Election Day

In the first part of the long test, we already talked about how Suzuki Vitara in the eyes of refuellers can turn into a Range Rover. And today we will try to understand how the “Vitara” can be accelerated for three seconds, and we will bring the line to the costs of operation.

Once upon a time, the well-deserved 1.6-liter Suzuki engine did not have enough life at the bottom, but engineers tightened the curve of the moment, puffed at the expense of fuel and … we have Suzuki burned no more than 8.5 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers with moderate driving. Although the test we got the most severe and gluttonous version with a full drive and “automatic”.

At first, it seems that in general I got into a car with a variator – a 6-speed box waits patiently until the engine wakes up after 4000 rpm, and the engine hums droningly. But we have already said that for 117 atmospheric forces here there is the smallest number of kilograms of mass in the segment: base cars with front-wheel drive and “mechanics” generally weigh 1075 kilos as a B-class hatchback.

And even despite 13 seconds of acceleration to the first hundred, Vitara is not perceived inert and lethargic: it reacts sharply to gas, brakes well and loves turns. True, the crossover is very sensitive to ruts and sometimes frightens, actively waving that one way, then another.

Do you want faster? This year, a “charged” version of the Vitara S comes to Russia, with a 1.4-liter turbo engine that produces 140 horsepower. And “Vitar S” with “mechanics” does not happen – only 6-step “automatic” and the richest equipment. The front-drive “esque” costs 1,459,000 rubles, and the all-wheel drive 1,559,000. What’s the sport? Overclocking to a hundred kilometers per hour takes three seconds less time: 10.2 seconds in a full-drive version. And the passport consumption per liter is less.

Turbotechnology! But do they need loyal Suzuki fans – simple, light and reliable cars?

But in Europe they sell the Swift Sport with an atmospheric 1.6, swinging up to 136 horsepower, – such a car for beginners can be found in almost every rental office at the Nurburgring. But about “Swift” and say nothing – last year in Russia were not even SX4 and the Grand Vitara. Dealers sold out the drains, and on the official website there are still prices for cars in 2014 release.

The all-wheel drive of our Vitara is as simple as the whole of its construction. No mechanical tweaks – power is fed back on demand, with the help of an electromagnetic multi-disc clutch, and on the central tunnel there is a key with a loud inscription Lock and a washer of pre-set off-road regimes.

In the automatic Vitara rides almost like a front-wheel drive, in the “Sport” it becomes noticeably sharper, and in the Snow mode – on the contrary, it reacts more gently to gas, more often closes the clutch and simulates interlocking locks by means of brakes. An additional reason for calming down can be an “off-road kit” with massive bumper covers and black moldings, but it has no effect on patrolling.

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