Experience of owning a Porsche 911 996

The appearance of the sports car Porsche ever divided history into “before” and “after.” New, unusual exterior, a departure from the traditional air-cooled engines – the revolution has touched all. But the colossus called “911” survived. Years passed, and the “992nd” the body has become one of the most popular sports cars in the history of Porsche existence. Today, we get to know him better.


With the advent of voim “992nd” done a lot of noise. An avalanche of criticism that came down on the Germans, almost buried works design team, korpevshih on a new generation leader since 1992. The then chief designer of the brand lag Harm done a herculean job. Let not krutobedry the Turbo, but only narrow the Carrera, in spite of the increased across the board sizes (only base has grown by 8 cm), the canonical image remains unchanged.

This screams every detail, whether it is the form of the front wings and roof line, although most branded chips which have become the hallmark of predecessors, decided to discard. Alas, not a good life. For example, the rear light in the entire width of the body, decorated the “964th” and “993rd” became so poppy solution, which was used by all and sundry. Suffice it to recall honorary member of any of the charts most terrible car – Ford Scorpio II. Therefore stern “996-th” is decorated with lights, referring to the very first generation of “911”.

Most criticism was beaten by newcomer “face”, more precisely, on the “eyes”. The use of lighting unusual shape was regarded as a crime of universal scale. Of particular irritation caused similarity “person” with a younger leader Boxster, debuted a year earlier. Do not be surprised if the responsible directly for the Chinese exterior Pinky Lai received threats from fans, who simply did not have caught the new exterior resemblance to the historical models like the 904 Carrera GTS.

Restyled items (just our case), received in 2002 a more traditional optics and aggressive bumpers, critics left alone. Losing similarity to Boxster, Carrera and its derivatives are considerably increased in status. In addition, in four years the production of the flagship proved its viability, showing clearly that the lights are not uniform alive “911”.


This is especially noticeable on the background of a completely new interior. The severity of the forms dictated by naked functionality changed to smooth lines, out-of-the pencil of the designer. Losing family horizontal bar in the entire width of the front panel, the model has retained two main interior pieces. Large appliances are no longer dominated by the interior, but their traditional five, and the tachometer is still in charge. Ignition switch, honoring the racing tradition of the brand, is located to the left of the steering column.

Gray interior blends perfectly with the blue of the body. Leather, Alcantara, expensive plastic – all the elements are solved in a single color, once again alluding to the high status of the model has ceased to be exclusively adrenaline generator. The quality of materials and fit – no reproach. Carbon trim looks much more appropriate wooden inserts are offered as one of the alternatives.

The status of every day sport car «911″ owes it “996-th” body. The climate and cruise control, rain sensor, electric sunroof – I like lists the executive sedan features.

Traditionally comfortable “porshevskie” buckets are supplemented by a myriad of electrical adjustments. , The driver Salon is spacious in width no sense of the elbow even with the right tall passengers. The increased wheelbase allows the rear seats to sit on two miniature beauties, but in the presence of microscopic trunk volume of 130 liters, they will have to compete, rather than with each other and with the things of the driver. Finally newfound full center console received a navigation display, and the music caresses hearing passengers Bose, whose dynamics resemble the outlines of the headlights.

In move

This generation of “911” Porsche engineers remember with special fondness. For the first time they were able to develop a car almost from scratch. None of the old technical unit or components from previous versions. Under the hood, that is behind the rear seats, mounted Opposite “Six» c liquid cooling, similar in design to that in the Boxster. From the vent had to be abandoned not only for the sake of cost reduction. Distinguished design would not allow the engine to fit into the modern environmental requirements.

Technical innovations such as additional two valves per cylinder and variable valve timing system, have not changed essentially – it’s still a classic horizontally opposed “six”. Minimum vibration, low center of gravity and 320 liters. c., taken with the volume of 3.6 liters. The sound of the motor at idle – the only thing that can keep the driver from the desire to sink into the floor the gas pedal. Loud, hard metal growl any notes turn into an enthusiastic fan of the Stuttgart sports car.

Acceleration expected fast – “mersedesovsky” five-step “automatic machine” fell 722.6 Porsche fit. The ability of the box, analyzing the speed of pressing the gas pedal and the engine load, to adapt to your driving style – is akin to witchcraft and makes skeptical to manual mode. In vain! Clicking the buttons “+/-” lightning speed tachometer arrow driven into the red zone, rear rages “boxer”, and now you are rushing forward, ahead of everyone and everything. Most likely, straight toward fines or even deprivation of rights.

In the management of it is not similar to any other car. With the rest of the four-wheel creatures that sledgehammer, an ax rushing forward, native only basic instincts.

The front axle is no pressure virtually nothing, so the steering wheel is very light, especially in the middle position. With the gas pedal to be surgically careful to nose, slightly slipping, I went into the turn. No less attention is necessary and brakes – learning to slow down before the turn, using the weight of the machine as an advantage, you will know the truth. At the exit of the bend is another gift – without a hint of wobble “tail”, “911” flies forward like a catapult.

Get pleasure is possible without the extreme. Energy-intensive suspension and excellent smoothness became for me a real discovery. Carrera takes you away from the office and take home, without making a detour to look at the form of each tram tracks without any problems. On the base 17-inch wheels Porsche is not much harder my former Audi A5 on an optional 18-x disks.

Talented sports equipment, sports car for every day – a diamond engraved with “911” so many facets that know they can be infinitely long. The generation of “996” – a great way to start dating. In spite of the grumbling about the Orthodox lights and stuff.

purchase history

Dream buy ever imagined Porsche 911 appeared Artem when he looked in his childhood classic action movie “Commando” with Schwarzenegger. Remember dapper mobster Sally, whom Arnie promised to kill the last, but deceived? His yellow Porsche Artem remembered no less elegant action sequences.

At the beginning of 2016 the dream began to take shape – find a decent copy took about six months. In St. Petersburg at that time were not options at all, and Artem began negotiating the purchase of “911” in Moscow. For car 1999 release requested 890 000 rubles. Of the minuses – a small car body repair needed after a slight accident. Artem did not stop, and he had almost bought a non-refundable ticket to Moscow, but the owner decided to leave the Porsche itself and canceled the deal.

Artem disappointment knew no bounds. But a few months later he was lucky – there was an advertisement for the sale in St Petersburg online blue Carrera restyled 2002 mileage 130,000 km. Alas, the conversation with the seller on the phone went wrong – “At the service will not go, no. Sale and so inexpensive. Come have a look, but be aware that in a few days I’m leaving on vacation. I’ll be back – the price will be different. ”

Artem did not suit such a response, but he still decided to go for a visit. Despite a few shortcomings, the car left a good impression. Inspection service in the profile the next day did not reveal any serious problems. Especially pleased with the “native” paintwork and smooth body geometry. Without hesitation, Artem has issued a purchase. The average price for the atmospheric “911th” this generation oscillates between 1 000 000 – 1 200 000 rubles. Buying turbo version in good condition can raise the price in half.


Porsche 911 996
The total amount of investments:
Of 100 000 rubles

Elimination of defects began to replace the ignition coils and spark. The engine finally started to work smoothly and without gaps. In addition, we found that the strut body is under the box, installed upside down and rub against the box.

The longest Artem understood inoperative central locking. Porsche Centre promised to “fix” it to the old keys and solve the problem, but the solution is not questioned. Order the new keys from Germany (10 000) had to wait a whole month.

Restoration of the interior in a specialized studio took three days. List of work was extensive, virtually every detail of the interior, be it door armrests, center console or coat hooks on the ceiling, carrying the stamp is not the most accurate long-term operation.

Porsche 911 996
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
Wheelbase, mm:
Engine volume, l:
Capacity, l. from.:
5-speed, automatic
Fuel tank capacity, l:

“The family” motor sore Engine M 96.03 – badass on the cylinder walls of the car – Artem passed. Repair in this case will 170 000 (50 000-70 000 parts, 100 000 – work). Buying a new motor in ” ‘officials” will cost about one million rubles, option b / y – two to three times cheaper.
To date, the total amount of investments in the “911” is 100 000 rubles.


For 1 200 kilometers, since the purchase, Artyom had not yet reveal all the possibilities of the machine. He prefers to do it gradually. Philosophy every day sport car Artem closer squeals of tires on the track. Therefore, Carrera will be used as a daily car during the warm season. In the winter of “911” will go to the newly acquired garage, which will soon be carried out heating.

Porsche 911 996
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l16-17 8 11-12


In the nearest plans of painting of the front bumper, the victim of the chips, and then polishing and coating all body paint. The taillights now is not in the best condition, so thinks buying a new optics (10 000-20 000 rubles).

After the car will go to hibernate, Artem box is going to do. “Automatic” is already delivers alarms – felt kicks and delays during switching. To repair the box will be sent to Yekaterinburg to the Club master.

model history

The first Porsche 911, get the engine with liquid cooling, began a series 996 coupe, which appeared in 1998. The base Carrera was available with boxer “six” in volume of 3.4 liters capacity of 300 liters. from. combined with a six-speed “mechanics” or pyatidiapazonnym “automatic”. 911 Turbo capacity of 420 liters. from. It appeared in 2000 year. Before restyling in 2002 consisted of a range of body coupe and convertible are available with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Updated cars got corrected appearance and a new engine of 3.6 liters. The basic version of the power boxer “six” was 320 liters. from. The most efficient version of the 911 GT2 developed 483 liters. s., acceleration to “hundreds” of 4.1 seconds. After the restyling of the range of bodies has expanded due to the appearance Targ, and since 2003, the 911 Turbo can be ordered in the convertible version. Release Generation 996 continued until 2005. Total 160 000 cars were produced.

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