“Crete” is filed! Three provocations for Hyundai Creta

A familiar habit is to want more, and pay less. How much front-wheel drive Hyundai Creta meets your increased needs

I can not remember a car that has so many variants of pronunciation of the name in the people. And this is a mystery. It seems to be Creta – what is there to think about? Is the new “Hyundai Carriage” good off-road? A “Greta” falls? Did not you sit in Hyundai Crete – comfortable? What are the only questions I have not heard from potential buyers. Which, by the way, is darkness. And the appetites of the crowd of the suffering are too serious for the price tag “from 749,900 rubles.” Is it possible to talk about speed, “dzhipstve” and comfort in a budget front-wheel crossover? We will see!

Require Creta really high level, of course, I will not. Within reasonable limits. Slamming the door, I will not make a claim to the “nobility” of the sound. I keep silent about the “refrigerator”, telling about the maneuvers on the road. In the end, well, who in this class is not a “refrigerator”? But the readiness to meet basic values ​​should be checked.

I wish you home comfort

I do not want to feel like an alien element in any machine, even accessible. Do I have to put up with something in Creta, get used to feel at home? Of course, it is necessary.

First of all forget about the seductive 750 thousand rubles. Only if you do not want to get a pantry on wheels. In the starting configuration with the “mechanics” and the 1.6 liter engine there is no air conditioner, no heating. Adjustment of the rudder on the fly – and the one does not. Well at least did not make us remember the long-forgotten word “audiopodgotovka.” A simple player in the database is still installed. But we have the average option – with the same engine, already with the automatic machine and many options with a price under a million. Exactly!

For ergonomics, you will have to get used to the buttons for heating the steering wheel and windshield. The first one is for some reason at the gearshift lever, the second one is on the panel to the left of the steering wheel. Add on the residual principle, not otherwise. Little things, right? It’s great that there are “hot” functions in general. But the landing is surprisingly pleasant. And it is very high, which adds to the feeling of an already excellent visibility. The backrest literally envelops you on the sides.

Excellent settled and looked at the top touchscreen of the audio system. Slightly! To see the image from the rear view camera on it, it pulls closer to the display. With such a picture, I’d rather confine myself to parking sensors.

With driving comfort is more difficult. I would say that the chassis of the “Crete” is adjusted compromise. And it is quite certain that budget cars of Korean manufacturers Hyundai and Kia do not have a suspension better than this, incorporating many details not only from Solaris, but also from Elantra. The crossover does not frighteningly chatter and does not shake like a washing machine. On the one hand, the joints and irregularities of the asphalt are noticeably felt. On the other hand, one can “hobble” along a disgusting road without fear of hard strikes. Our, the Russian version of the compromise.

Passengers of the sofa have no reason to be happy to relax and have fun. I do not want to spend a lot of time here. At the rear of the 1.6-liter front-drive version – torsion beam. What kind of comfort can we talk about? The independent suspension is based only on the all-wheel drive modification with a two-liter motor. And this is half a million from above to the base price, by the way.

Well, at least his feet will not zatekut and an important place will not freeze. Places will suffice even for relatives-giants, and there is a heating of seats. But there are no air deflectors or sockets, but in front of them there are two in one place.

I want to crash on impassability

Why do we need a front-drive small crossover – an eternal dispute. Buyers want a feeling of a little more permissibility than on the same “Solaris”. And although most of them take only a snowdrift in the courtyard for lack of roads, I brought Cretu to the fish farm on an incomprehensible surface – with ice, snow, water and frozen ground.

We can only hope for 19 centimeters of ground clearance on our “Créte”. But honest. With a tape measure did not measure, but there are no dangerously protruding details under the bottom. Short overhangs do not give rise to any doubt on some hillocks.

On the snow-ice path the front-wheel-drive Creta seems to dance. Of course, because we are also on velcro. There was another unpleasant feature. The Korean crossover is really hampered by the too sharp response of the gas pedal. The car rushes forward like a predator after prey, so controlling traction in difficult areas is not easy until irritation. Better went to the asphalt.

I want to like Rosberg

That very rapid breakthrough from the start gives hope that Creta “hits” at least not off-road, so on the highway. Imaginary, of course. Although, you know, it will be possible to drive and the truth “like Nico Rosberg” – podnatuzhitsya, get scared, accelerate at the Moscow Ring Road, then stop and never think about the career of the rider.

It’s simple. The old atmospheric engine with a capacity of 123 hp. is extremely weak for dynamic driving on a crossover under one and a half tons. Here on the tachometer is already 3000, 4000, but no effect. More precisely, there is, but only acoustic. You are already sweating and wincing at the howling of the engine, and only then you will get a more or less sharp acceleration. But in 12 seconds to a hundred you still will not get out. Simplicity and reliability – only these two words warm the soul of the owner of the 1.6-liter “Crete”.

I forget about the powerlessness of the engine only in the city crush. And in the cabin quietly, and the six-speed automatic works as it should, thinking and nervously not throwing off the transfer, as with a sneaker in the floor. The fuel consumption increased to 11 liters, but this engine is enough for the 92-th. Well, and to “go” and the city too, “Crete” definitely needs a two-liter motor. And yes, then it is necessary to overcome the psychological barrier in a million.

Alexey Dmitriev,

photo Denis Sveshnikov