Do not wake me in the beast: test drive Jaguar XF 2.0 AWD

A decade ago, the owner of the cult British business sedan Jaguar S-type with a badge 2.0 on the boot lid would have been ostracized with all the gentlemanly sarcasm. “Sir, here’s your 0.3 pint glass …” The diesel fuel has not become stronger since that time, but the four-cylinder turbo diesel under the hood of the second-generation Jaguar XF today does not bother anyone.

Two-liter turbo, and for someone’s conservative opinion – to attack, struck in recent years, almost the entire premium segment. Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, not to mention the Bavarians – all of them also got economical in-line “quartets”, including diesel ones. Their volume could be squeezed and more, but 2.0 liters is still a psychological barrier for buyers of cars of class E.

Be simpler, and money will be drawn to you …

Only for designers there are almost no barriers left today. That current XF, the next Jaguar of authorship of Jan Callum, came out extremely laconic: from small but expressive LED headlamps – a really significant lighting engineering revelation, to the trunk lid, surmounted on the edge by a stylized influx of pseudo-spoiler. It seems that you can draw this without taking the pencil from the paper, but not everything is so simple, and it’s not at all in the longitudinal gill slits on the wings.

The car has absorbed a lot of things: the English do not shun continuity, albeit close, and honor the traditions. In front is the first generation built in the absolute XF, the shape and inclination of the rear window remind us of the sporty XK, and in the profile of 4 954 mm, the current XE and XJ are combined.


It is no coincidence that the implementation of Jaguar for the first five months of 2016 increased by 60% compared to the same period in 2015 and amounted to 48 480 cars. Even despite the ludicrous figures of engine volume that have appeared …

From rationalism to luxury

The huge under-hood space is almost completely occupied. In addition to the longitudinally installed diesel turbo quater, the newest modular Ingenium series, with a capacity of 180 liters. With., A massive, vertically standing catalytic converter and dozens of kilograms of attachments are cast into the eye. The motor is designed and manufactured at Jaguar Land Rover facilities without the participation of Ford. Somewhere in the depths hid an eight-step, sequential “automatic” ZF with the drive elements integrated into it. In our configuration, the base, rear, gave way to the full.

Already slamming the hood, I drew attention to the glasses of electronically-controlled shock absorbers integrated into the body. Wow, and they are aluminum, with stiffeners in a circle. So, a good side impact – and farewell body?

Pardon, the owner of XF this can not happen in principle. He a priori leads well, is confident in himself and lives in a very special world, where leather and velor, modern electronics and security systems rule. Yes, here it is, incidentally, behind a snow-white door, which recognizes in my pocket keys, quietly clicking locks.

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