Custom for every day: Triumph Bonneville Rowdy

A unique bike at a price just above the base model? Yes, and this is possible!

We always keep our eyes on the motorcycle from the past. Whether it’s Java or Tula, Ural or Minsk. Someone immediately before his eyes flashes a memory of the first trip or fall, the first walk with a girl or breakdown on a busy highway. In a word – nostalgia.

Our memories are skillfully used by manufacturers, rolling out one each year, or even a pair of new classic motorcycle models. What could be better? I went into the salon, I bought a bike “like my grandfather,” only a new, moderately modern and safe, took the open helmet and a worn leather jacket for delivery. It would seem that the issue is resolved. But if everything was so simple. When the question of style is at stake, one can not be “like everyone else”. The bike is simply obliged to become a visiting card, not only a means of transportation, but also an instrument of self-expression. Together marching, cockroaches in their heads sing the song: “caste, we will build caste!” We are looking for a master, give the motorcycle for a couple of months, spend a lot of money, skip the season, and for the winter we understand that all the decay begins and starts again. Very cool option, but not suitable for the masses. But to buy a ready-made motorcycle converted into your car at the salon, after discussing the details with the seller, even at the pre-order stage and getting a customized, unique bike at a price slightly higher than the base model, the idea is not bad.

The recipe for “cooking” Triumph, which I got in my hands, was relatively simple. It took one brand-new Bonneville T100. The steel tubular frame was left unchanged, as was the steel two-sided pendulum, and a two-cylinder engine. The British row-top two in 865 cubes develops 68 hp. at 7500 rpm. The torque indicator “one-on-one” – 68 Nm at 5800 rpm. Spit wheels were changed to cast, shod in “evil” tires, similar to rubber for enduro. The original front wing went to the dump: its place was taken by a short blotch, and the rear, of course, was cut down “under the root”. Repainting a motorcycle, of course, inflates the budget, but how can you not pay for the matte black color, from under which the polished aluminum appears in the gas tank in places? A long leather saddle, a cockroach-like backrest, and leather lining on the tank not only visually “age” the device, but also make the image of the motorcycle complete. Faro, recessed in the forks of a fork with a protective grille, is also considered as an appropriate addition to the exterior. The standard instrument panel necessarily gives way to the arrow-lamp archaic. The stock matte black color of the engine remains unchanged, because that’s how the engine fits better with the straight-through silencers wrapped in “bandages” with black cone-shaped “jars”. And without fail, such a motorcycle must have a name. My device is called “Rowdy”, which in English means “rowdy”.

A close and long detailed examination confirmed that everything “keeps” on small things. Perfect stitching, impeccable color, these so relevant milled carburetor covers, stylized for billiard balls … Stop! Carburetors ?! I turn the ignition key to the right of the frame (in order to please the style, the keyhole moved from the steering column) and I hear a quiet buzz of the gasoline pump. A very stylish deception is to hide the injector pump in fake carburettors!

The motor filled the district with a muffled low velvet sound. No vibrations, row-two – a pattern of balance. A clear inclusion of the transfer, a cheerful pick up from the idle, a turn of the gas knob, an energetic acceleration for the growing rumble of the “direct flow” … For the gas release, you can safely poke the increased gears and do not use the clutch handle – the box works amazingly clearly. But the most relish – shots from the muffler when the gas is closed. Triumph Bonneville Rowdy stitches the stream, sowing fear and horror. The sound of the engine is thus devoid of unnecessary exhaustion or tearing. No roar of tubes and the like of pop music. Mothers will not throw after you flower pots in the sleeping area (the main thing – do not close the gas sharply).

Although the ridiculous multi-story boxes of the districts of the new Moscow – far from the best decoration for the “rowdy” in the style of Mad Max. Whether it’s a forgotten military training ground or, at worst, the shop of an old factory! In such an entourage ride “for all money” – a pleasure. The high tread block gravely clings to the ground and tries to transfer the torque to the steel floor, covered with the dust of centuries, but in vain. Slippage is inevitable. Bonneville does not have a track or ABS, so you can only rely on yourself. Nevertheless, the classic motorcycle plays its game well, showing the chassis balance and sensitivity to the commands unusual for many more technologically advanced carbon-aluminum models. Tandem steel frame and fork can be safely given the nickname: monolith. The short-suspension pendants, 120 mm in front and 106 mm behind, easily absorb small and medium irregularities (the thick-bodied tires in this certainly help) and only large pits cause the rear wheel to fly upwards, transferring energy to the fifth point. But then the “well-fed” saddle comes into play, so much so that the coccyx is grateful. But the assembly and stiffness of the hangers are ideal for asphalt disciplines – turns even to the footboard, stability in a fast arc and a clear direction change.

Triumph Bonneville Rowdy – an opening, with it you do not want to part with. With its anachronistic appearance “from the 60’s” and simple design, the motorcycle is more than actual in the furious rhythm of a huge city, perfectly fitting into it and attracting the views of others.