Easy step: test drive Bilenkin Classic Vintage

Sad for the bygone days – a favorite occupation. Well, who does not love a nostalgic chuckle, remembering the “real power of muscle cars” or even legendary iron thickness on pradedushkinom GAZ-21? But to be a true retromanom difficult, expensive and most interesting: it is necessary to study materiel, look for scarce parts, fight constantly crawls sores nursing machines suffer from the ergonomic standards of 50 years ago … In short – a solid darkness, and the inheritance of the enlightened minority. And what if the money is, and the desire to put up with the imperfection of the old cars – not? Just for such cases “retrofilii easy stage” is an exclusive tuning designs that look like old, but inside correspond to all modern canons of comfort. How, for example, Bilenkin Classic Vintage.

Vintage or not vintage?

F otografirovat rare automobiles hard default: our people are not always educated, they do not care about the fact that someone conducts shooting. You go in the frame, raid, surrounded the car – in fact, interfere in every possible way. But we are not looking for easy ways, so went to the brief photo session on the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. Who was, he will understand: a lot of people out there always, and certainly before the end of the tourist season, and even more so. Therefore, as soon as the car stopped, it immediately began to approach strongly minded people with cameras and phones at the ready.

Hissing through clenched teeth, I went to click the shutter, but gradually more and more pay attention to the comments of passers-by. “It’s an old Jaguar,” “some sort of Italian”, “Oh, it’s Aston Martin”, “Volga or what?” … And a dozen of such assumptions. More intelligent curiosity in badlonah, with an umbrella in one hand and in the other shavermoy just wondered what kind of equipment. And surprised that this machine – Russian (at least from the outside), also new. I understand their surprise, the exterior of the car is really unusual.


Yes, it is not necessary to argue, there is this car that’s just from the Aston Martin DB5, and from the Shelby Mustang, and many other vehicles. But they are united only belongs to the class of Gran Turismo, nothing to do technically, and even historically do not have these cars. Because Bilenkin Vintage – absolutely new creation of the Russian company. Although not without the participation of the Germans.

Well, let’s not beat around the bush. At the heart is normal Vintage coupe third series BMW E92, and everything else is done by the company Bilenkin Classic Cars. That’s about it first, and we’ll talk.

We wanted the best …

Test drives / Single
Investment in history: the experience of owning a Jaguar XJ-SC

Outside Formally dvuhdverka color Tudor White – a classic targa with removable roof panels. Combinations for every taste: you can open the sky only for a loved one or to invite a girlfriend and enjoy the sun …

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There is a category of people, which encompasses religious awe at the sight of a Jaguar XJS or Mercedes Benz 190 SL. Within this category there is another, much smaller – that can afford to own such a car. But not everyone is ready to buy the car of forty or fifty years and ride it every day, and even in the modern flow.

Yes, no matter what these machines are not particularly enthusiastic, but they are not well suited for normal operation. Serve them take not all, security for today’s standards, the floor, and the lack of modern buns in the form of ABS, GUR, ESP and everything else electronic “stuffing” many seem insurmountable obstacle for driving dream car. In my opinion, the judgment in dispute, but it is – it is.

Particularly aggressive towards the retro-fans “vkoryachivayut” (sorry, installed) in the M-20 air conditioners and disc brakes in GAZ-21 – Power steering with engine 2JZ or do something else … a more radical. The result is obscurantism on wheels that can maintain and repair only the creator, for others it is not clear what else there could cram (oh, that is, I wanted to say, install) Design genius master.

Another thing – a modern, well-known car services. But he has one drawback: the serial car on that and have the serial that is similar to its neighbor in the pipeline as two drops of water. How, for example, you can stand out in a crowd on a completely ordinary BMW E92? Yes, not at all. But he is known experts SRT, but he quickly accelerated and sharp turns, but it is safe and technologically quite modern. And the task was formulated finally: do modern retrokar. Complicated? Yes. But interesting.

Photo: new.bilenkin.ru

Bilenkin Classic Cars was created this fantastic car classics Kirill Bilenkina in 2002. And it all began just a recovery and “modernizing” of classic cars. Since then, it’s been four years, it has been renovated more than a dozen cars, and the number is gradually turned into quality.

The company does not have to reinvent the wheel in a chassis, and took just the same faceless coupe E92.

By and large, the whole Vintage and remained this BMW. From the “German” here is not only the body panels and engine box, all other systems and equipment, electrician, even a frame structure remained unchanged. Therefore, once we call the basic technical characteristics of the car.

“Heart” Vintage – three-liter Bavarian classic “six in a series of 0.5”. Maximum capacity – 306 liters. with, and torque -. 580 Nm. Gearbox automatic, six-speed, but the car can be ordered with a “mechanics”, and for the M-version is available four-liter V8 and seven-step robot Getrag. Of course, you can get a four-wheel drive and (we have it back) – in short, everything like BMW. No alterations and left brake system with internally ventilated brake discs and single piston floating calipers and drum parking brake cable operated to the rear wheels. All this beauty can be dispersed to hundred kilometers per hour in 5.5 seconds, devouring space with speeds up to 250 km / h. It’s not like the old-timer, is not it?

But this is not all. Active and passive safety migrated from the German coupe Vintage in full, which means that there is a seat with headrests, three-point seatbelts with pre-tensioners, front and side airbags, system ABS, EBD, DBS, ASC and DTC. What is the ABS, are now even know the owners of the Patriots, but about the rest of recall. EBD – is brake force distribution (Electronic brakeforce distribution, if on a bourgeois), which dispenses the braking force at each wheel separately, not allowing them to be blocked (such as ABS, only the cooler).

DBS – is Dynamic Brake Control, which translates to a system of dynamic control over braking. We need that thing to accelerate the growth and increase the pressure in the brake actuator in the event of emergency braking. Anti-Slip Control (ASC) – this is a common antiprobuskovochnaya system, and DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) he adds: it is a system of dynamic traction control, which controls the transmission of torque to the drive wheels, allowing a bit of hooliganism, but the car sideways hug pole. There is the DSC, but it is only known to many dynamic stabilization system (or exchange rate stability, as you like) in the BMW and Mazda cars. Well, here is the opportunity otnesёm projection on the windshield – the next fashionable feature, not devoid of a certain payload.

Bilenkin Classic Vintage
Brief specifications:
3.0 l
Maximum power:
306 hp,
580 Nm
Maximum speed:
250 km / h
automatic, six-speed
9,000,000 rubles

In general, all the charm of automotive civilization in the shell “a la retro”. And before you go to the story of how these machines are built, let’s see what’s inside.

Hermitage on wheels

If you ever had to go to the Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Ferrari at the same time and now you bursting with pride, forget about these nischebrodskie rattletrap. And forget about pride. None of these at the same time there rydvanov leather, wood, rock crystal, gold, diamonds, mother of pearl, chrome and composites.

In fairness, I note that the showpiece, which allowed journalists to test – it is rather a demonstration of the possibilities. If you have the interior of the cloying stick teeth, then you should know that you can arrange on your own. All you can do much more modest, and it is possible and richer (unless, of course, such a thing is possible).

As you can see, the architecture of the front panel of the machine is completely his own, from BMW there is nothing left. While filling in place, even managed to fit in the iDrive interior a la Rolls-Royce. Of course, there is already a washer pearl, as the dials of the dashboard, but it works!

Hard to believe, but the steering wheel is not only outwardly similar to the “steering wheel” E92, inside – the same bag, the same rim. It would seem that the display media can not look at retrokare harmoniously, but then it is perfectly fit into the wooden panel. Under it – the control unit dual-zone climate control, which is more like a vintage radio.

Few caused bewilderment gear stick: it looks like a pen manual gearbox. In fact – selector, but no scheme «D, N, R, P» or something similar there. If you have never traveled on a BMW, you’ll have to transfer it to the appropriate position at random, focusing only on the tips on the dashboard, where the automatic mode is displayed in the usual form, either absolutely invisible light bulbs at the base of the selector.

Now pay attention to the card door. The top is decorated with “under the metal”, everything is typical. Panel made of crystal – for Bilenkin Vintage, in other classic cars I had ever seen. By the way, there are visible lattice audio system speakers.

Continuation of the “music” is clearly seen in the trunk. Pay attention to the floor of the vehicle: it continues for another 80 mm behind the rear wall, where the organizers arranged for the small things. What for? The reason is elementary: Vintage these most millimeters longer than its Bavarian “dad”, and here in the trunk and it is noticeable.

And yet look at the labels under the hood. Anyone who thinks this car is more than a BMW than Russian Oldtimer greatly mistaken at least from a legal point of view. Manufacturer Set Bilenkin Classic Cars, and the serial number of our machines -. “001”

VIN-code vintage double: the first was from the German, the second – the new, it is already assigned to the Russian vehicle.

Why do I need the old, you ask? Elementary: some parts and consumables for you’ll have to be ordered for the BMW, and then just come in handy native VIN.

Well, it’s time to ride.

Wolf in vintage skin

In good, of course, you need to experience this car somewhere on the racetrack. We, unfortunately, this was not possible, we rode through the city. But let’s face it: E92 tested more than once, and nothing new Vintage can not offer. Slightly increased weight (kilograms per hundred) in the city of any importance is not (especially the engine), so goes the pseudo-timer in the same way as a regular Bavarian coupe.

But the body and the interior others, so concentrate on this. Noise wonderful: you can go slowly and as quietly listening to music. But if you press on the gas, then the low-frequency roar is heard in all its nobility. And yet, of course, pleased with the reaction of others: look, look around, envy. And that they still do not know if you want this “as if the old” car can break at the traffic lights (and also on the line), the majority of modern machines. The only thing you can see a small flaw, it is in comfort for the rear passengers.

The last thing that surprised – frameless windshield wipers, which does not tally with the image of “antique”. Not so E92 curved glass, will manage the usual skeleton brush. Desirable – chrome.

How much is?

It is expensive, very expensive. Not on the same assembly line to build the machine, which should allocate its host … Her appearance as a promotional brochure says, “will be the hallmark of the refined taste of the owner.” Therefore, make it virtually by hand, CNC machines used only for the manufacture of matrices, which then make the panels of composite materials.

Photo: new.bilenkin.ru

Before we announce the price of the car, I will say that the amount is heavily dependent on the wishes of the customer, because the amount of precious metals and stones can significantly affect the final figure. Delivery time is also tied to the fact that the client wants to see in the end. And yet: the average price – about 9 000 000 rubles. And all will have to wait three or four months, which in general is not so long, given the manual labor and the quality of execution of the work. By the standards of exclusive handmade machines – very quickly and inexpensively. Therefore, a buyer at Bilenkin Vintage there, I have no doubt.

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