"Cast-iron-light»: test drive Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special

The share of all sold in the US motorcycle Harley-Davidson (which produced most of the HD in principle) is more than half – representatives of the Touring family. Of course, the championship keeps the legendary «train» – Electra Glide, but it and the family, to be numerous. At our test – the lite version of “trains»: Street Glide Special.

With Tran these Americans did. All they are not like us. It seems to be a motorcycle – a slightly lighter version of the flagship tourer Electra Glide, and suddenly you – Street. That is, the “street”, if in our opinion. This is what happens? “Break away” from the central coffer motorcycle, and he easily picked up and transformed from a heavy gun “Ranged” in the city computer? Or is it they are streets, the bike weight under four kilograms is considered to be easy, “moped” for “stitching” of urban traffic jams? On the go and can not tell.

The semi against air

So, first we understand, what is the “Street Glide Speshl” differs from the “parent» – Electra Glide, and in general, what kind of “street” a fighter? Let me remind you that for the past couple of years as “trains” are available on the new platform RUSHMORE. Among other things, it includes the update engine 103 TwinCam c Twin Cooled system. Behind these words lies the essence is quite simple. At the heart of it is the same V-obraznik with two camshafts (hence the name), a working volume of 103 cubic inches, or 1 690 cubic centimeters. But the second term hides a fashionable trend in recent years “semifluid” cooling. To be more precise, the engine is equipped with a combined cooling system, where the most “hot” zone (cylinder head) Coolant (yes, everything is as it should be – the radiator, fan, pump, all the cases), while they themselves cylinders – the old fashioned way, ram air . This preserves the authentic form of “air” motor, improve stability in different modes, to increase the compression ratio and thus not much heavier construction. After all, anti-freeze should be enough – hence the radiators can be made compact. In general, some solid advantages. But – “train”, and what is here?


Despite the fact that the Street Glide is also built on “Rushmore”, has the same geometry (angle and fork flight, wheelbase and other parameters), it employs clean “air vent” twincam 103. In fact, it is the engine of the last generation that, in fact, from the “semi-liquid” differs only in the degree of cooling and compression system: the “vent” 9.7: 1, and the “semi-liquid” – 10.1: 1. The difference is small, and the figures of power and torque at identical motors. Both give 138 Nm, except for the first 3500 rev / min, and the second (!) – 3 750. Power is also identical – 87 liters. from. So the practical difference between the motors, in general, no. The only “air vent” may seem more classical apologists “trushnym”.

Lost suitcase

It’s clear that the main external difference “Street Glide” from “Electra Glide” is the absence of a central coffer at first. As a consequence, different seats. Without the top of the case to the passenger seat gets quite common, even with a removable back, instead of luxury “throne” with its own pair of speaker audio system and a personal control panel “music”. Lateral trunks – no different.

If you look on the driver’s workplace, you find major differences is difficult: the same set of instruments, the same panels, even the cruise control is present. Of the differences – very low windshield, bolted to the classic cone-type “bat”. Below is established and the pilot’s seat. As a passenger, there is not so luxurious, but not a bit lose in comfort.

The whole bike look more squat and rapid, unless, of course, such an epithet generally applicable to motorcycles of Wisconsin.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special
ground clearance
135 cm

Instead, the top of the case the motorcycle is equipped with very modest trunk, which, by the way, as well as the back is fitted with a quick release.

Tools not required, everything is kept on a spring-loaded latches. By the way, the side saddlebags also removed without the use of tools, but the right word, why such a “joy” – is unclear. Without the “suitcases» Street Glide looks like a wet cat, and ride without them hardly anyone comes to mind. Use them as suitcases and take with them their belongings on a long journey, too, would be inconvenient – carrying handles are not equipped with saddlebags. Except in the case of the wheel will need to unscrew the break for a couple of nuts less. In short, the controversial decision.

19 inches

It should start as immediately realize that the bike – not “the same”. Even though a lot of similarities and a common database. Only HD lineup connoisseur immediately draw attention to the front wheel “straight”: instead of the traditional “thick” wheels with tire 130 / 80-17, there is a wheel 130 / 60-19. Profile lower diameter – more, but the main thing – the fact that this wheel, “orig” finally become rulitsya! Eureka!

For the first time a wheel I was able to experience the model Road King CVO. The three letters at the end say that the bike is hand-built in the “court” tuning studio company. Quite a different engine power, is another cost and a different approach to the assembly. Then I thought that the “mere mortals” serial Harley owners such control can only dream about, well, or be the result of “manual” tuning. But no, it took only a couple of years – and we see the “nineteenth” wheels on the production models. Hurrah Hurrah!

Motorcycle obediently turns without applying some superhuman effort, hands on the steering wheel feel what is happening in the contact area with the road wheels. Simply put, the bike has a good feedback.

For comparison, the “train” with 17-inch wheels is controlled as a ship: turn the wheel – and forward to the whole motorcycle will go behind the wheel, which is not felt “in his hands.” Electra Glide, a true American motorcycle, designed for direct and broad American transcontinental highway, does not like to change the direction of movement – it is much more important to be stable on the straights. Its logic – its engineering school.

cost of
price from:
2,177,000 rubles

Here, the opposite is true. “Street” turns willingly falls into the turns and in the same way as a “senior”, almost instantly exhausts the supply angle and with heartbreaking grinding footpegs slide on the asphalt! Do not do it, “Harley”! Anyway, you need to pay attention to the fact that this “radical” difference in the handling – the concept is very conditional, living within that both bikes – Harley-Davidson, and plenty of both by the standards of other motorcycles – just astronomical. Street Glide weighs “only” 372 kg, and “train” – 411. As the two liter sportbike or four “krossacha”!

Although if again ignore the rest and think HD categories, the difference in the 40 kg is very palpable, and a lower center of gravity gives a significant boost to the control. Just speaking of “Harley”, it basically does not need to try to measure the Japanese standards. Especially when it comes to the “Touring” family.

Come on, Dunkel?

Using the philosophy of one of our songs bluesman, “if the buoy would get – then go right.” It says, and “Street Glide”: despite the “enhanced” control, in Moscow, he was definitely close. And on the road, he did not have to fuss. Huge unforced engine emits a number of sounds that would be enough for a dabstepovy orchestra, but goes at the same time very restrained. Of course, the “one and seven” can “shoot” with a traffic light – the torque he does not hold, but the first “hundred” it go round even “shestisotki”.

– Yes, and let them go! Chasing something this small fry? The main thing – to keep the momentum in the range of 2 300-2 700, and then the engine will reveal all their musical talents.

The sound does not merge into a continuous hum, heard every clock cycle. And you enjoy this music, followed by an infinite number of clang, tinkling, booms and other Tsykanov who poured bowels of the motorcycle. Moreover, even if the audio from the speakers is heard favorite blues rock or mud a well-known Australian band, engine music is not lost – it is poured into a common band Yangov brothers and Bon Scott and making a rock and roll more assertive and naughty!

One problem: after 100 km / h BoomBox speaker audio system power is not enough, and the solo takes a headwind. So we have to choose: or with accompaniment, but slowly, or quickly, but with the music of the wind. But even if we hurry, Harley still does not have to attempt to put the speed records.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special
length / height Seat / wheelbase, see
2 450/695/1 625

His whole being, fit, weight, very soft and even lax suspension does not make a fast ride comfort: 130-140 km / h – this is a logical limit. Further it is possible, but only if very much pinned. Would you like to drive fast? Change the “Motsyk”.

The same can be said about the bright-eyed around the city. Baggy fairing, almost four hundred pounds of weight and long wheelbase does not fit for “devouring congestion.” Although, of course, if the objective – the width of the “Street Glide” is not much greater than that of the “normal” motorcycles. Therefore, between the machines, this “big man” put a little worse than other “Road” – would be skill! Just all you need to do a little bit in advance and without any fuss.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special
Brief specifications
A type:
V-type, twin-cylinder, air-cooled, 103 twincam
Displacement, see ?:
1 890
Capacity, l. from.:
Supply system:
electronic fuel injection

Perhaps the main credo of the motorcycle in this:. “Without fuss” If you accept it, understand its nature and learn to not make a fuss – it will bring a lot of positive emotions, will be an excellent companion on a long journey and not exhausted all the nerves in the city. This is his character went to the Street Glide surname. After slow pace, the dignity and nature of the iron in all – family features motorcycles from Milwaukee.

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