Closeup: Toyota Land Cruiser 200

What can be good in a three-ton block with a tuning for a sea kicking running, multiplied by dead brakes? No generation Toyota Land Cruiser was able to either go straight, nor brake normally. And the new “Kruzak” is no exception. Probably, this is how the behemoth, which has been drunk with alcohol, behaves this way. But a day at the wheel of “two hundred”, and I already enjoy all that I hated yesterday in this “Toyota”. Kayf from the possibility of falling, regardless of what is under the wheels: gravel, lying policemen or forgotten highway highway, nothing to compare. Well, charisma, of course – here it is under the armpits. Oh, rocking you? Scribe caramel, they say, it helps.

Long before the era of noiseless and eternally beating electric vehicles with an autopilot on our planet lived the stern warrior Willys. The Japanese decided to build on its base its Toyota Jeep BJ and damn efficiently used it for military showdowns with the Koreans. And yes, it was this Japanese-American jeep, which in a couple of years was renamed the Land Cruiser (“Our name should sound just as good as Land Rover!”), Is considered the starting point of the entire Kruzakov clan. Next, nearly seven decades, Land Cruiser wandered, clever and lost in utilitarianism as rapidly as his charisma grew.

Today, it is 3,350 kg of sturdy iron in full ammunition, an indestructible 8-cylinder petrol “wash” under the hood, a stepped frame, a permanent all-wheel drive with a demultiplier and a wild amount of electronics per one square millimeter of the car. Formally, it’s all an SUV. De facto – planting the Japanese bandurin easier than the Renault Duster, and it’s not at all in the tools, with this, “Kruzak” complete order. Physics – that’s what still can not beat this SUV. With such a mass the way to unstable coverings is ordered – the Land Cruiser itself is an excellent anchor.

And then, to trudge to knead the threshing floor in the car for five million rubles somehow not comme il faut, do not you think? Yes, the basic version with a gasoline engine is a million dollars cheaper, but what kind of “Kruzak” without a radio tape recorder and with a fabric salon !? Whether it’s our subject: here you and the hatch with the electric drive, and four-zone climate control, and parking sensors in a circle, and the upholstery of the seats with the skin is not simple, but aniline, and the system of a circular review … “Ol inclusive”, eli-paly !!

Even in the basic version, the Land Cruiser 200 comes with LED headlights for passing and driving and LED same running lights. On our “Kruzak” diodes are also in the fog lights. The light sensor is placed in all petrol versions, regardless of the level of performance. And the system of automatic switching from far-to-near is in all trim levels except the base.

A rare companion, seeing such a trellis in the rearview mirror, will rest against it. As a rule, the left row is cleaned before the abundance of chrome and lighting equipment by itself. Under the emblem is visible one of the cameras of the system of a circular view. Its main feature is the mode of the “transparent” hood: the display shows a picture of what is happening under the hood, with a schematic image of the wheels and thresholds.

The angle of entry for the Land Cruiser 200 is 32 degrees. There are no protective skirts at the bottom of the bumper. But the towing eyes are just four, two on each side – fasten the rope at least with shackles, even hooks. A reasonable solution for such a “mammoth”.

Side footboards are not available in the database only. It’s funny, but for some reason the Japanese have installed a light bulb at the end of the threshold, that is, from the side that will most likely get dirty. A healthy chrome channel, which in Toyota is called molding, is offered only in expensive trim levels.

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