Do not wake the beast in me: test drive Jaguar XF 2.0 AWD

A dozen years ago, the owner of the cult British business sedan Jaguar S-type 2.0 with a label on the trunk lid have been ostracized by the whole gentlemanly sarcasm. "Sir, here is your glass in a 0.3 pint …" Diesel Oil from that time did not become stronger, but the four-cylinder turbodiesel engine under the hood of Jaguar XF second generation today, few people bother.

D vuhlitrovy turbobum, and on someone's conservative view – attack, struck in recent years almost all of the premium segment. Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, not to mention the Bavarians – they also acquired economical inline "four", including diesel. Their volume could shrink more, but 2.0 liters – yet the psychological barrier for the class of car buyers E.

Keep it simple, and you will be pulled money …

Just for designers no barriers today is almost gone. That's the current the XF, Jaguar once authorship Ian Callum, went extremely laconic: from small, but expressive LED headlights – the real significance of the revelation of lighting equipment to the trunk lid, crowned by a stylized edge influx psevdospoylera. It seems that a draw is possible without taking the pencil on drawing paper, but not so simple, and it is not in the longitudinal gill slits on the wings.

The car absorbed a lot of things: the British do not stop succession, even if it is close, and honor tradition. Front – a built in absolute first-generation XF, the shape and slope of the rear window to remind us of the XK sports, and in the profile length 4954 mm combined still and current XE and XJ.

But a modern Jaguar, without any doubt. Yes, thinner at 190 kg, yes, almost all-aluminum, but it is quite busy in his article, and charismatic.

It is no coincidence implementation of Jaguar in the first five months of 2016 increased by 60% compared to the same period of 2015 and amounted to 48,480 vehicles. Even though the numbers have appeared ridiculous volume of the engine …

From rationalism to the luxury

The huge hood space is occupied almost entirely. In addition to the longitudinally mounted diesel turbochetverki modern modular series Ingenium, a capacity of 180 liters. a. in the eye catches a massive, vertically standing catalytic converter and tens of kilograms of attachments. The motor is designed and manufactured at the facilities of Jaguar Land Rover is already without Ford. Somewhere deep in the hidden eightfold, sequential "automatic» ZF with integrated drive elements in it. In our basic configuration, rear, gave way to the full.

Already slamming the hood, I drew attention to the glasses electronically controlled shock absorbers, integrated into the body. It is necessary, and they are aluminum, with stiffening ribs along the rim. So, good side impact – and farewell to the body?

Really, the owner of the XF may not happen at all. He leads a priori good, confident and live in a very special world ruled by leather and suede, modern electronics and safety systems. Yes, here it is, by the way, with the snow-white door that recognizes the keys in my pocket, quietly clicking locks.

Once upon a time, in the XKR, I was ready to take off our shoes to touch their feet to nearly hairy Persian carpet covered the floor salon, but now no such desire.

Synthetic wool "Jag XF» briefly tonsured and rational – attention to it no attention. And the chocolate-brown leather upholstery and pasting widespread though neatly stitched, but the type of rude. But monotone interior complied with the British thoroughness – from plastic steering to the last button on the center console.

At the start button responds not only the motor, but also those who left deflectors on the sides of the "Torpedo", periscope and two selector AKP The illuminated LCD panels high resolution. Home – 10.2-inch widescreen and occupies the top of the center console. Second, a diagonal 12 "- actually, the instrument panel. In any configuration is partially analog, with the familiar arrows on the limbs, but in our supplemented options – fully digital, with adjustable display pictures from austere to the most information-intensive.

I sit in the chair, which is a little harsh, but it is very convenient – do not rest on the shoulders neck top back and torso held strong to pick up, – to listen to the sounds of a turbodiesel. They do not have unexpected and rustic intonations, but idle tone too bluff, we'll come back to it later.

With the growth of 185 cm in the most comfortable maximum low landing – 1 457 mm body height – not so much. Corrective and steering position, but with the multiple actuators is a fast and extremely pleasant preamble to run. Continuation caresses gorgeous buttons on quality, levers and switches – with the same reliability which made paddle! – Static and can be neglected. Most of the important features that are worth exploring and activate to start, duplicated through the management interface of the main display.

The graphics on the level of portable gadgets – the first thing that makes me get acquainted with the head unit InControl Touch Pro. How convenient flip screen with one finger … audio settings with the ability to record ten "gigs" and music videos on the hard drive, the Meridian acoustics, climate control, navigation, a connection with a smartphone or even your own WEB-browser – are made in the mind.

Among the exotic – rendering ecological your riding style and accelerometer with overload indications. What a Jaguar owner without the eco-principles, and without passion for the sport?

Early Sunday morning, he will replace backwater cottage village on the race track and "vzharil" to complete. Once I thought so, those who designed the XF, and they are a little cheated with the most important tab.

Personal settings of parameters of motion – Drive Control is activated only after a button on the center console is selected the dynamic mode. He is the only addition to the possible "Eco", "Standard" and "Winter", which can be corrected, but what! Combinations stiffness electronically controlled shock absorbers, steering sensitivity, responsiveness of the accelerator pedal and the moment of switching the automatic transmission are set in an arbitrary variations. Not news, of course, if you do not take into account the degree of advancement of interacting units, except perhaps that the well-known washer-selector lever.

Go for a fraction of a second from D to R or vice versa will not work – such is the motility of fingers, and the very design "turntable" for it is not designed. "Jag" definitely not for the bad guys in a confined space is too intelligent. No parktronics or rear view camera will not help, but what then is the game to play with these "wild cat"?

Ingenious Ingenium

Not in the steeplechase, that's for sure. 116 mm clearance is very small even for an ideal city, and given the huge 20-inch wheels in the 35's "ballet flats» Conti SportContact 6, and at all inconceivable. As usual Moscow street I move stealthily, almost twice as reducing speed limits for yourself.

Reluctance to climb into the 505-liter trunk for dokatka after the tram rails overshoot or pits with sharp edges, large. At least also because there is something there that defies common sense. Hardly dyed cross body did not even try to disguise anything, and two rope with yellow plastmasskami limit switches, as it turned out, fold seatbacks. And the other option for a car worth nearly 4 million rubles was not found. But on the drive cover with the function "antizazhim" not stingy – it works perfectly.

The most amazing thing that the movement was totally quiet comfortable, in fact, right in essence. With a fright owner XF should be carried through the city? His case is to contemplate, reflect, enjoy: whether he is behind the wheel or on one of two spacious rear seats. I'll note that in the middle of the place – it is not counted because of the massive central tunnel boxes underfoot.

That's me in the driver fails to relax, which is rare for the Moscow traffic. Bravo and bravo again two-liter Ingenium. Firstly, even at low speed with a thousand of his voice changed and became so, who should be at the Jaguar – husky-insinuating. Secondly, the content of timbre and dynamics were directly proportional to the pressure on the accelerator. Him and I left damper settings in standard mode, but the steering and gearbox slightly spurred.

The class, near-perfect car for a ragged rhythm of movement and quick, short of rebuilding. But in the subjective feeling, even the most pleasant, and there are figures. Appetite in six-plus liters per hundred, or even less, in the mad crush of the city, with acceleration and deceleration at the business-class sedan, finally …

Six liters per hundred kilometers in city driving, Carl

Whatever happens next is almost childish smile of delight, even with solid experience with two-liter turbodiesel other brands. What is just as easily on the brink of all-wheel drive XF coquetry gaining speed before a peak torque of 430 Nm. But he is only in the range of 1 750-2 500 rev. / Min. It seems that 8.4 seconds to hundreds – not the most athletic figure, but I again dipped into a wave of sensations, which are now much more important.

Jaguar XF 2.0 AWD
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H)
4 954/1 880/1 457
Capacity, l. from.
Maximum speed km / h
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h
Eight, automatic
Drive unit
Jaguar XF 2.0 AWD
Permanent, full

Along the way, I calculate that the "dynamic" mode the engine on our roads if needed almost "standard" enough for the eyes. On tachometer 1900 rev / min, the speed under 100 km / h … and again murderous competition for gasoline consumption figures:. 3.7, 3.5, 3.0! Overtaking is extremely short time: just press down the gas, "machine" without jerks and barely audible fires back down several economical driving movement, and then go to the cruiser mode.

Of course, even with the base XF engine can go much faster and more dynamic. Services that whether installed paddle shifters? But after 3000 vol. / Min comment on the sharp gas turns out not so rapid, and the sound of the engine is not particularly comfortable. So without much need for it is not necessary to wake the beast in two-liter Jaguar XF.

On Charging is!

Maneuver when you are holding on to the efforts of the adaptive electric power steering wheel and on the advanced multi-link suspension design, just in a rush. It is a pity that the slightest bumps cover immediately feel because of the low profile tires. For everyday driving profile would be higher – and then I would have played with the damper settings.

However, they have someone to do, and without my knowledge. The test car is charged up to the limit options, one of which Adaptive Dynamics. Electronic and analysis covering driving style leads to a change in the stiffness struts within milliseconds. But subjectively XF behavior remains the same. Just imperceptibly on the summer, dry roads and intervention "intelligent" all-wheel drive system with AdSR. Structurally, the multi-plate clutch is integrated in the ZF automatic gearbox housing, Umklapp to 90% of torque to the front axle if necessary. I mentioned already winter mode – it is compulsory 50:50. A full electronic kit not only controls the behavior of the transmission, but also able to predict the failure of axes, trying to prevent the development of a fatal situation.

However, I am experimenting on a pair of sharp edges. Even without any additional assistants provoke the all-wheel drive XF to drift far more complicated than the classic. But almost 30 km / h gain in speed safe – a lot compared to monoprivodom. In addition, with our first frost the October-wheel drive would be completely superfluous. Yes, even with the economy, which was characterized by a 2.0-liter turbodiesel Ingenium.


Without taking into particular commercial calculation basic equipment Pure cost from 2810 rubles, which is traditional for the XF as well as other models of the Jaguar, the rest:. Prestige, Portfolio, R-Sport and XF-S – a car perfectly built under specific owner.

180-strong turbodiesel offered with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, its 2.0-liter gasoline counterpart capacity of 240 liters. from. – Solely for the rear-wheel drive versions and a petrol 3.0-liter V-6 producing 340 and 380 hp. from. will be based on a four-wheel drive transmission.

Well, taking into account the huge selection of materials and colors, as well as a packet of options is a good chance that each of the XF will unique. About competitors in this particular case we are not talking. It is well known that the British brand fans choose the heart, and then in specie.

You will enjoy a Jaguar XF 2.0 D AWD, if:

  • You are a true fan of the British brand;
  • Frequent visits to gas stations is not included in the life plans;
  • You drive a lot, and with pleasure all year round;
  • Your Conservative Party ticket covers quivering heart laborer.

You do not like the Jaguar XF 2.0 D AWD, if:

  • Ten or more years ago have already been in the possession of the Jaguar;
  • Roads in your city is far from perfect;
  • You will often look in the trunk.

The editors thank the company Villagio Estate for assistance in organizing the shooting.

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