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“Well, that’s all, was tested.” I stopped the car, muffled the engine and got to ask Google for the word of the funeral. No, my Infiniti Q50 was in good health, functioned properly and from the heart pleased with the way it looks, drives and feels. It was different: we did not have time to get acquainted with him a month’s visit to the equator, as the news came from the representative office of the company: Russian sales of the hybrid version were decided to be canceled.

After some time instead of a hybrid, a sedan with a new three-liter biturbo-V6 with a capacity of 400 horsepower – the same as the coupe Q60 – will come to us. And it is he who will be considered the new flagship. In the meantime, a person aiming specifically at the Q50 has a choice: to take a version with a 211-strong two-liter turbo-quater or not to take anything at all. Here, in my mind, I will return the car to the office to change it to the one that you can really buy. But I admit openly and without shame – I could not. Man is weak. Especially in front of cars with such a combination of dynamics and economy.

The power plant of the Q50 Hybrid is wonderful! This is a proven gasoline atmospheric VQ35HR (V6, 3.5 liters, 298 hp), a 68-hp electric motor (the total peak power is 355 hp), a lithium-ion battery pack for 1.4 kWh, a seven-speed automatic “And an all wheel drive system that can transfer up to half of the entire traction to the front wheels. For those who began to peck in the middle of the description, I explain: all this works very cool.

The accelerator of the Q50 is almost race-sensitive, especially in the sport mode of the Drive Mode Selector system, and traction is so much that at least pack it in boxes and send it to the club of Ravon Gentra lovers as humanitarian aid. Seriously, under the right pedal there is always a royal reserve of power, which you want to use at any opportunity. Delays in response are minimal: he stamped – flattened the chair. Another stamped – once again flattened. If the batteries are charged, then up to the first hundred this sedan gets in 5.5 seconds – a second faster than the VW Golf GTI, for example. Although half a second slower than comparable in power and price, the BMW 340i xDrive.

What is more important for the hybrid, all the transients between the gasoline and electric motors are perfectly disguised: you will not learn about them from vibrations and jerks, but from the testimony of the instruments.

In general, for the title of sports (attention: not racing, not hypersonic, but just sports) sedan hybrid Q50 is very pulling. And all this with a funny appetite! Even if you annihilate it like there are no cameras on poles, traffic cops on the streets, and in your head – brains, he still does not dare to drink more than 12 liters per hundred. At me for the first two weeks 9,8 l / 100 km left. By a machine capable of hitting a hot hatch of an average hand. Is not beauty?

Yes, in some aspects the hybrid is a headache. For example, the battery pack behind the rear seats has halved the volume of the trunk and put an end to the ability to carry at least something that can be characterized by the word “long”. Because of the same batteries, there is not even a dock, so in which case you will be forced to call the tow truck into a clean field or where you are still there to pierce the wheel. Finally, the brakes are quite strange: the drive information is low, and the pedal force changes unexpectedly and arbitrarily. As if Infiniti there is not a system brake-by-wire, but a simulator of the female psyche.

But you know what? Let the hybrid Q50 is not ideal, but for the combination of such dynamics with such economy, small defects are easily forgiven. More precisely, said goodbye. Oh, to whom did you leave us …

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