6 TU5 series, and it is available with the mechanics, and with an updated six-speed “automatic”. On the steps of the higher – 150-strong turboversii Prince (also with six-speed automatic gearbox) and diesel with a six-speed mechanics. With the last-and then we’ll start.

Citroen C4 sedan
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l5,9-8,9 4,2-5,3 4,8-6,6


Tank capacity
60 liters

The 1.6-liter 114-hp the HDi, familiar from the Peugeot 408, is simple and unpretentious in operation, as far as possible for modern diesel engines. The fact that he vosmiklapanny, and many unaware. But this simplicity, with environmental standards Euro-5, which is not forgotten, will save money. Urea for cleaning the exhaust? Forget!

In the course of such a car was high-spirited, though noisy and noticeable vibrations. Tandem with a six-PCR, which is offered for the engine, has been very successful. Even estimated onboard computer 1 000 km on one 60-liter tank – a lot. And if you try, you can certainly save even hundreds of kilometers.

Transmission korotkohodnaya, with excellent selectivity – the likelihood of slips on the steps, even for a beginner is minimized. But it’s not only that. Of all the modifications that’s what seemed best for Stability. Under the heaviest engine front suspension has been reinforced stiffer springs and dampers. Take turns on is not smooth, wet – a pleasure. Now Mandatory for all ESP complete sets did not work even once.

Cargo capacity
440 liters

Oh, it would still be a little more silence in the cabin but a good six-speed automatic transmission … Alas, turbo diesel in a car of this class – always a compromise, and the presence of “machine” zaderet price beyond consumer demand. However, disclose the price, with the exception of 899 000 rubles for the base petrol version Citroen is not in a hurry …


If the pages of our “Book” with a turbodiesel and six-INC left the most positive impression, the more familiar, dedicated to the already known 150-horsepower engine with a new six-speed “automatic” is not caused such a clear perception. Firstly, turbocharged “direct» Prince of confidence is not enough: to use the motor oil has demonstrated an appetite and molested fuel equipment breakdowns. With reliability like the job, but “osadochek stayed.” Second, the “gasoline” suspension setting that differs from the “Diesel”, especially in combination with 17-inch wheels on the pits like much less. This shortcoming manifested itself strongly in the far from ideal Chuvash peripheral roads.

Well, but with a powerful petrol engine offers maximum equipment: Rear view camera, multimedia system with seven-inch screen Touchdrive, supplemented by software Carplay and Mirror Link for rendering content, “Apple” and “Androids”, pushbutton engine start and keyless access to the vehicle – all it is wonderful.

And the dynamics in such a good car, not the engine roars even beyond 3000 rev / min, the transfer switch smoothly and quickly, both up and down. But from the turbo engine, also this power, expect more, even if not in numbers, but in the sensations.

Here, a few words should be said about the box. The French call it “new EAT6», but in actual fact it is the same Aisin Warner TF70SC, in 2009 released the Japanese specifically for PSA models. This is a “cousin” of the famous TF80SC, standing on dozens of modern models of Alfa Romeo 159 to Volvo S80.

What is the essence of the update? In detail it did not disclose, saying only a transition to a less viscous oil, the updated software and clutches. At the output we get a reduced consumption and better dynamics. The modifications, in principle, in the spirit of the time – reduced friction losses and tightened locking torque converter. Well, in the action like result, the main thing – do not forget to change the oil more frequently, preferably every second TO.

Citroen C4 sedan
Brief specifications:
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
4644 x 1789 x 1518
Capacity, l. from.:
116 VTi (150 THP, 114 Hdi)
Maximum speed km / h:
188 (AKP) (207, 187)
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h:
12.5 (AKP) (8.1, 11.4)
five-speed manual, six-speed manual, six-speed automatic transmission
Drive unit:


The latter, just edit the sheets “book”, obzavedshiysya catchy cover, I had to open with some caution. What impressions will produce 116-hp aspirated with all of the same updated shestistupkoy? It is no secret that the basic motors to the same with the “automatic”, the majority are weak and dull, as the current weather with an endless, drizzling rain. Surprisingly, I was wrong. Honored aspirated TU5, keeping out anyone’s arbitrary decision to consumption, extremely docile, good finished the control unit. He was not provided in combination with the old five-speed INC, but also for the automatic transmission of the motor performance was enough. Moreover, it is hardly much worse masthead “turbo-Prince”, and certainly much safer.

Naturally, neither of which “sport” out of the question, but the thrust is smooth, virtually the entire rev range, and even on the edge of the cut-off motor is trying to score a few extra kilometers per hour. With the basic discipline of “dispersal” he copes as hard horoshist. At least better than similar engines from many well-known manufacturers. Go to overtake at 80 km / h is also not terrible. AKP quickly tucks downshift (switching speed, according to engineers, have increased by 40%), and if you need a special wrench – Burst step kick-down, and that’s it … But extreme engine is better not to bring, not to do it. But under normal conditions it is this version of the C4 sedan most comfortable.

Basic suspension in combination with 16-inch tires was the most balanced, if not “neprobivnoy”, and not “oak”. Moreover, all types of coating comer. From asphalt to lick the muddy country road with a track, which finds itself very few competitors in the C-class. Of course, the sedan – not SUV, but said ground clearance of 176 mm in the conditions of Russia it – not once, and innovation in the form of a steel crankcase protection can only applaud.

Under the new standard

All of this – perhaps the necessary minimum that is necessary to know and consider when buying this car. The rest of innovations, including air conditioning in the database, windshield heating in the more expensive versions, the system Hill Assist for help when starting uphill and monitoring “blind spots”, LED lights, which, alas, without the washer and into foul weather, they have to constantly wipe, as well as many other little things, of course, important. But the main purpose of the car – ride without the hassle of bringing the driver and passengers, they are, by and large, affect in a much lesser degree than the engine, gearbox and suspension.

By the way, you have to forget about the old trim. The new lineup of five: Live, Feel, Feel +, Shine and Shine Ultimate. Their prices will manifest a little later, but for now is content only with technical information, impressions of test drive and the knowledge that with the restyling of the car not only won, but also not squandered existing positive aspects.

Spacious interior, good finishes, 440-liter boot, accurate steering with hydraulic booster and much more – have always been the strengths of the Citroen C4 sedan. However, from such drawbacks as the sweeping dashboard, a third of which is covered with his left hand on the steering wheel, the weak spring trunk lid, blowing air through the outboard locks the handle on the door panels, he has yet to get rid of. But as they say, there is no limit to perfection.

You will enjoy a Citroen C4 sedan, if:

  • Love to you chevrons instilled since childhood;
  • Do you like space and comfort;
  • Are you looking for diesel in the C-class.

You do not like the Citroen C4 sedan, if:

  • It irritates you its presence in China;
  • You do not like the large and thin wheel;
  • Do you think that the French car should be from Paris.

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