Dashing “ninetieth.” Meet the familiar stranger Volvo S90

No, of course, the Swedish business-class sedan is not as crazy and wild as the 90s in Russia. But there is something common.

Have you noticed, lately those very dashing years in the memories of Russians are covered with an inexplicable bright aura? They acquire romantic features and are filled with the warmth of a completely incomprehensible nature. People want to be back in the 90s and experience a unique range of feelings. Here’s the S90, too. She is wanted in all decent semantic nuances of this verb. What is noticeable from the reaction of other drivers and pedestrians. On this similarity of the 90th with the 90th, fortunately, ends. In a dashing time it is actually better not to return, but in Volvo – it is possible and even necessary. Because he really meets all the ideas.


You know, but this is like meeting a star. In the sense that you have studied a lot of a famous person, read interviews, watched videos – and it seems as if you communicate closely with your idol. Then suddenly you meet in life. Aww, yes it’s you, old man! Well, like friends. Feelings of an old and pleasant acquaintance.

At least that’s what happened to me. Because the S90 is like the XC90, only a sedan. They are not just equally classy inside, but almost identical except for barely noticeable trifles. But the stunning similarity is by no means a reproach, only a plus!

I start the engine with an intricate handle-polyhedron, I choose a driving mode with a stylish neat drum and each time I can not stop being touched by such tiny Swedish flags on the seats. You feel yourself a part of something solid, even majestic. Volvovskoe attention to detail! Yeah, but the more offensive that some features do not generally meet the high quality of the premium business sedan. Why, even in the top-end configuration, the steering is not electric, as is the sunroof curtain on the roof? If you set a high standard, then stick to it in everything.

However, forget about the signs of savings helps the typical brand for the widest range of settings. If you have a pathologically disproportionate body, you can still find a comfortable seat in the S90 seat. There are no compromises to look for. In general, there is a sense of spaciousness, backed up by numbers. In terms of free space in the driver’s shoulders, Volvo loses a few centimeters to the BMW 5-Series, but it outperforms, perhaps, the reference comfort in the business class – the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Which, however, once again confirms – the size does not solve everything.

Since we are talking about centimeters, the S90 is decorating the same “piece of wood” along the length of the wheelbase. Hence the pleasant atmosphere on the back sofa. Climate control is even two-zone, and even with touch control. The only thing that I frankly did not have is the length of the pillow.

But these are all comfort issues, but what about progress? On the ongoing offensive of the digital world, the monumental screens available in the database are shouting: 12.3-lumens at the dashboard and a nine-inch tablet on the center console. They, however, we are all familiar to the same XC90. Most of all the questions are caused by the Sensus multimedia display, but, believe me, only at first. You just need to get used to it. Naturally. As to all the advanced. Remember, I used to meet experienced, I-can-not-drive-on-automatic drivers. Adapted the same. And with volvovskim tablet quickly get on. After several hours of “communication,” the arrangement of the blocks becomes logical, all adjustments-from climate control to helpers-are quick. This effect was achieved thanks to the competent structuring of the menu and the correct use of free space. To be sure, check out our video from the global multimedia systems test.

Well, we get acquainted with our stranger further.

To the northeast

Although he is already a stranger. While our “meeting with the star” meets expectations. And the verge of technical talent S90 studied before “communication”. Volvovskoe life credo, now forever written with indelible green paint, declares unambiguous there are no motors larger than two liters. With no exceptions. It turns out that the Swedes like themselves pushed themselves into the framework and forced to cram 320 forces into the four-cylinder heart. Well, to go fast. And – wow! – its 5.9 seconds to hundreds of all-wheel drive business sedan demonstrates. In the engine with the T6 index, the combination of the compressor and the turbocharger gives a generous “arrival” of traction over a wide range. A vigorous sound, really, no. I’m a little bored with the tambourine of five cylinders and … again I remember the XC90 with the same motor when I change the driving mode with a drum.

After trying Eco and Comfort, it’s time to turn on Dynamic. In it, the settings of the units give the car an absolutely “bullet” character. But, you know, you do not want to jump out of the turns with an arrow.

Firstly, because of the settings of the eight-speed automatic, which starts to move too far. The accelerator pedal at this time becomes hypersensitive. So, in comfort, too smooth work, and in a dynamic mode – excessive nervousness? I want something average. But this small problem lies in the software. If someone does not like the behavior of the machine, the question is solved by the dealer’s adaptation. True, the competition from Germany with the “mood” of the car all at once harmonious, without any software improvements.

Secondly, the desire to “pile” with the settings of the chassis in the S90 does not dock. I’ll try to explain it with a fabulously heroic story. Here are the engineers at a crossroads. To the left you will go – you will lose your head in excitement, you will go to the right – you will drown in comfort. And the Volvians moved about to the north-east. If we are talking about “Germans” in the business class, do not wait for Beam’s enthusiasm and Mercedes’s softness. Something average, but with more emphasis on comfort. More importantly, the behavior of the sedan is very stable and on a rough road, and in bends. And the more I drive a Volvo S90, the less I regret about such things as the inability to disable ESP. And do not … It’s a pity the suspension lacks energy intensity. In our spring ugliness it was quite easy to break it.

But to check the work of assistants in Russian slushy corn, on the contrary, it is difficult. There are no markups. Although in good conditions, the assistants, of course, are steep. The steering wheel delicately returns to the trajectory, the radars are watching for obstacles. And, incidentally, in the S90 for the first time the recognition of large animals. Thanks to the leaders from Volvo for the development of technology, but deer in Moscow are found only in human form, so the workability could not be checked. But you never know when it might come in handy. In terms of security, Swedes do not deprive anyone – these systems are in any version. What we also knew about other models well.

It’s funny, is not it? It seems that the machine is completely new and at the same time, it seems familiar. But I was not disappointed – the communication turned out to be very enjoyable.

Alexey Dmitriev, photo by Denis Sveshnikov

Technical specifications of the Volvo S90 T6

Dimensions (length / width / height), cm 496.3 / 187.9 / 144.3
Wheelbase, cm 294.1
The equipped weight, kg, 1784
Trunk volume l 500
Engine 4-cylinder, gasoline, with, compressor and turbocharging, 1969 cm³
Power, l. from. / Rev / min. 320/5700
Torque Nm / rev / min. 400 / 2200-5400
Transmission 8-st., Automatic.
Drive unit Full
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, with, 5.9
Maximum speed, km / h 250
Mixed fuel consumption, l / 100 km. 7.5