Domesticated Wolf: the experience of owning Chrysler 300C

Twelve years ago, in a solid club, where they sat three respectable Germans, unassuming Swede, prim Englishman and the young Japanese man, a stranger burst. He was arrogant to mind is enormous growth and broad-shouldered. Without further ado the stranger sat down with the audience and with his feet on the table and said that now he is also a full member of the club’s business-class sedans. Called stranger Chrysler 300.


P oyavlenie 2004 Chrysler 300 has caused a stir among the usual easy business sedans. Even the avant-garde BMW E60, which appeared a year ago, and looking like a punk in expensive rags, appeared beside him an example of restrained classicism.

From style cab-forward with clean lines, in which the predecessor, 300M, no trace was built. Trying to play on the same field with the Europeans, eager to exceed their design wisdom, “krayslerovtsy” wisely threw in the direction of focusing on what they really master. And what do the Yankees do best? Of course, to build pickups. The massive square with a giant flat snout – 300C would look great in a child image Chevrolet El Camino, but not much upset, born sedan.

Those who did not deter deliberate neotesannost, gladly accepted it as an alternative to the banal German trio. The image of “cool trendy cars” actively supported TV – rare clip MTV about the hard life successful American rappers do without sparkling chrome 300C for at least “twenty-second” drives. The rare case when the proletarian Chrysler looked abruptly other Bentley.

With tuning 300C was lucky. His cut, lengthened, dressed in gold, masked under the Rolls-Royces … Against this background, “lip” of the front bumper on the version of SRT and nameplates couple decorating our copy – innocent mischief. Classic silver color, the base 18-inch wheels – a five-meter block of ice, slightly sanitized person does not need additional decorations. Those Chrysler seemed too bourgeois, went straight to the local Dodge. Following the precepts of badge-engineering, followed by 300C appeared his younger brother Charger – the quintessence of evil oil car, mistakenly dressed in a four-door body.


Both soplatformennika – a favorite of American police vehicles. Ordinary “cops” (as, indeed, and their opponents on the other side of the law) chose the Dodge, a senior police officials have chosen a more representative Chrysler. Careful comparison of the inner world of the next of kin proved the consistency of such a choice.

Chopped interior style sedans have one for two. Design devoid of frills, but harmony with the appearance of perfectly observed, and from an aesthetic point of view it is much more important.

Black top, light bottom – a classic. In detail Chrysler nobler “commoner» Dodge. Plastic expected better quality, softer leather seats, less than a cheap silver plastic. Yes, and to the assembly and the level of ergonomics is not to find fault – I think, not without German influence.

Lightly modified center console sheltered stylish watch with Chrysler logo – a tribute to the legendary ancestors. Another echo of retro located behind the steering wheel. Stylish instrument dials with a deliberately old-fashioned font would do honor to any other Jaguar. I am glad that the Americans did not change the sense of proportion, and wooden inserts used in a reasonable amount. But with all the options here is exactly the opposite: the maximum grade in the American unthinkable without pile drives, memory settings and a bonus music.

The three-meter base the Americans ordered the mind – the salon is spacious in every direction. Do not bother me located in the European style handle “machine”, I could safely take a nap on the front, not much pursing his feet. Reserve a place on the second row – to the envy of most of my classmates. Leave open spaces back sofa and seats forward can only be for one reason. And her name – HEMI.

In move

Last year’s test Dodge Charger left a slight feeling of dissatisfaction in me. V6 and mersedesovsky 4Matic – obviously not what you expect to see in a full-size package Yankees. And finally – a devout rear-wheel drive and the same HEMI under the hood.

Legendary motor, whose name is pronounced at home with the venerable aspirated, dates back to the fifties of the last century. Modern heir lettered expresses the past, of course, not like ancestors on the engine size – only some 5.7 liters. But among its competitors, does not hold up to five liters, it is – an absolute champion. And without that rather big stock 340 hp. from. by tuning “shamanism” rooted more in the 48 “horses”.

At low engine speeds the sound to the salon almost does not penetrate. Those who are accustomed to modern tarahtenie malokubaturnyh turbo engine, it may seem that the engine and does not wound. But it is necessary to push the gas pedal at least one third, as the HEMI will declare itself in full force, to resist that there is no way. Rhythmically increasing roar from 4 000 r / min enters the low bass rumble, appealing to the most primitive instincts. To release the gas – is akin to a crime.

average consumption figures, easily reaching 20 l / 100 km and above, slightly cooled the ardor. It is terrible to imagine what value would produce a computer, do not be fitted with Chrysler system Multi Displacement System (MDI) breaking at low load half the cylinders. For the driver, the transition from one mode to the other is invisible. Only you quietly in turtle crawling in traffic on four cylinders, when the gas to the floor – and 40 milliseconds pathetic “quartet” has become a mighty the V8, dispersing five-meter sperm whale to 100 km / h within six seconds. This decent rate – not the least merit of the box: mersedesovsky adaptive five-step “automatic” get along well with the American engine.

The announced higher second doubly offensive to me personally. The feel of the acceleration is on the order of my emotional Lexus SC430, demonstrating a similar Sprint to “hundred” – this is the case when a business sedan on the two orders of fun class GT convertible. At the same time bring down the flying mastodon off course very difficult, “300 minutes” standing safely on the road. Smooth running excellent, but in order to maintain an acceptable level of comfort will have to forget about the huge wheels, no matter how wanted to hide in a muscular arch Chrysler’s 22-inch rollers. In general, no rap …

Chrysler – and turning the guy does not miss! European banks have reduced the running configuration to an acceptable minimum. Sedan closely follows behind the wheel, not echoing classic dreadnoughts previous years. Moreover, the “300-th” has almost perfect weight distribution – 54/46 in favor of the front axle. Dive under heavy braking as a fact absent, and themselves brakes – disc and ventilated on all four wheels – surely upset with the highest rates of carcass weight by 1.8 tons.

Before full-time acquaintance with a couple 300C / Charger I always gravitated toward the dark side of the force exerted by a ram’s head logo on the radiator grille. But now Chrysler, masterfully combines two cars in one, has confused all the cards. You want – to flex its muscles, departing from a traffic light with a 15-meter Bucs and burning a couple of sets of tires per season. No – enjoy the comfort of a five-meter personal fortress. The same tremendous strength and charisma at no less impressive, but more solid appearance. Chrysler is like a domesticated wolf: in the afternoon you can stroke him and throw him the stick, and at night he would furiously howling at the moon in the power of the HEMI.

purchase history

What is the Chrysler 300, Maxim for the first time recognized in 2008, when a car is bought his buddy. Buy “American” at the price of a Mercedes – for Maxim it was a shock. But a few years later, choosing a regular car, he remembered stories about his fellow faithful four-wheeled friend.

After detailed study of the issue in the relevant forums, Maxim decided that he needed a rear-wheel drive station wagon with an engine 5.7. Alas, one of the lucky owners of such cars do not even think about marketing. Copies ranking in the sale, were killed outright junk with suspension and knocking “engines”, but polished body. Aid from Europe should not wait – to the well-kept vehicle prices (an average of 15 000 euro) should be added the sum of “customs clearance”, is more than 20 000 euros. To begin negotiations to purchase the white car in Moscow interrupted by a call a friend, reported sales in the department of trade-in Olympus (the official Mercedes-Benz dealer) eight-300C.

The cost of the original disks

Silver sedan has an interesting history. Car 2006 issue began to operate in 2010 as the official car of the embassy minister of culture in the Northwest Federal District. Bought and serviced by a car in the same Olympus, which was handed over in a trade-in, knurled 100,000 km. Operation in general was “good”: most of the runs came in the suburban route, there shall be every three months, painted elements were absent.

And if in perfect technical condition of the former car service was not surprising, the interior is worthy of special mention. Beige leather seats business sedan in the maximum configuration decorated with gray velor covers with inlays of black leatherette. The state of “native” trim left no doubt: this accessory has got the car from the outset.

Sedan was without a doubt bought for 1 000 000 rubles. In 2013, the average market price of such car was 850-900 000.


Overpayment, as we have seen, was due to the excellent technical condition of the car. on third-party service audit showed that only require replacement of front brake discs (20 000) and wedged his fingers calipers (Kit – 270 rubles). Replacing the engine oil and polishing completed the first investments.

The fastest HEMI: Tuning Chrysler 300C SRT8

Charismatic brick Sink Chrysler 300C SRT8 – the car is already quite well-balanced. But most importantly, what not to take away from this huge metal block with loopholes windows, so it’s charisma. Vladimir, the owner of …

15072 1 4

After four months of operation had to change the clutch cardan. prices for parts monitoring revealed an interesting feature: the original item (Lemforder in Mopar box) worth 5000 rubles, while in Lemforder Lemforder box can be bought for 3000 rubles. By the way, this is one of the few suspension parts suitable to Chrysler by Mercedes – most parts they are not interchangeable. Among other investments in the suspension is necessary to mention the replacement of the front right wheel (17 000) and the front suspension arms (11 000 rubles), as well as proprietary sore model – otgnivayuschie anthers calipers (1500 RUR) demanding removal of the wheels, calipers and hub.

In summer, the car became unbearably hot. It was found that broken radiator. Original Price – 32 000 rubles, with an unknown Chinese neoriginal lifetime – 10 000, work on installation – 7500 rubles. Now Chrysler is b / y from the radiator Charger, bought for 10 000 rubles.


Since the condition of the old wheels left much to be desired, immediately after buying Chrysler got new wheels. The fact that the installation of 22-inch wheels was a mistake, it became clear after 500 km – Chrysler did not go openly, and stiffness of the suspension could bring to the tantrums. All decided to install runoff 18-inch wheels of 52 000 rubles.

Outside the car transformed through the installation lip of the front bumper of the SRT and LED DRLs. Thanks to chip tuning and zero resistance filter engine received an additional 48 liters. from.


To date, the vehicle mileage of 128 000 km. Comfort and reliability have not brought – three years Maxim has never regretted the purchase. From small sores had to deal only with sour door locks and peel the outer chrome decoration. With the right choice of car parts is not very burdensome to maintain. For example, then the gearbox is carried out using cheaper parts from Mercedes-Benz: Original Filter Chrysler worth 5000 rubles, and the Mercedes filter – 1 200 rubles.

Chrysler 300C
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l30 Sept. 20


Now Chrysler is for sale. Circumstances require the purchase of a full-fledged SUV. But Americans do not want to sell: the day after Maxim posted ads, sedan “pleased” his strong engine vibration. Computer diagnostics showed a misfiring cylinder in the eighth and error on lyabda probe. Repair resulted in the replacement of all candles (16 pieces, two spark plugs per cylinder) – Total 22 000 rubles.

Chrysler 300C
Brief specifications
5.7 l
388 liters. from.
Drive unit:
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h:

model history

Prototype Chrysler 300C Concept, painted by Ralph Gilles, was first shown at the New York Auto Show in 2003. The serial version of a business sedan, available for sale in 2004, differed little from the prototype, and had nothing in common with its predecessor, the Chrysler 300M. Later gamut she added Wagon Touring.

Every 5 000 km
THAT the replacement of oil (8 liters Mobil Formula) and filters (original Mopar)
6000 rubles

As the brainchild of DaimlerChrysler, technically the car had a lot in common with the Mercedes mid-2000s: the front suspension from the S-class W220 body, the back of the E-Class W211, five-step “automatic» W5A580 (the younger version of content with automatic American four-stage), all-wheel drive system . Engines, except for the diesel V6 3.0 (218 hp.)., Have had their Chrysler. At 300C sets two options V6 rated at 190 and 253 liters. s., and a pair of V8. Younger «eight» Hemi 5.7 had a capacity of 340 liters. sec., a top SRT8 with the volume of 6.1 liters developed 425 liters. s., showing 4.9 seconds acceleration to “hundreds” and 270 km / h top speed.

Chrysler 300C was the basis for the three models of Dodge: sedan Charger, Magnum wagon and coupe Challenger. The first generation model lasted in production until 2010, selling a circulation of nearly 400,000 copies.

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