Buono Cinquecento: ownership experience the Fiat 500

Little? Quite. Noisy? And how. Fast? Yes, actually it is not. Breaks? It happens. But the owners of the Fiat 500 is usually the soul is not fer in their big-eyed “pets” who go on charisma. We investigated how troublesome contain second-hand “Italian”, unknown in Russia, but mega in Europe.


With breaker failure of Russian life shapes our tastes: the first financial opportunities we take something large and threatening, it is desirable to fear. Little Hatch also purchased solely for fun on vacation rentals in Europe. A cursory monitoring of the nearby parking supports this opinion, but there is an exception. One of them is called the Mini. Revived by the Germans “British” is not sold for pennies, good feeling in our market, even in the absence of crossover and five-door version.

But the Fiat 500 was not able to find we even distinct niche demand. Maybe it is too small even for sitikar? Maybe everyone is afraid of the notorious “Italian quality”? Or do not have enough power? Anyway, in 2013, 124 people bought a Cinquecento, and a year later, sales even rose … up to 127 pieces. I wonder what percentage of them takes delivery restaurant delivery services?

Cute little car looks at me wide-eyed circular headlights, which stood dumb question: “Why do not you love me? In my family tree you can find the family cars from Togliatti, who, judging by the statistics, it is still among the most popular in Russia. Outwardly, I look like a cute Russian heart humpback Zaporozhets. And I have a pedigree hoo! My ancestors helped motorisation in Italy. You’re like, where all made in Italy? Yes, if you want to know, in Europe adores me young and old, regardless of gender and social status. And students ride, and bankers. The title of European Car of the Year just do not give! So what I did not hit you? ”


From the answers to the eternal questions “Who is to blame?” And “What should I do?” I would prefer to take refuge in the cabin Fiat. With the 500-m I know nodding. A few years ago, when there was a question about buying a four-wheeled friend for my wife, Fiat held a leading position in the wish-list. Women’s soul – darkness, full-time acquaintance not to fall in love in my pious Italian car. I was fascinated.

Baby outside, inside Fiat as such does not seem. It is spacious and comfortable. Enough space for legs and shoulders. And as the light here! Large windows, a low line of windows and half a roof hatch – bathed in sunlight interior further enhances the feeling of inner space.

Front panel – the abode of circles and ovals. Finishes in exterior color – a tribute to the original Cinquecento. For that nowhere – a small masterpiece of design. “Tidy” is particularly successful. Let the red arrows and symbols with illumination of the same color – not the best solution, but it is beautiful.

Famous Italian ergonomic eccentricities, as well as the assembly of slovenliness, I have not found. By planting at the wheel claims only two – the lack of lumbar support and adjustment of rudder on the flight. And even by the standards of the class – not a crime. With practicality there are no problems. Questions shopping transportation and other belongings Fiat decides with a variety of shelves, drawers, niches and boot with a flat floor, increasing to almost 360 liters using emerging in parts of seats.

Surprised space in the back seat. Legs crossed, of course, not zakinesh, but places no less than that of other high school students. Believe me man, all the way to the harassed claustrophobic on the second row while Nissan Juke 400-kilometer trip.

In move

“Mimishechnaya” appearance, stylish interior – in the world a lot of cars, whose creators have decided that these two qualities buyers enough for the eyes, and let him wait for equipment. But the Italians are not compromised. Funny Cars – cheerful drive!

Recipe courage in Italian – is 100 liters. c., taken from the four-motor and a Selespeed robot with one clutch. Front suspension – McPherson, rear – torsion beam. All of this – on the platform of the popular baby Fiat Panda.

In a move the 500th to be extremely balanced. Burch exhaust hatchback accelerates briskly, forcing believe passport 10.5 seconds to “hundreds.” Short base 2 300 mm, of course, affected the smooth running: weighing less than a ton Fiatik desperately jumps up on potholes and diligently inform about the details of undulating bends in the road. But irregularities suspension fulfills so tightly and gently that the rest takes a back seat.

500th and turns not miss. Moderate banks, a clear response to the steering, the brakes tenacious and almost neutral steering – rejoice health. It will be small?

Press the Sport button – one that is left of the “emergency gang”. The steering wheel becomes heavier, sharpened throttle response, good kid turns into a bully. “Hustler” at this in traffic, watching the running race speedometer and tachometer, is a pleasure.

With the robot dive when switching it is possible to get along. Personally, I do not scare that – the experience of owning a smart and do not teach this. But when driving in traffic do not need to keep your foot on the brake constantly, unlike conventional machines with automatic transmission, the Fiat is rolling forward only after pressing on the gas.

Of the major drawbacks is worth noting a budget sound insulation (it probably also a tribute to the old Cinquecento?): Arches in full swing with voice recognition Tires and whistling wind competes with motor of hysterical howling. Well, we can console ourselves with the fact that it is the grandnephew of Ferrari!

purchase history

A little more than three years ago, Michael was puzzled the question of choosing a car for his beloved wife. The budget for the purchase amounted to 400 000, and it was the main contender Fiat 500. Other options like the Smart Roadster and Mini disappear by themselves. First deterred complete lack of practicality, the second disappointment unsatisfactory state of instances that fit into voiced budget.

Because to find the 500th failed with an engine of 1.4 and a robot in St. Petersburg, then Michael began to look through offers from other regions. The desired car was found in Moscow. White hatchback in 2009 Michael drew a small city (45 000 km) and a host of TCP. Bribed and that the car six months ago has been Imported from Holland. All purchase orders for services in Europe and Russia have been at the hands of the seller, so Michael agreed, paying for Fiat 345 000 rubles.


THAT the replacement of the engine oil (Selenia – 3,0 liters) and filter
4000 rubles

The road from Moscow to St. Petersburg left the most pleasant impressions. Comfortable interior, comfortable seats, efficient engine – Michael all the more convinced of the correctness of his choice.

Unfortunately, two months later started having problems with the robotised Selespeed gearbox, refused to change gears. Diagnostics on a profile service, is engaged in the Italian car, showed an oil leak at the weld accumulator box.

Hearing the bad news, Michael decided to test Job orders (to buy, he did not), inherited from the owner, and was unpleasantly surprised to find them in the recommendation to replace the gearbox completely. Servismeny reassured: you can only get by replacing the accumulator. Repairs cost the 11 000 rubles.


A few months later the accumulator again ceased to perform its function of maintaining the pressure in the hydraulic system, as evidenced by the inclusion of transfers hindered, tremors and reset to neutral under hard acceleration. The reason is likely to lay in defective parts, although details were taken from the catalog of the famous brand Magneti Marelli.

As a result, once again replaced the accumulator, and at the same time set a new clutch assembly, produced the hydraulic oil clean and changed in the box. Repairs cost the nearly 30 000 rubles. Upon the acquisition of low-quality spare parts Michael even wrote a complaint to the office Magneti Marelli (though unsuccessfully).

Fiat 500
Brief specifications
Year of issue:
Engine capacity:
Robotic Selespeed
100 hp
Front suspension:
Rear suspension:
twist beam

The other major problem the 500th did not deliver. Suspension of all time operation required a replacement rear shock absorbers (silent blocks wear) and the front right lower arm (who died after falling into a huge pit). With the engine, except for the replacement of coils and spark plugs with a run of 65 000 km, there were no problems. At the same time he demanded the replacement and air conditioning condenser.

Not spared Michael and “family” trouble almost all the 500’s – life of wheel bearings on versions with rear disc brakes rarely exceeds 50 000 km. Price details – 2 500 rubles. Work on replacing Michael himself does.


The current mileage of the car – 80,000 km. In general, Mikhail pleased with the purchase. Cheap consumables, good maintainability (many of the works he is doing himself). The only minus is the price of some specific details. For example: the original ignition coil – 4 000, neoriginal (NGK) – 1600 rubles; expansion tank, the original – 5 000 rubles, neoriginal – 1 770 rubles.

Fiat 500
Consumption per 100 km / h

City, LThe track, lMixed, l8-9 June 7


In the nearest plans of the engine diagnostics. Michael does not suit diesel vibration at idle. Suspension after falling into a big hole requires replacement of the front struts (3 000 rubles apiece). Plans to sell yet.

model history

Presentation retro hatchback Fiat 500 painted Roberto Jolith team, passed in summer 2007. Two years later, the company closed trehdverke made convertible.

Fiat 500 ‘2007-15

The initial range of gasoline engines include 1,2 (69 l. S.), 1.4 (100-102 l. C.) And 1.2 turbo boost in two embodiments 75 and 95 liters. from. From 2011 to hatch were installed two-cylinder engine of 0.9 liters, depending on the version is developing 60-105 liters. from. In 2012, there was an electric version of the 500E.

The European version is equipped with a robotic gearbox, whereas the US market was available six-speed “automatic” coming paired with 134-horsepower turbo engine 1.4. Not without a sports version of the Abarth company, had in the asset 130-180 liters. from.

500 Abarth Opening Edition ‘2008


Italians regularly represent a variety of special edition models made in collaboration with fashion houses (Diesel, Gucci) or other manufacturers of luxury goods, such as the Riva version of the Fiat 500, created in cooperation with the manufacturer of luxury yachts. Planned modernization, gave the 500 th updated exterior and interior, is dated 2015.

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