Dynastic marriage: Test Drive Fiat Talento

Sales of the first “fiatovskogo” mid-sized van in Europe began in the summer, and the week before the start I was able to ride a production version in the Italian Piedmont, simultaneously with the premiere test Fiat Fullback. Interest in Russian journalists to the car was a little bit: the final decision whether to bring Fiat Talento in Russia, it is still pending. But why not hope for the best?

W a lot of client connections “Related» Renault Trafic and Opel Vivaro we have not sold, and the dignity of the Italian brand of commercial vehicles all we are well known. Barriers – the need to put GLONASS and the lack of arrangements with partners from the Renault-Nissan. Therefore, until the supply uncertainty, reincarnated for a while in a typical driver’s passenger Fiat Talento and fantasize, whether he likes it to change to a novelty from Fiat Scudo, which leaves the market.

“Tell me, Karl, why do you want this job? Soon, seventy, gray hair is more than black, and all the wheel cool “- the wife always overcomes issues. I was and he thought – not to move there in his old age somewhere under Pinerolo, not whether to build an apiary … But the old fox Pietro, managing the park, read a thought: instead gave my old Scudo fresh, just off the assembly line, Talento. “A special honor for you, Carlo – take care of it,” he says.


At first I believed it was our thought up something different, new. How! Talento not even think to hide that he is not Italian, and the French name, and it is called Renault.


I wonder why they decided to make cars with Renault, not with the Peugeot and Citroen, as before? Really had a fight? Pietro reassured – nothing personal, just business. Neto PSA in the range of mid-sized models of the van, and the new make costly, even if together – it is easier to buy ready-made at other French. So what, that is the product of “dynastic marriage” twin Trafic and Opel Vivaro? A good example to follow because.

And in fact if you look carefully, that is, the difference! Call me a patriot, but the Italian version – the most beautiful. Unlike the toothless smiling Traffic and Vivaro, our Talento has character. “Toothy” grille, skeptically narrowed strips of LED tail lights – shtrishki imperceptible at first glance, but very stylish.


Everything is typically French. But who said it was bad? Yes, the French are not so good at drawing cars as we do, but if you try, it comes out very badly. What I like – so it’s a two-tone design of the dashboard. An inexpensive way to brighten up the gray reality of the working car – odd that until then had not guessed.

It has its own navigation – that’s a plus. The screen is bright, clear graphics – to me here, of course, is not a movie to watch, but only to read a map, but still nice. And a large digital speedometer – great, corner of my eye ever seen, do not exceed. Carabinieri are not asleep, and for the extra 13 km / h three months ago gave 148 euros – not too much, Pietro pays me to throw that kind of money.

And a great fit! Yes, even if the seat is not such a relief, like the Alfa Romeo 159 Ragazzi Giovanni that is married to my daughter, but I do not envy him! Giovanni goes back to like on the pavement, and I’m high, I see all and I have an excellent soft armrests – on the road do not get tired at all, like a swim on the throne. The hand lever is always at the checkpoint, which is helpfully sticking out of the dashboard. Complain in general.

There is nothing in the world of the ideal – that’s Talento just did not like me a couple of details. Well, how do you want to drink coffee, when the cup holder so low right under the knee of the passenger? I never traveled on a flight until you drink a doppio, and reach as far down – it’s undignified. Surviving is possible and parking brake lever sticking out somewhere in the floor. This is where the drive would not hurt – is unlikely to have such luxuries space on commercial vehicles, but the dream does not forbid.

Okay, out of curiosity, I go and see, how are passengers. Old Scudo, for example, not only space, but also the equipment is not spoiled – I was too tortured questions whether the socket for charging the tablet. No, Lady and senoritas, bear to the hotel, enjoy the best of our landscapes – mountains anywhere such did not see.

In my Talento is also no outlets (this is for good reason), but appeared in the ceiling ducts and separate “climate” zone. For good! And then sit in the heat any elderly Signora, and everywhere it is blowing – air conditioning is off, close the window. Everything, now if only negotiates with fellow travelers, and I chill quietly Treat.

One was worse – the back seats flat hurt. Once it was neither too small Scudo, and got it from the PSA excellent seats with lumbar support. However, if you absolutely honest, a passenger in these supports little sense. Goes – heat, light, and it is fine. And I do not like because of the fact there are VIP-shuttles. I do not see, but Pietro says one such company Talento from Focaccia already booked into the park, there is leather upholstery and rear seats – 4 instead of 6. Immediately noticeable difference – one understands what you pay for.

On the run

Dizelek – only 1.6 liters and 120 horsepower, wow. After all, even the seemingly last 122 forces filmed for Fiat Ducato c large “ivekovskogo” 2.8! And there were present: and the turbine, and direct injection. At this 1.6 dCi all, at first glance, it is the same, although the turbine is tricky – with flaps that change the cross-section of “snail”, depending on the speed to boost always been smooth. Variable geometry – not too much of a new technology, of course, but it’s still progress.

Fiat Talento
1.6 l / 120 hp

And if not in terms of idle thinking approach, and practical, the volume I was very not worried. I’m under the hood and is not to climb at all, to serve Pietro there are the other guys. That smooth work – yes, it’s me. Oh, how he threshed 2.8 idling, to vibrating conveyor! The new Talento no freight no sensations – a motor accommodating.

That’s just it seems to me that the claimed 120 horsepower – is some kind of mistake. I budge and – just food. Oddly trample pedal, no matter how play with gears – Talento calmly rolled himself. all very sad Up to 2000 rpm, then a motor as if alive, but not for long – in 3000 all the enthusiasm disappears completely. He remembered that Pietro spoke about the magic button Eco – I asked to press more often. So I listened to him! Maybe the old fox crept into the cabin so malicious activated mode? But no, Eco is turned off – just a temperament engine.

Like it or not, as the old 2.8 TD on my Ducato, angular, 1994 was grimy, though, Tryasuchev so loud, but he was an Italian, with character! This 1.6 – pure Frenchman, no spark. Well, you do not want to play – do not, we’ll go quietly.

It’s hard to deny the obvious: in Talento quiet. Tires of the arches are in no hurry to complain about the hard destiny, and the “Frenchman” under the hood – not a screamer. But in the course of the blessed silence began to break persistent knock on the cabin. Has stopped. So, well, who’s the noise? It turned out – the belt of one of the rear passengers. For that, however, in the wall there is a special slot – stuck, and everyone does not dangle. Well, nice.

What amazed, so it is good music! But I did know what to say, my parents were not going to put up with my passion for automobiles, as a child were forced to play the violin. Paganini of me did not work, but the rumor I have since been excellent. By the standards of working machines at Talento is a true hi-fi, and even a simple radio transmits at a frequency fullness.

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Fiat Talento / Renault Trafic / Nissan NV300 / Opel Vivaro Actually Talento – no not the Fiat, and Renault Trafic slightly perelitsovanny third generation, which debuted in 2014. Italian version, adding to …

And turning machine provocatively. I was afraid to confess in secret – a small change, frankly Scudo cars on a “commercial» Talento. Routes are often in mountain hotels – it’s how I like to have fun on the way back to the base when not see any carabinieri nor the passengers! The guys we have, who do not fear, even in the high-roof Ducato fly into turns at full speed, but rocking in a chair, a tree in the wind – unpleasant, and swayed. As well, the suspension collected at Talento … Maybe even a little harsh on the bumps, especially if you go without a load, but it do not scare me.

What is the result?

Perhaps the move by Pinerolo and construction of the apiary have to wait – Talento if not a fighter on the straights, but it is comfortable and pleasant to ride on so typical of our region, winding narrow lanes. Work! And if everything goes smoothly, then Pietro promised to replant a 140-horsepower version of luxury, there have already dizelka double boost acceleration and significantly more fun. Sdyuzhil whether French 1.6 such a force? Very interesting.

In his previous life Fiat Talento was only one version of the Ducato model, but now it has turned into an independent model in the short term, designed to replace the Fiat Scudo. However, the concept of independence is hardly applicable to the modern commercial transport: for example, the current Ducato – it perelitsovanny Peugeot Boxer, also known as Citroen Jumper, and outgoing Scudo – clone Peugeot Expert and Citroen Jumpy. The appearance of new marks a turn from Talento Italian friendship group with PSA within SEVEL consortium to cooperate with the giant Renault-Nissan, Fiat because now joined the family Renault Trafic – Nissan NV300 – Opel (Vauxhall) Vivaro. The German and English versions are available in the UK, and cars for other markets, including the Italian, as well as all modifications with a high roof, – in France.

By design, Talento and his brothers are similar to modern passenger cars: monocoque low-floor, front – laterally positioned powertrain and suspension McPherson, back – simple and compact torsion beam with trailing arms. Wheelbase can be standard (3098 mm) or elongated (3498 mm) and height in the cabin version with high roof is 1898 mm, which allows you to stand inside, even a tall man, not ducking. Useful volume configuration with a single row of seats can be up to 8.6 cubic meters, but even a van with a short base accommodates three standard pallets. Loading and unloading operations easier wide sliding doors on the sides (1030 mm) and a small threshold height rear doors (552 mm), which can swing open to an angle of 255 degrees. The hatch in the bottom of the front wall of the load compartment can carry 3.75-meter-long measures with standard base and 4.15 meters high with elongated.

How much liters in saloon and as little as possible under the hood – this is the current trend, which should be diligently Talento. Moreover, its 1.6-liter turbodiesel R9M (for Renault classification) – a product daunsayzinga literally, since it is derived from the 1.9-liter unit by reducing the stroke of the pistons. In the course of modernization of the aluminum engine with Common Rail system changed three-quarters of all the details: in particular, graphite-coated pistons with sleeves possible to reduce friction loss, the updated system EGR provide faster warm-up and variable geometry turbochargers working part boosted returns.

Incidentally, this same engine produced in France is set to many car models Renault-Nissan Alliance, from the Nissan Qashqai before Renault Talisman, and even on the Mercedes C-Class, but for an updated traffic and its derivatives settings corrected toward reducing the maximum power and torque boost with its maximum offset at a low speed zone. So, if the “passenger” version with one turbine develops 130 hp. s and biturbo -. 160 to 180 liters. s., then for business, these figures are 95-120 l. from. l and 125-145. from. respectively. Finally, there is one major difference lies in the fact that the passenger data models as the engines are aggregated with manual gearbox and a robotized, whereas in Traffic, NV300, Vivaro and Talento «mechanics» alternative yet.

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