Compact vans and samovars: joint test of BMW Active Tourer and Citroen C4 Picasso

The BMW 225i Active Tourer is such an unofficial car for the Bavarian brand that we were just afraid to stay alone with him. And they took for the company – so as not to lose sight – a classic family car. And at the same time, we compared two routes along which we can get to the Russian arms capital.

On the one hand – what’s the point of testing a car that is not sold in Russia and is unlikely to be sold in the near future? And on the other – how can I refuse to travel to a car so untypical for a BMW? Mark, which for many years is associated with the public with the drive, fast driving, driving pleasure, suddenly puts on the conveyor minivan. The results of this experiment by definition cause some curiosity.

Which car to choose for a large family

Therefore, to give up a few days of communication with the car of the second series called Active Tourer does not raise the language. And to piety to the Bavarian brand did not interfere with a sober assessment of the novelty, the German company will be a “purebred” van Citroen C4 Picasso – it should not let us forget what a classic car, originally honed for family needs, looks like.

Discussion on the topic of what kind of car is worthy of being called a compact car and whether the banal hatchback and station wagon hides behind this name, it helps to brighten up the process of prolonged waiting for something, but is in fact devoid of content and meaning – after all, most potential buyers are actually not interested in labels, but Essence.

The bottom line is the following: for vehicles of the same size as the 1-series (the wheelbase of the Active Tourer is even smaller, by 20 mm), the designers used the UKL platform with a transverse arrangement of the engine – this allowed the front pillars and front seats to be shifted forward. The angle of the back of the back of the sofa was reduced – so that it was possible to slightly push it back. And if the hatchback of the first series lack of space for the rear passengers – one of the main disadvantages, sitting behind in the compact space of the legroom as a whole is enough. Plus, the trunk is 100 liters more than in the “one”.

For the driver and front passenger this is the same “penny” (except that the already familiar high-tech gearbox for the sake of economy was replaced by a more old-fashioned one) – both in design and in feel. The creators of the car probably see this as an advantage rather than a disadvantage – and potential buyers will surely agree with them. After all, the usual BMW with a high degree of practicality will clearly be accepted on the market with more understanding and enthusiastic than a brand new car.

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