Cute, yet! Experience possession Peugeot RCZ

“Remember, my daughter! Love Russian came up to pay for sex is not! “Manual wise life experience of the French mother illustrates the high ratios blinded owner feelings and fatal beauty Peugeot RCZ.


“F rantsuzhenka” meets me a disarming smile wide front bumper. Huge big eyes in a half-face look with cunning – these special secrets do not give, rather, all tell myself. Dressed as a lady in a little black dress. Modest and tasteful, all in the legacy of Mademoiselle Chanel.

No matter where the designer was inspired by Boris Reynmeller. He himself nodding in the direction of the RC Concept Peugeot 908, which has, in spite of the four-body, a similar outline of the back and side walls. But we all know the real muse that inspired the Germans to create the most stylish Peugeot modernity.


No, not the German TT pistol system with four rings on the handle. With a hatchback coupe from Audi French in common only the general silhouette. Shifted forward cabin, contrasting silver arc rapid profile – a “French” accessories will poshikarnee.

But by comparison with another hit half a century ago can not escape. Finding the strength to escape from French kissing the lush hips, remember that the same delicious roundness had a Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia, which in turn was a continuation of the design ideas Convertible Renault Fr? Gate Ondine. What a twist!

There is justification, and “double-bubble”, gracefully arching roof and rear window. Some will say, “so it’s Zagato», and others recall that a convex roof – an essential attribute of Le mann Peugeot prototypes. And all pales into insignificance when you see both the seductive hollow neck sexy dripping rain.

Pablo Picasso said – “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” And if the story of the appearance RCZ is impossible without comparison to the Audi TT and the other, I am on the side of the great Spaniard.


Outside stroynyashkoy, beauty, inside RCZ – middle-aged lady. So, who said “gives mothballs?” Yes, the cabin 308 th has already started second decade, but the flowing lines of the interior of French did not become obsolete. Few of the competitors of those years have a reserve of moral and interior stability.

Saving on design, the Gauls have come off in the finishing: almost the entire interior is tightened in an expensive gray skin, but without soft substrate – plastic panels are covered with a noble material. But what beautiful and smooth stitches!

Who does not like “the Frenchwoman” to know what accessories are everything. With this, RCZ full order. Truncated bottom steering wheel with the tides under the grip ennobled metal inserts, Alcantara blackens the ceiling, shining in the class mandatory instruments rims and perforated pedal. Average air deflector is replaced by a stylish chrome chronometer. Originality small means … and a nod toward the Maserati 3200 GT.

Components rich in electric drives and memory settings – to stamp lacks only a sliding navigation screen. Austrian assembly at the facilities of Magna Steyr is not saved the RCZ from traditional French casually in detail, but not fatal. Pity only accounts for the fact that the French did not dare put in the interior of the coupe crossover 3008. Regretted nerves Audi?

In move

Electroresettings clicked, I shifted, parked his carcass in the grip anatomical ladle with a lion at the head. With just 156 liters. from.? Hmm. Angrily ogryznuvshis dvuhstvolkoy exhaust, the RCZ reminds about 240 Nm (my former level of Audi, but there was a “four” 1.8), six-speed mechanics and rally like ancestors 205 GTi. Deciding not to anger beauty, talking about the front-wheel drive platform and the mass of a hatchback.

Light force on the pedals, the apparent slipshod, but clear-wheel drive – I know old friend from the first minute. With sister named RCZ Peugeot 308CC I spent an unforgettable romantic vacation in Spain. The French even in heavy gig could ignite a spark drayverskogo. A RCZ – the most advanced member of the family 308. In comparison with the original hatchback coupe came the shoulders of 30 mm. At the same value of the wheelbase (2612 mm) front track widened to 1580 mm (plus 44 mm), while the rear has increased to 1593 mm (plus 63 mm). Improved torsional rigidity, the center of gravity down, plus a bland diet and … voil ?, meet the queen turns.

Coupe perfectly writes the desired trajectory, and sharp steering provokes aggression. Attack! Growth rate – scares me, but not Mlle. Flirty tail sticking out the rear spoiler (at a speed of 80 – 130 km / h average position above – maximum) coupe desperately rushing forward.

I was close to his own psychological speed limit in the rotation, but – no hint of the demolition. Roll, too not wait. ESP if removed itself, preferring not to participate in this madness. Tires pray for mercy plaintive squeak, but the French devil whispers in your ear: “Darling, even” How can you resist?

Motor with her at the same time. Wide shelf torque, extending from 1400 to 4500 rev / min, allowing accelerated smartly within the same transmission. Not sour traction and further, when I wriggle out of each transfer in the clink. The figures, of course, is not sportkarovskie – 8 seconds to 100 km / h. But give me a bunch of the same twists and turns, but pokurche, pozakovyristey – then let’s see who wins.

Tenacious brakes – as a matter of course. The force on the pedal is easy to dispense with apothecary accuracy. Suspension shows a moderate stiffness, as long abstinence from the temptation to put the larger 18-inch wheels. Deposits track fighter live well with everyday use.

Beautiful body, a laudable practicality (boot capacity 321 liters – more than the Audi TT and Volkswagen Scirocco), enviable handling and love of the public do not mean anything if there is no production plans management compartment space.

RCZ never left the covers of fashion magazines and effortlessly won competitions automotive beauty, but it was removed from production without the right to the heir. Beauty requires sacrifice, but sometimes the beauty of sacrifice.

purchase history

Value Stanislav see photo Peugeot RCZ on the Internet, it became clear – it’s love at first sight, and a car he will be required. The study details of the coupe even more strengthened his confidence in this. But with the search for the French beauty had problems.

Piterskie dealers as one repeated – “Machines and never will be!” It was at that time head the Russian office of Peugeot RCZ announced the termination of supplies to Russia. In Moscow salons have a few copies, but as one with a “machine” that Stanislav no interest.

I could only rely on the “secondary housing.” At the second attempt the car was found per 1 500 kilometers, in Saratov. As it happens, live French babe looked more stunning. Peugeot RCZ 2010 release with the engine 1.6, mechanics and funny mileage of 15 000 km on a single host, he traded on his Volksvagen Jetta sixth generation and pay 180 thousand rubles.


The return trip was marred by cracks appeared on the windshield and the illuminated Check Engine. However, it seems that it was in a bad gasoline, for diagnosis of problems on arrival home is not identified. Typical “sores» EP6 engine was observed: the tension of the timing chain was within the tolerance range, the intake manifold was clean, oil fumes and was not. Changed only oil, filters, construction of the stabilizer and pump – for prevention.

However, after 15 000 km of the ill-fated Prince (this is the name of the marketing engine) still was asked to retire. The details of the story we do not know, but according to the master piston bankrupt, and motor recovery are not subject to.

From France 250 000 ordered new EP6, but life has not turned out sweet with him. By 80,000 kilometers we had to change stretched timing chain and eliminate “maslozhor” replacement valve stem seals.

Peugeot RCZ
Brief specifications:
2612 mm
156 l. from.
Acceleration to 100 km / h:
Cargo capacity:
321 l
THAT the replacement of the engine oil (5w30) and filters every 5 000-6 000 km
4000 RUB

Everything else is against this background that proved unproblematic. For nearly 100 000 kilometers electrician (PSA for which the machine is often criticized) has not brought any “glitches”, and investments in suspension, in addition to those already mentioned stabilizer struts, limited to the planned replacement of wheel bearings. Crushed turbine nozzle and the flying mounts to the crankcase protection can be written in the annoying little things. And, interestingly, the pipe had to be replaced in the outback during a trip to the Crimea, and surgery went perfectly “analog” of the Gazelle.


Of course, neither of which the sale of “French” and can be no question. On the other hand, Stanislav wanted to buy a second RCZ white for my wife, but the coupe – not her car format.

model history

The premiere of the concept of the Peugeot 308 RC Z Concept was held in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Sexy contours compartment concealed by stuffing has not yet released for sale 308 hatchback, the 1.6-liter family turbochetverku Prince capacity of 218 liters. from. and a six-speed mechanics.

Series front-wheel drive coupe Peugeot RCZ, which appeared two years later, apparently differed little from the concept. The range of engines has expanded by 2.0 turbodiesel (163 hp, 340 Nm..), And the 1.6-liter engine was available in two versions forcing – 156 and 202 liters. from. Transmissions – shestitsupenchatye mechanics and “automatic”.

The planned restyling 2012 did not bring significant changes to the exterior and interior, except for the new finishing options, and all remained the same. The main news was the appearance of the hot version of RCZ R. Finally, rapid form received relevant content. If the first was considered the most dynamic version with 7.6 seconds, the R-version with a 270-horsepower turbocharged 1.6 accelerates to 100 km / h in less than six seconds.

Stylish coupe was the victim of optimization lineup. Direct heirs have RCZ is not expected. Total capacity with Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria went off about 67 000 coupe.

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