Blast me if you can! How Mercedes book cars

It will not break through the sniper and will not blow up the TNT bomb. This is an armored S-class. Favorite of power and oligarchs

Only in the past 20 years in Russia there have been more than a dozen attempts on high-ranking officials. Even in quiet times, large officials and businessmen are shot, blown up, knocked down. Some are less lucky, some more. But almost all who were riding in armored cars during the attack, survived. When, it would seem, a guaranteed shot at the focus from the “Fly” inevitably must lead to a tragedy, the dirty plans of bandits are prevented by superbrows. And now I’ll tell you why the oligarchs are “tearing away” tens of millions. {174468}

Before my eyes a real action movie is unfolding. Bach! A TNT bomb explodes right under the car. Breath! The grenade falls on the roof and breaks into pieces. Tra-ta-ta-ta! From all sides a hail of bullets pours. I want to exclaim, “Enough, I’ll tell you everything!” It seems to me that the car does not bother. Although he was raskurochen after such an attack, but remained motionless. Yes, a pile of metal is not going anywhere, and it does not matter. After all, the target of terrorists is drinking coffee in the back seat.

Fortunately, this is just a video with certification. In the role of terrorists – experts of the German government, the object of attack – protected by the ninth class of armor Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard. I am in a special workshop of the company where the best craftsmen collect one of the most protected cars in the world.

Other weight category

In a quiet suburb of Stuttgart in the middle of the day in the middle of the crossroads a black Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard takes off and stops dead. I’m driving. To the left and to the right at the traffic light there are quiet German pensioners on the “Golf” and “Passats”. For them, a green light has been burning for a long time, but no one is moving across the armored “Mers”. I catch frightened-interested looks, but I shrug my shoulders. I was just half an hour given the fully-protected “six hundredth”, and I’m still not used to this amazing machine.

Although, of course, from the outside does not understand. “Viewers” around it seems that in front of them – the usual S-Class. Mercedes engineers and designers deliberately made the standard and armored versions of the executive sedan the same externally. Only people inside must know the whole truth. Know and swallow a sedative.

Frankly, the driver can be nervous in the saloon S 600 Guard, and then at first. The personal chauffeur of each VIP owner of the “armor” is laid two days of continuous training in Stuttgart before the car is handed over to an important owner. And I, in bewilderment standing in the middle of the intersection, quickly realized why this is needed.

In dimensions “Guard” – one in one S-Class, but harder almost twice: 3.9 tons against 2.2. So much armor it took to meet the requirements of ballistic protection class VR9. Yes, presented at the beginning of the year Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard got already the tenth class, but when I list the abilities of the “nine”, it does not seem a little. So, the body and glass elements are able to withstand the explosion of a fragmentation ammunition at a distance of two meters, an automatic round of a 7.62 gun, as well as one shot from Dragunov’s sniper rifle. On the second one, it’s pointless to defend – it’s still not possible to get into one point twice.

To manage a four-ton sedan to get used to and get used to. That’s why I went to the middle of the intersection, which did not immediately adapt to the brakes. The pedal is heavy, you really need to make an effort to stop completely. Although the head of marketing and sales of Mercedes-Benz Guard Markus Rubenbauer assured that the braking distance is only one meter longer than the S-class. As he said, engineers for greater safety have established steel brake disks, instead of карбон-ceramic which it is easier to crumble from the weapon.

Accelerator with a similar story. At the press of the gas pedal the car reacts with almost a second delay, but after 2,000 turns under the hood V12 wakes up with a power of 530 hp. and a huge 830 Nm of torque. This “nonsense” even in view of a solid pause disperses the armored “Mers” to hundreds in 6.2 seconds. The difference with the usual S-class is almost two seconds. All the same, weight affects! Although this result for a heavy armored car inspires confidence.

Adapt to taxiing, too, is not immediately obtained. To refuel an armored sedan into a turn on the desired trajectory, you must act on the lead and start spinning the wheel in advance.

Neither hardship, nor deprivation

It’s time to move back. In the end, it is for a special passenger designed armored S-class. And he is very well. No hardship due to powerful protection will not have to endure. Engineers of the Guard unit completely reworked the suspension. Taking into account the huge mass, all elements are strengthened and enlarged. In particular, additional steel springs and a stabilizer are installed, as well as more powerful air springs. Yes, the machine is noticeably heeling, but not so much that the passenger is experiencing discomfort. After all, the S 600 Guard is aimed at security.

Of course, the armored car has special equipment. For example, speakers to communicate with people outside, a backup battery in the trunk and an oxygen cylinder. If the bandits suddenly take a gas attack, you can turn on the supply of additional air to the cabin. And during the explosion, the fire extinguishing system automatically operates, in which 15 sensors are used around the perimeter. But this is only a basic defense. As Marcus said, usually special services before ordering a car order additional functions. Therefore, it is impossible to talk about the cost of specific copies. It all depends on the order.

There is not much that is known about what exactly protects the rear passenger. Pointing to the back door, Marcus talks about some kind of secret fusion, information about which forbids the disclosure of the German government. Something, however, managed to find out. Between the carcass body and the shell is used special steel, components of aramid and polyethylene – for additional protection. If the glass still breaks, then from the fragments should save the inner layer of polycarbonate.

Real attacks happen very rarely. Every case of an attack in the Mercedes is carefully analyzed to try to minimize the risk of injury in the future. History already knows vivid examples, when the craftsmanship of Stuttgart engineers saved the lives of important people. In 1998, Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze survived a shot from a grenade launcher at the point of view of his armored Mercedes. And, looking at even more protected cars, I have no doubt that scoundrels are becoming less likely to achieve their terrible goals.