Crossover per million: all pluses and minuses Renault Kaptur with a variator

The front wheel drive, a variator and a million rubles in the price list – we spent a month with Renault Kaptur and now we know exactly what is the point in it.

“We have a million!” – it does not matter whether it is in fact or only in the credit perspective, but more often than not, car dealers put themselves this psychological mark. And in addition, the massive insanity on crossovers leads one way or another to Renault. Here, for example, for the compact Kaptur.

Look, the basic “mechanics” costs almost 900 thousand rubles without sensors of rain and light, climate control and any heating. Too poor for a lot, in general, the amount. The same crossover with a two-liter engine and a classic automatic comes up to 1.2 million. Very balanced and “combed” for the requests of “millionaires” looks like a variant with a front-wheel drive and a variator. In the price list, this Kaptur “circles” just around the coveted sum of a million plus or minus 50 thousand rubles. And this, I think, is not a coincidence. What are its pros and cons?


I know how you awaken at the word “cheap”. V-belt drive “Kaptyuru” is needed not only for convenience, but also for economy. That the passport, that in fact, a crossover with a variator consumes even less than with a mechanical transmission. Compared with the two-liter version, which is based on a classic machine, so do heaven and earth. I remember, the top Kaptur I never fit into 10 liters, and even on the road it was difficult to achieve smaller figures. No wonder – from the “ancient” motor and the four-speed machine in the pair it is meaningless to expect special savings.

The 1.6-liter engine with 114 power, too, is not the last squeak of technological development, to put it mildly. But it’s really possible to force a smaller one in combination with the well known for the models of the alliance Renault-Nissan variator Jatco. On the road up to 110 km / h – about 7 liters, and in the city you can show no superstitions “nine”. Time-tested machines, and even more economical than in other versions of the “Captain” – a strong argument!

Know me

In the case of the variator, many people look for a dirty trick in their behavior. Noisy whines, hanging on one note and thereby creating discomfort. With a weak engine and a mediocre “noise,” he would be too depressing. In Renault, this, fortunately, understood, and therefore completely reconfigured the work of the transmission. And in the design nothing has changed – the problem was solved exclusively by software.

Although the settings should be adapted. If you press the accelerator pedal is not too weak, but not in the floor, the imitation will be especially “in the cash register”. And without howling, and comfortably control acceleration. But half of the push will still have to, otherwise this incredibly slow in fact Kaptur does not go anywhere at all. 13 seconds to a hundred! And in reality, all 15 … Therefore, we must immediately understand that “pushing” the pedal that there are forces is meaningless. Noise will be many, and the effect is zero. If in the city, having adapted to the peculiarities of feedback, with the variator crossover becomes more or less convenient, then on the track each maneuver will have to be done almost with geometric calculations on paper.

Not an SUV

Unlike the all-wheel drive “Kaptur” with an automatic machine, on which it is quite possible to grab even on a de-primed carpet, the off-road variator is not prepared in any way. Special cooling for the transmission is not provided, and it is very easy to overheat it. More precisely, to force the overheating protection to work. Well, does not like the variator slip, so do not try. Clearance and high landing – all that can calm the front-wheel drive Kaptur greedy to crossover motorists.

Of course, in all other respects, our version is in no way inferior to a two-liter version with a four-wheel drive. Neither geometric data, nor the energy intensity of the suspension. Chassis Kaptur “eats” everything, even what you see on the roadway seems “inedible.”

So you need a Kaptur with a variator or not? Yes, but with reservations. If the crossover is to travel only in the city, and from the transmission only the absence of a third pedal is needed.

Alexey Dmitriev, photo by Denis Sveshnikov

Characteristics of Renault Kaptur

Dimensions (length / width / height), cm433.3 / 181.3 / 161.3
Wheelbase, cm267.3
The equipped weight, kg1290
Luggage space, l387-1200
Engine4-cylinder, gasoline, 1598 cm³
Power, l. from. / rev / min.114/5500
Torque, Nm / rev / min.156/4000
Transmissionvariable speed drive
Drive unitfront
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from12.0
Maximum speed, km / h166
Combined fuel consumption, l / 100 km6.9