Careerists: an evolutionary test drive Skoda Octavia five generations

Octavia well, does not fall under the definition of "legendary" machine – not even believe that it is already 20 years old. Yes, actually, she does not aspire to the title. Behind the scenes, without pomp and fanfare, she won all the stereotypes about cars from Eastern Europe and far in the rearview mirror left their German relatives. Transplanting from one octave to another, try to understand what it takes.

Nota Bene:

I f to be quite honest, it actually the fathers of Octavia was three. But we have increased the number of test vehicles to five by two restyled version – in fact there are significant differences between "intermediate" models.

On the primacy of spirit and matter

Every naturalist knows that matter is primary, and spirit – is secondary. In the case of the Octavia, the situation is slightly different: the spirit markedly outstripped matter.

The first Octavia appeared long before, as the Skoda came under the wing of the group Volkswagen. In 1959 began the production of "most-most" of the first. Of course, nothing to do with the lineup, which appeared in 1996, that relationship had Octavia. By and large, then it was not a new car, and is just another version of the Skoda 445, which came out from the conveyor to the years 1955 to 1958.

In the photo:? Koda Octavia '1959-64

And yet at the time of Octavius ​​was pretty perfect car. For example, it could boast of an independent suspension, which was then still a rarity. The power unit of the car has been in-line, four-cylinder petrol, a volume of 1.1 liters. He developed 40 hp. from. and allowed to disperse the car to 115 km / h.

The launch of these Octavius ​​ended in 1971. For all the time it was released a little less than 300 000 cars of all modifications, including the Skoda Octavia Super and the Skoda Octavia TS (Sport Touring). The main type of body Octavius ​​was then the sedan, although the longest on the line stayed wagon.

In 1996, about Octavia remembered again. We already wrote at length about the "genesis" of this machine, a degree of harmonization with Volkswagen and market success, so that will not be repeated. It is better to look at how keeps hitting already "of age" Octavia of the first generation, has lived all his life in Russia.

Eighteen me already: Skoda Octavia A4 (PQ34)

So, our today's car 1998 release. Under the hood of her 75-hp 1.6-liter vosmiklapannik AEE series made famous in the Golf III and Passat B3, gearbox – manual. Yes, it looks like it is far from ideal. But note that running of the Octavia is 550 thousand kilometers. However, the engine has gone through major repairs, but the transmission did not have to open it.

Interior Octavia (as, probably, and exterior) was never something revolutionary, but he is also a fashion never lagged. No bright colors or non-standard solutions, only modesty and brevity in such a lovely heart style Russian Volkswagens 90. In principle, this is to be expected, although the voids in the panel would like to have a little less. Well, okay, but – spacious. Let's see what is the first octave on the fly.

You know, she goes! And so, as do the other quite decent twenty years of foreign cars. Motor does not allow to feel infernal acceleration, he even accelerated once personally not familiar, but Skoda is still gaining speed. And most importantly – quietly, not as modern cars C-segment, as well as it does almost all of the new B-Class at the same time.

That is, with audible engine attempts at high speed and almost inaudible grunt in small and medium ranges. The clutch pedal, however, is small, but who knows when it there last checked. Sleep on the age, and more than nothing to complain about.

In turns Octavia little softer than we would like. I did not look her in the dampers and bushings, but it is likely that thousands of years 15 and 400 kilometers ago, it was much harder. However, now it allows you to enter into a turn without fear finish it on the roadside.

Skoda Octavia A4 (PQ34)
Acceleration to 100 km / h and fuel consumption
Urban cycle l Extra Urban, l Acceleration to 100 km / h, s

10.8 5.8 14.4

In general, despite the archaic and sluggishness, the machine is still kept a stiff upper lip. And if you keep in mind its run, you realize: old man's saying "know how to do" is not only suitable "to Germans" and "Japanese", but the "Gym shoes".

Even a little better: Skoda Octavia Tour

Under the Octavia Tour we considered to be the vehicles of the first generation after the restyling. They led him in 2000, and the name of the Tour appeared later, in the 2004th. It was connected with the fact that this year there was a second-generation Octavia, but the restyling of the first generation release did not stop until 2010. What changed?

No matter how much you may walk around the Tour, there are no serious differences in the exterior you will not see. Only if we look carefully, we can see a different front bumper but very little other lights. Technically, the car also has not changed, but was a little more modifications.

Second, in 2002, Skoda has surprised fans of the most charged version vRS. It is important not minor cosmetic differences, and hitherto unseen at octave turbocharged 1,8 AUQ series, which develops 180 hp. from. Unfortunately, the Octavia vRS has remained a rare car, and find such a version is not so simple. Firstly, in the line of all-wheel drive appeared Octavia Combi. She had differences in the chassis – came back independent suspension, which was not at the front-Octavius. Set the internal combustion engine and a check point in these machines was a little different, too: with petrol engines 1,8 T (.. 150 hp) and diesel 1,9 TDI (.. 90 hp) offered a five-speed manual transmission and a diesel 1.9 TDI-PD (100 hp.) with unit injectors aggregated with a six-speed manual transmission.

Our sample was released in 2005, mileage – 200 thous. Km. Options – the easiest, with the manual and 1.4-liter 16-klapannikom 75 liters. from. And what about the interior?

Everything was much better! How much has changed trends in design for four years, so much has changed and instrument panel. And give tribute to the quality of materials: in spite of a decent age, and "roll forward", he does not look tired.

The only part that has remained unchanged, it "vsefolksvagenovsky" central light switch under the left arm. Looking ahead, I note that the Skoda is very kind to this "krutilki", carefully rearranging it from one generation to another, a little changing its design. Well, constancy – a sign of skill. Start the engine and drive.

And this car is going much the same way as the first. Is that a little clearer switching speed, but running and there is almost three times less. In turns back a little roll in the chair when you press the gas pedal is not pressed – fundamental differences "daunsayzingovogo" 1.4 from the more archaic vosmiklapannogo 1.6 of the same capacity is not observed even at internal comparison. All the old way: quietly, modestly, but quite cozy and comfortable. Yes, the equipment – not for the rider, and when overtaking, I think, will have to sweat.

Since the production of the first generation machines reystalingovyh ended only in 2010, the majority of Octavius ​​A4 is just kind of a nice Tour. The car is definitely good, if also make allowances for age. And what naslednichki?

Skoda Octavia Tour
Fuel consumption per 100 km
Urban cycle l Extra Urban, l Combined cycle, l

9.1 5.4 6.8

In pursuit of progress: Skoda Octavia A5 (PQ35)

Finally, the exterior changes! Our Octavia, generational change and the platform has matured and gained some respectability. But this is not the main thing, the main difference lay in the fact that now the owners can indulge in the new FSI engines with direct injection, as well as robotic gearbox. But start with the "trolley".

It is, as in the first case – the brainchild of Volkswagen. On the same platform PQ35 built Volkswagen Golf 5, Volkswagen Jetta 5, Volkswagen Golf Plus, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Touran, Volkswagen Caddy 2, Volkswagen Eos, Volkswagen Scirocco, Volkswagen Beetle, Skoda Yeti, Audi A3, Audi TT, Audi Q3, SEAT Altea, Toledo and Leon. The new platform – the new technical solutions, Bole complicated and expensive.

Of course, there was a fully independent multi-link suspension, which is very beneficial effect on the handling. But the main thing, of course, is the FSI engines. They offered two: a 1.6-liter (116 hp..) And 2.0 liter (150 hp..). Appeared and a new two-liter turbodiesel with 140 liters. from. Now that you know all the theory, and we take a look inside.

Finally, the display appeared on the dashboard! It is strange that on tour he was not: and in fact in 2010 we would do well to think about how to install it. But first of all we rejoice again for the designers: they once again managed to create what is required of them at the time. That is, to leave the rigor and conciseness, but reflect the enhancement of the status (and price!) And the spirit of the times.

Our machine was released in 2008, and its mileage of 71 thousand kilometers. And it once again after a two-liter FSI capacity of 150 "horses". Transmission – six-speed hydromechanical "automatic".

Skoda Octavia A5 (PQ35)
Fuel consumption per 100 km
Urban cycle l Extra Urban, l Combined cycle, l

11.8 6.3 7.8

In the course of Octavia, in general, not frustrating, but not surprising. She became a little sharper, but aggressive in it. I do not know why it was necessary to put here "robot" – automatic works no worse switching smooth and subtle. The only thing that really frustrates – is the side mirrors. They admit, can not see anything, and in fact saved a little bit of glass and plastic … And this, I may say, regressed – in the first octave visibility was in order!

What is noticeable significant jump – so it is in comfort. The car goes much quieter and smoother. Maybe it's age and the presence of the automatic transmission, but nevertheless.

By the way, this car was the most difficult to find. Apparently, the fact that in parallel with the second-generation Octavia Octavius ​​walked release tour, which cost much cheaper than the new A5. Of course, many preferred to buy a budget Skoda first generation, explaining the choice of the fact that "Octavia – Octavia, it is." And in vain, the machine something completely different.

By the second generation of the release time is the emergence of the "charged" version of the Octavia RS and the versatile terrain Octavia Scout. By the way, the latter was a good preparation for the future of Skoda Yeti: many designs Yeti got after checking their efficiency in the Scouts.

Topni to go: reystalingovaya Skoda Octavia A5

From 2008 to 2012, on the assembly line was restyled modification of the second generation of Octavius. In my opinion, it has all of the most eye-catching exterior. To distinguish it from other versions of each can in the form of headlights: only this octave, they are not like the two plastic bricks, and a very modern optical instruments. And the rest of the face changed, became lighter and – not afraid of the stamp – rapid.

Little has changed, and filling the car. A new "direct" turbo 1,4 TSI (122 hp.). And "robot» DSG7, which is offered with petrol engines volume of 1.4 and 2 liters.

Our car released in 2012, and she has quite a modest mileage of 35 thousand kilometers. And the simple engine – 1.6-liter, naturally aspirated, 110 liters. from. Box also from the category of basic things – mechanical pyatistupka, so that all the troubles with the clutch wear, stretching circuit timing and other problems "progressive" version of this car passed. With what and congratulate her owner.

Reystalingovaya Skoda Octavia A5
Fuel consumption per 100 km
Urban cycle l Extra Urban, l Combined cycle, l

10 5.8 7.4

Please pay attention to the interior. Well, it made the expected step forward (though the light switch is still in the same place), and on the whole more serious and a little aggressive.

On the move, while the gas pedal depressed halfway, the car surprisingly sluggish – there should be from the heart "stomp". I pay attention to the trip computer: average fuel consumption of about 12 liters. And all because the owner is also often have to press on the gas, or the speakers are not enough – the motor is clearly hard, and with the elasticity of the trouble.

In general, the restyling Octavia II rides did not more vigorously than the basic "old" first generation. It would seem – here 110 l. with, and there -. just 75 … But after all, curb weight has increased! If the "first-born" family weighed 1670 kg, the Tour – all of 1750, and our test subject – and does "put on weight" to 1 880. What do you think? Sound insulation, comfort – it's all the extra weight.

Diet and fiznagruzki: Skoda Octavia A7 (MQB)

Last at the moment Octavia, fortunately, the craving for excess weight from the "mother" is not inherited – thanks MQB platform-based, she managed to throw for almost a quintal. As a result, the mass of the basic version with 1.6 and mechanics was 1795 kg.

In addition to this version, there are also 1,4 TSI 150 liters. from. fresher EA211 series with a wear-resistant plunger and more reliable timing (unlike the old EA111 octave-2) and the familiar over the past generation masthead 1,8 TSI 180 liters. from. By the way, instead of the originally aspirated turbocharged 1.6 was 1.2, but in Russia this machine "did not understand" and "shkodovtsy" held castling. But the two-liter turbodiesel capacity of 143 liters. from. He remained in the scheme, although it does not enjoy the popularity of the hurricane. Boxes – five- and six-speed manual and two "robot", 6- and 7-DSG.

As the new Octavia looks at the background of their ancestors? I would say aggressively. Despite growing up dimensions, the car visually compact and it became "angrier". What can not fail to please the owners of Rapid (and not to upset the holders of Octavius) is their great similarity. Sharp lines, edges – is characteristic of both the Skoda. Most likely, this design is a little more than a youth, and of the family relaxing Octavia car slowly turned into a provocative device with a rebellious spirit. And this is especially noticeable at the wheel.

Our car in just two years, under the hood – very interesting on the go 1,8 TSI (180 hp..), The transmission – "pen" and six assists. Progress gearshift very short, simple and clear. Almost the entire range acceleration is very good, but there is more than bright pickup closer to three thousand revolutions.

Skoda Octavia A7 (MQB)
Fuel consumption per 100 km
Urban cycle l Extra Urban, l Combined cycle, l

8.2 5.5 6.4

You say, well, you compare against aspirated turbo … I agree, it is not a pure experiment, but the reader must forgive us this freedom – to collect five private cars of the same capacity for the comparative test – this is a task almost impossible. Especially since no one "overpressure" strong dynamics Octavia 3. She and handling is quite different! More acute, accurate, with no significant loss of the smooth progress of the irregularities. Development markedly without any instruments and laboratory measurements.


Octavia – a typical career woman who since childhood have understood that for "beautiful eyes" s nothing to forgive will not. Going to the market a sort of gray mouse, a protégé of Volkswagen, she zeal and diligence earned influence in society. I get a raise, good bonus in the form of powerful modifications and even at some point so accustomed to the comfort zone that plump. But thought better of it in time.

And then accustomed to such an extent that it has become insolent eldest, "pushed" their former patrons, and now is not just the best-selling car C-Class in Russia, but also the only remaining representative of the segment in the Top 25. To it already simply can not approach – Octavia dress in the boutique, she goes to the gym and personal growth courses, and takes as its professionalism from 899 000 rubles.

But inside it is still the same as it was in 1996. Octavia sober thinking and realizes that she will never be the flagship of a "family" or even Volkswagen "locomotive" brand Skoda. But it is not necessary, it has another role – to make "cash" and work-work-work, very hard wheels. Day after day, year after year, generation after generation.

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