Diesel against gasoline. What should be the right Jaguar F-Pace?

From the weak to the super-powerful – as there is no Jaguar F-Pace. But with which motor combination “sports crossover” does not look like an oxymoron?

It was a matter of time. Jaguar, like almost all premium and luxury brands with a sporty image, caught a “crossover” wave. Someone thought the decision was wrong and, perhaps, even blasphemous. But the company, believe me, managed to bend under the volatile world, remaining itself. Firstly, F-Pace is beautiful. Secondly, this is a real “kayfovy” Jaguar. True, looking at what kind of stuffing. With a diesel or gasoline engine? We’ll bet!

Alexey Dmitriev – for S AWD

In fact, in the configurator F-Pace, there are two diesel engines that cause absolutely different emotions. If the two-liter unit is not in all situations worthy of the “Jaguar”, then there is no question for the three-liter V6. At all.

The new diesel for 180 forces, frankly, often reminds of its small volume. For an ordinary crossover, 8.7 seconds to a hundred is cool, but somehow not Jaguar. For F-Pace, which should meet the spirit of dynamism and sports, you need more. It’s a shame, you know, to lose at a traffic light to any Porsche Macan, without even going into details, what’s that under the hood. At low speeds, the motor is generally asleep. In addition to the basic F-Pace, the delays of the eight-speed automatic are especially acute when sharp changes of mood. When you sharply push the pedal and try to catch the same spirit all the same. But it does not work.

In fact, I’m very grateful to the younger motor, from which I began studying F-Pace. Realizing that I would not be able to ignite, I drew attention in detail to the shortcomings of the interior. Ideal it can not be called, including ergonomically. Basically, some little things, but still. For example, the window lift button on a massive window sill is typical for a Land Rover, but it does not make it any easier. Or here is a new multimedia with a screen of 10 inches modern, much can, goes online, and picture quality – five with a plus. But there are small questions to the logic of control and speed. In any case, in comparison with the previous antediluvian system – a giant leap forward.

In the decoration there is enough hard plastic, in particular on the front panel, and in general in the salon a feeling of the poor is created. But! As I then understood from the three-liter version, it’s still not the problem of the car as a whole. F-Pace can be collected for the soul, and very fastidious. If only there was something to pay. It is possible to cover everything with leather, and seat with adjustable cushion and side support to install, and electrically adjust the rear sofa at the same time add with four-zone climate control. Jaguar is particularly praised for allowing, unlike many premium companies, to assemble a chic car “for themselves,” refusing unnecessary things. In general, claims to the fact that the crossover is supposedly poor inside, can arise only in a basic form. Which at a price of 3 289 000 rubles.

To praise the F-Pace with a two-liter diesel and ordinary filling can be for two factors: financial and image. Saved once the purchase will continue to save more on fuel. Real consumption for some time is slightly higher than seven liters. As they say, if “do not fry.” Otherwise, on a two-liter F-Pace it is impossible. Well, the people around will still think that you have a fashionable crossover from Jaguar. He’s just as handsome in the base!

And I still have to praise a little two-liter F-Pace. First of all, it is as smart as a trajectory, like all the other versions. Secondly, he has the same fine chassis. Yes, harsh and exactly repeating the pit-docking drawings of the road, but you also wanted a sports crossover? So here he is, flying into any turns with an easy, a bit of a gamble (this is the “Jaguar”!) “Pulling”. Initially the rear-wheel drive essence makes itself felt.

Imagine, that’s all this – even with a three-liter 300-horsepower diesel engine in the F-Pace S. In which you do not even need to put pressure on the accelerator with all the foolishness. Just touch the pedals – and the crazy 700 Nm make the crossover literally permeate the air. Much role in this “fluffiness” is played by materials. The body is 80% aluminum, as are some suspension parts, which makes the car much easier.

In this “Jaguar” I want to drive only in a dynamic mode, which in a special way adjusts the response of the pedals, steering and the work of the transmission with suspension. The traction control system, which brakes the wheels in a corner, causes an almost childish sense of permissiveness. I already think that this is not a crossover at all … In a word, this is a real Jaguar. Just with a powerful ground clearance of 21.3 cm and a congress angle of just under 30 degrees. After the race, you can and in the village.

And yet – you try to achieve the consumption of a 300-horsepower diesel F-Pace more than 11 liters. It will be hard. Checkmate? Or does the gasoline have an ace in his sleeve?

Dmitry Barinov – for a three-liter …

Two-liter diesel F-Pace – uniquely girlish crossover. Yes, it looks as aggressive as the other versions, but, in fact, phlegmatic. Of course, he also, as his colleague remarked, has obvious advantages: a really funny fuel consumption (seven liters in a mixed cycle) and an attractive price. But, as soon as you change into a three-liter gasoline crossover with a capacity of 380 forces, you immediately understand: what you need! Here it is, the real bearer of the carnivorous genotype of the brand. Weaves it in five and a half seconds. That is, almost two times faster than a diesel engine with a base engine.

Feeling like sitting at the wheel of a familiar Sporcar F-Type, only now you get an excellent overview. And, if necessary, you can jump over the curb or wave on the primer. Not greatly reducing the speed.

But on the ugly asphalt a hundred kilometers from Moscow, with waves and ruts, electronically controlled smart shock absorbers do not always manage. And often do not have time to level all this rubbish under the wheels. Although they should track up to a hundred even the smallest changes per second. As a result, you rush almost to the drum roll on the body. Not exactly the right music for a noble machine. However, it is worth getting on a more or less normal road, as the “Jaguar” is transformed, the smoothness of the move is almost perfect. And your F-Pace is again ready to make rapid high-speed attacks with special ease, as if playfully. Only for the mood of cheering you pedigree roar and cough exhaust system.

Payment for the predatory disposition of a 380-strong beast will be bills at gas stations. Do not believe your passport details. You will not see any nine liters of average consumption. If you ignite in the sport mode, prepare to burn 20 liters per hundred. In the usual – not less than 15. And only in the eco-mode – about 12. But the last option for this machine – something like mockery. With a special cynicism.

Even I, the driver quite calm, did not manage to ride this “Jaguar” in a measured manner. He always provokes you, internally turns on and lights you up. The main thing is to ensure that you do not catch a pack of fines for speeding.

But, finally, just do not have the right not to evaluate a three-liter diesel. Although, maybe in vain did it. After all, until this moment I was sure that it was the 380-strong petrol version – the optimal one. But the giant diesel torque of 700 Nm and a smooth blast wave of thrust are convincing quickly. Yes, the character of the car is no longer extremely expressive, but power is sufficient in all cases with a huge margin. And all this huge power is distributed a little more evenly, as if with a jewelry dosage. And so there is the illusion that the car is better balanced. Yes, and more obedient. Especially in the sharp corners, where you are not afraid of unexpected slip, like in the petrol version.

In a word, I’m not ready yet to say exactly which of the three-liter modifications I liked more. They are so good that you have to endure the truly complex tortures of choice. However, if all the same reasoning is rational, then the diesel puts on the shoulder blades of its competitor. And on the reserve of the course, and on the costs of maintenance. But this is not a verdict at all. And what can be the discretion in the case of F-Pace? So I continue to painfully choose …

Dmitry Barinov,

Alexey Dmitriev,

Photo by Denis Sveshnikov and JLR