Continental Drift: ownership experience Lincoln Continental

This car was the first experience in the creation of the company Lincoln midsize front-drive cars for the US market. But as sometimes happens, the first attempt did not go lumpy company.


In terms of our today's hero is seen classic style of American cars 80's: the same square profile with a distinctive rear window break, the same rounded surface of the body, the American generously supplemented with chromium – that's the Lincoln brand. In contrast to their relatives on the Ford concern, it is positioned as a premium, and therefore could not afford to lower the bar for the brand of conservative and wealthy people. Or could?

It differed from other Continental company cars – and the massive rear-wheel drive. Built on the Taurus platform, he was the smallest in the range – both in size and in the motors. Sedan was brought for a long time in the wind tunnel, so the high speed air noise flowing around the angular car, almost inaudible, but the profile of worked out well, providing additional downforce.

Our today's Continental differs from its cousins ​​belonging to a Russian, elegant and intense color airbrushing. In the sun, the depth of the heavenly body color shades allow to play from different angles, and sparks metallic shine, competing with chrome accents. On the sides of the car hand of the artist have been immortalized two continents: in one – America, the birthplace of this machine, and the other – Eurasia, where Lincoln lived and operated. To consolidate the topics drawing on the bottom of the front door there was the name of the model – even behind the major nameplates were removed, and replaced by a spray gun brought the necessary information.

Massive hood proudly crowned the original logo, sealed in glass. The Lincoln badge carries the idea of ​​the compass and that the compass was the basis of the pattern on the hood.

All this is perfectly finalized with the appearance of the car, because the compass light indicates the parties on the dates of the board: in the West – America, East – Europe. Well, the final chord was the installation of high-profile tire with the "vaytvollami" – traditional American white stripe on the sidewall, which is also visually increase the size of chrome wheels.


Typing the code (on the overseas mode, the machine is coded lock in common – intercom) and opening the massive door, you find yourself in the world of leather and lacquered wood. The decoration is dominated by blue tones strict diluted veneer. Landing on the driver's seat is more reminiscent of home chair, which is so convenient to collapse in the evening after work and enjoy a good cup of tea. Electric drives of all sorts allow to fulfill the whims of any tired after this very work of the driver and his company on the front row may well make two people.

Almost all metal parts – chrome, interior and things like seat covers, door pockets or T-shaped door handles are not without their own charm. Dashboard – liquid-crystal displays and more like the old electronic clock: the same greenish-blue tint, and the same full unreadable in direct sunlight. But there is in electronics and a plus: the touch of a button, all the chaotic American values ​​can be converted to metric: the car without any problems tell the interior temperature in Celsius scale and diversified electronic speedometer in kilometers. Well, for the protection of such blinding sunlight driver and passenger immediately offered two pairs of peaks, and one of them is hiding another and mirror with light. Crowned ceiling own electronic compass, which is probably also influenced by the idea of ​​airbrushing out.

Backward. If the front were reclining with a cup of tea, then back – the whole couch! Rassyadutsya (razlyagutsya almost) everything with ease, without thinking about where to put his feet – to the same floor of the car behind the driver almost flat. The impression spoils only a small rise in the middle, which passes the exhaust system. On the back of a shelf hidden pleasant interior detail "American" – an additional niche for documents or other trifles.

Another functional element, perfectly complement the interior of our hero, became the new Panasonic brand radio. And not just – and the lamp, which took place a staff, only play American band radio channels. Dvuhdinovaya device with a front panel made of polished aluminum equipped with two dial gauge, on which signals are output line output or output, and in the center of the place takes sound light, illuminated with warm amber. Under a system of external appearance and its sound. Of course, I had to change the power, set the new speaker wires and the battery, and replace regular front speakers that are no longer cope with their tasks (and here the rear remained the same). Now the owner during the trip enjoying the "real warm tube sound," which wraps salon car musical waves.

In move

Turn the ignition key of the massive – and only slight vibration is transmitted to the steering wheel, informs the driver of the engine is running. Lever box – on the right and in the D position, I press on gas – and realize that even though the power of 141 hp and develops a V-shaped "six", which works in conjunction with 4-step "automatic" , Lincoln is quite dynamic. Indeed, in the US the main engines – no power, the main thing – the torque. Thrust 292 Nm for the eyes is enough for smooth but steady acceleration, and promptly by a box shifts gears almost imperceptibly.

If necessary, the engine allows the car and the spur, but it is clear that Continental is not to their liking. His style – imposing movement of passengers in the embrace of the soft seating for long distances. Independent suspension all wheels almost does not notice the numerous defects, which are abundant in the roadway, and elastically fulfills large pits and bumps, and the steering is not "empty" – it is full of pleasant weight. Steer major "American" is surprisingly simple – all your joint maneuvers easily predicted. Sightseeing almost nothing prevents: a narrow rack and panoramic "mugs" rear-view mirrors are informative and Power. Powerful disc brakes does not fold with sharp stops, and there is a safety net for ABS. By the way, "stopping the complex" is very complicated: the entire braking system, including ABS unit and the brake master cylinder, and even energy storage, combined into a single unit electro-controlled computer.

Fuel consumption per 100 km
11 l

Special attention is given backlight turn – in those years in America, it was a very popular technique, which allows to highlight in turn blind zones without any auxiliary rods (remember the Citroen DS?) Or electronic rotary mechanisms encountered today, perhaps even to "the Chinese ". Here, everything is much easier, even banal, but it means – reliable: when the indicator lights a lamp, which shines at a steep angle on a dark stretch of road.

Purchase and maintenance

Buy this Lincoln Oleg helped the case. Choosing a new four-wheeled friend, he knew exactly what he wanted: interior, comfortably placing five, but roomy trunk. Almost immediately his Ph.D. "American" was found among friends. Will appreciate the comfortable soft seats and a smooth ride, Oleg did not hesitate to become the owner of Lincoln. Radovan and a large amount of luggage, and a high-torque motor, which on average consumes quite economical 11 liters 92 of petrol per 100 kilometers.

All work on vehicle maintenance Oleg does itself – not every auto repair even taken for such a machine. It affects its rarity and lack of information – that owner had to learn the subtleties of the content and service Lincoln. Almost all of the consumables are delivered from the United States, but affordable, for example, for the front pads need to give 800-1 100 rubles, and a pair of brake discs cost only 1 400 rubles. And since the engine power, as we know, are not exceeded even 150 hp, vehicle tax and insurance on the car are cheap: even for CTP have to put no more than 10 000 rubles.


After buying the Lincoln Oleg started the restoration of her new car. Even at the primary inspection body flaws were seen prior to purchase – after a detailed analysis it was determined that the previous owners Continental even got into a small accident. Disadvantages, of course, require intervention, but Oleg it did not bother – very much like him this Blue dreadnought. Like so much that he owns this car for 14 years.

And in the garage the car is rare: Oleg – an avid traveler, who managed for years iskatat almost the entire country. Run the machine to date – 260 thousand kilometers, 105 of which on account of the current owner. Together with Lincoln, they are every year on the shores of the Black Sea, and even visited the neighborhood of Adygea, and traveled the neighborhood of Moscow, Yaroslavl and Kostroma region.

Lincoln Continental
Brief specifications
V-shaped "Six"
141 hp
4-speed automatic transmission
Consumption per 100 km
11 l

Total ownership, according to conservative estimates, the car was invested a little more than 30 thousand dollars to the cost of purchase. Immediately after the acquisition, Oleg decided to restore the shape of the car, and at the same time personalize his appearance. The choice fell on airbrushing holds. In a professional studio first car was repainted in one of the shades of blue, and then received a unique pattern. Rebuilt and lacquered body shone in the sun of a new forest.

According to the technical part of the changes were few. Mention is unless suspension: originally stood on the car factory bellows, but over the years they have become worthless, and were no doubt replaced by less capricious spring.

model history

As we mentioned at the beginning, Continental is the first front wheel drive car brand that appeared in the model range in 1988. Nevertheless, the very name of Continental was available for it even from the distant 40s, and our today's hero is the eighth generation of "Continent".

In the photo: Lincoln Continental '1988-94

The main units and units with shared soplatformenny Lincoln Ford Taurus, but unlike fellow, Continental considerably longer than 5 210 mm against 4877 mm in Taurus.

Although the general design of the motor shield and rear sub-frame, a number of elements of the Lincoln has been designed specifically for this model. His own here, and body panels, and front suspension, and the elements of the support base. Exclusively for the model proposed suspension bellows with automatic maintenance of the specified clearance.

In the photo: Ford Taurus' 1985-91

Cars sold in the United States in two trim levels: Executive and Signature Series. In the latter, "top", the car was fitted with a JBL audio system with 6 speakers, digital instrument panel, cruise control, dual-zone air conditioning, and optionally equipped with a vinyl roof, push-lock door hatch with the electric drive and light sensors with automatic driving on dipped when approaching an oncoming car. It should be noted, it was in 1988! Needless to say that in 1989, Continental was in the top ten American cars. In 1990, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Continental name was released a commemorative series of Continental Signature Series 50th Anniversary Edition.

Cars eighth generation produced from 1988 to 1995, during which the model has gone through several upgrades. Since 1989 the car became a full install airbags for driver and passenger, and upgraded interior elements – there are new door panels and front console. In 1990, the renewed appearance: a new rear light and front grille. 1991 brought with it the engine increased to 155 hp Power, which was raised to 160 hp in 1992

In the photo: Lincoln Continental '1995-98

And changed the exterior: there are new front and rear bumpers, grille, and later disappeared chrome moldings on the doors. In 1994 it was released a trial batch of Lincoln, intended for the European market: with outdoor gear lever, steering wheel and front sports seats of the coupe Lincoln Mark VIII. Well, in 1995, was replaced by a new generation of car – with a new body and a V-shaped "eight" working volume of 4.6 liters and output of 279 hp, drives the front wheels. But it was a completely different car …

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